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  2. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Do you think Benning and co. see a positive when burning a year off an elc? Being able to sign them just before they break out at slightly lower cost? Obviously not with everyone, but say boeser puts up 40 pts next year and 50 the year after. He'll come cheaper at this point than in the following year when he potentially goes higher again. Pure speculation but you never know.
  3. Comes in on a great contract. Allows OJ to be sheltered and has shown flashes of being a 40 pt d man in the past. With Newell Brown and a few more options on the pp he could turn into a good player for Us, and an even better player when we trade him at next year's deadline when OJ and perhaps another of our d prospects are ready to step in. Benning is doing this right.
  4. I like that benning is signing players to contracts that allow our younger players that aren't ready, to mature together in Utica. It ensures we develop properly which may be the most important part of the rebuild.