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  1. I thought that Boeser would have been resigned by now! Benning has been pretty quiet as of late!
  2. the whole thing is pretty ridiculous, this now generation is politically crazy, can't say anything or do anything without offending someone.
  3. 7 to 7.5 for 6 years he deserves it
  4. as per usual Canucks got ripped off and Chicago gets lucky
  5. Aquilini's letter just made me respect him more and more. he is a true fan of the Canucks like most of us on here. the letter was said from the heart. to say this was a yearly excuse shows that whoever put that title to it is not really a true fan. the Canucks did accomplish a lot this year , this team showed respect for each other and they never gave up. I salute the Aquilinis, Jim Benning , Travis Green , the Canuck players and the true fans of the Canucks
  6. Sutter has not really helped the Canucks much due to every year he is injured, same with Tanev. I say they need to go
  7. blues pulling the dirty work and refs letting them get away with it
  8. hockey is about playing the right way!!! it is not about hoping your team loses games. I guess to each is own, but I cheer the Canucks on right to the last minute of the last game! tonight was a joke, the refs and Toronto war room ruined this game for me. but GO CANUCKS GO!!!!
  9. so who "reported" that the org is looking for a new prez?
  10. benning is doing a good job, why rock the boat!
  11. why is spooner getting a lot of minutes and Horvat Pettersson and Boeser a lot less. I don't think the fans come to see spooner play
  12. what the heck, they play 2 good periods and fall apart in the third!
  13. who said they sat him down to watch pronger hits. it kinda seems far fetched. some of you are saying the Canucks treated him bad and yet I have not heard any proof of it. . all I have heard is how he wanted his own way and since he never got it he took his stick and went home. someone should ask Bo if Tram was mistreated. Bo seemed to treat him ok. anyways if he comes back , he needs to know he will not be treated any different that the rest.