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  1. [Discussion] 2nd line centre

    I wouldn’t be happy to see Sutter as our second line centre in the traditional sense of being our second best offensive threat. I think he may be used in the role of second most ice-time centre for defensive matchups and I have no problem with that. I just hope that Green doesn’t try and use him on an offensive role because that will not turn out well.
  2. As I recall he was still Canuck property when he returned from his year in Switzerland. He was inexplicably put on waivers the next year and claimed by San Jose.
  3. I could see any number of skilled teams taking a flyer on Goldobin if he was on waivers. Especially ones who are concerned about their salary cap situation. Goldobin could be a good cost-controlled option. Tampa Bay and Washington are two teams that come to mind that have had past success with skilled Russian players.
  4. Goldobin will be the most interesting decision the Canucks will have to make. He’s the one guy that would not make it through waivers unclaimed. Given the right team and line mates I think he could put up a lot of points on this league. I’d rather see him traded for a draft pick than lose him for nothing.
  5. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    I hope you are right but I do have a concern about the PP this year. People don’t realize how easy the Sedins made gaining the zone look during their time here. I’m not sure we have anyone to replace them in this regard. Hopefully Elias Pettersson can do it eventually but I’m not convinced he can do it as a rookie this year.
  6. [Discussion] 2nd line centre

    Hopefully they would be happy just with the cap dump and would take back a minor leaguer like Reid Boucher in return. Like when San Jose gave us Christian Ehrhoff for Patrick White.
  7. [Discussion] 2nd line centre

    The Pittsburgh newspapers are speculating that Derek Brassard is available due to salary cap concerns. He has one year remaining on his contract. He could be the right fit to fill the second line centre position until Pettersson is able to do it. I’m not sure if Brassard would agree to come here because he does have a ten team no-trade list in his contract.
  8. Name That Canuck!

    I think you’re right.
  9. [Discussion] 2nd line centre

    I like that idea but would like to see Boeser on the right wing instead of Virtanen. I think Granlund is a better set-up centre than Horvat and Boeser could benefit from playing with him. I’d like to see Pettersson play on the wing with Horvat. Hopefully Green tries a lot of line combos in the preseason and finds something that works.
  10. Battles at camp

    Pettersson often played the right point on the PP in Sweden. I’d like to see Green try him there as well.
  11. Battles at camp

    I would like to see Granlund be given a shot at second line centre as well. I would play him with Baertschi (who he centred in Abbotsford) and Boeser. Horvat could centre Pettersson and Eriksson. That would give the team two scoring lines and not force Sutter into an offensive role that he’s not suited for.
  12. Battles at camp

    If Benning can be believed he’s not afraid to sit or send down veterans who are outplayed by the younger guys. I think he would rather endure the embarrassment of sending Gagner down than losing a young asset like Goldobin or Leipsic on waivers for nothing.
  13. VAN - OTT, sign de Haan (Proposal)

    Karlsson will be a UFA next year. If the Canucks are that interested in him they can open up the bank vault for him then. It makes no sense to mortgage the future to get him a year early, especially considering the fact the Canucks won’t be a playoff team this season even with Karlsson.
  14. Can Benning nail the pick?

    I’m not as convinced as a lot of you seem to be that Benning nailed the picks this year. My first three picks would have been: 1. Noah Dobson 2. Bode Wilde 3. Jake Wise Hopefully I’m proven wrong!