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  1. Speaking of getting screwed in ‘94 what about the mystery penalty call on Jyrki Lumme that led to the Rangers first goal in game seven? Lumme was visibly perplexed and no replay could find an infraction. Considering what it took to get a penalty in that series that one has always baffled me.
  2. Voted Oddleifson. Nominating Schmautz.
  3. Voting Chris Oddleifson. Nominating BOBBY SCHMAUTZ.
  4. Ok that narrows it down a bit. Nolan Baumgartner?
  5. The biggest coaching adjustment needed is to change the defensive coverage in their own zone. The rope-a-dope don’t pressure the man with the puck system is painful to watch and is simply not working. I’m not sure if this is Green’s or Baumgartner’s system but it has to go.
  6. I read somewhere that Josh Manson may be available from Anaheim. Not sure what it would take to get him but he could be the combo of talent and meanness on the back end that you’re looking for.
  7. The Blues do have a legitimate gripe about the missed too many men call on the Canuck’s last power play. That’s the longest time period I’ve ever seen a team have an extra man with no call. It must have lasted 15 or 20 seconds!
  8. I guess we’ll find out the answer to who is the first to sit after Schaller very soon. Ferland is apparently expected back after the all-star break.
  9. Except JB said his injury was not even “concussion-related”.
  10. Schaller is already sitting even before Ferland returns. Someone else has to go.
  11. It’s great to see the team playing great and firing on all cylinders. But what happens when Ferland and Leivo are healthy? With Loui’s resurgence its going to be a difficult decision. The obvious choices other than Schaller are Motte and/or Beagle but they are both contributing to the current success. Thoughts?
  12. I think he meant that if we had 56 points instead of 58 we’d be outside of the playoff picture.
  13. There’s no way that Boeser deserves to be demoted to the third line for an extended period of time. I do like Green’s idea of evening things out to create three scoring lines and making it tougher for opposing teams to line match. I think he should try: Miller - Pettersson - Virtanen Eriksson - Horvat - Boeser Pearson - Gaudette - Sutter Roussel - Beagle - Motte
  14. They played like they were trying to get the coach fired. Maybe they saw how it worked for the Leafs. No excuse for that effort.