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  1. I’ve been impressed with the play of Marcus Johansson in the playoffs with Boston. I think he would be a good fit to play with Elias and Brock. Plus he’s only 28 and shouldn’t cost too much as an UFA. As for defence either Myers or Stralman.
  2. Eriksson has actually shown some chemistry with Pettersson at the World Championships in Slovakia. Can anyone remember if Green gave those two any significant icetime together last season?
  3. The strength of this draft and the potential acceleration of the rebuild is exactly the reason I suggested this trade. The Canucks need three or four more blue chip prospects in order to be legitimate contenders and this deal would provide them. Colorado could use Bo in his prime to contend for the Cup right away. Having said that I agree that trading Bo would create too much angst among the fan base and it will never happen.
  4. Yes my proposal was that we keep our 10th, giving us three picks in the top sixteen.
  5. This was originally a trade proposal I saw on a Colorado forum. The only change I made was adding Tyson Jost. As for why Colorado would do this the obvious reason is it would make them a Stanley Cup contender without weakening their team at all. If they had Bo in this year’s playoffs they would be in the third round for sure. Also not sure why you say that neither team would consider this deal. If it’s that one -sided then one team would jump at it. And the responses seem to be evenly split as to which side is giving up too much.
  6. I’ve been reading some of the Colorado fan forums and it is generally considered that the Avalanche need a good second line centre to progress to the next level and become a Stanley Cup contender. Bo Horvat has been suggested as the perfect type to be a trade target. Given the fact that they already have a good young lineup the Avalanche may be in a position to give up their draft picks in order to try and win now. My proposal: To Colorado: Bo Horvat To Vancouver: Colorado 1st Round Pick 2019 (4th Overall) Colorado 1st Round Pick 2019 (16th Overall) Tyson Jost This deal would be contingent on Bowen Byram still being available at number four. It would give the Canucks three picks in the top sixteen of a deep draft and accelerate their rebuild. Jost may turn into our second line centre one day. They could even throw in pieces like Goldobin or Hutton to sweeten the deal. Okay all you Bo lovers let me have it !
  7. How about letting a coach have a penalty call reviewed as part of his one coach’s challenge allowed per game? And get rid of the offside review altogether.
  8. Button was one of the only ones to have Brayden Point listed as a first round selection as well. I know he’s always been a Philip Broberg fan and I trust his judgment enough to hope the Canucks take him if he’s still available at number 10.
  9. I think Philip Broberg is the best defenceman other than Byram in this year’s draft class. I would be happy to have the Canucks select him unless they could somehow trade up to pick Byram.
  10. Stralman would be an excellent RHD partner for Quinn Hughes. Steady and dependable. Only on a two-year contract though.
  11. Elias should be the Captain. He was the only one leading by example and showing any emotion on the ice.
  12. I would sit out Eriksson before Granlund, Motte or Spooner.