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  1. I am so sorry to hear this, stay safe, we will all be think of you! ps. I have a brother who lives in Nanoose bay, I have never been there but heard it is a great place
  2. can't believe anything this idiot says. he is going to be responsible for millions of deaths
  3. I am so sorry for what you are going thru, my grandsons girlfriend is going thru the same thing, she was working as essential service where some were tested positive last week she was taken by ambulance to hospital where they told her she probably has it and to go home and stay in for 14 days. this week she is a little better but her throat is still sore and she is still experiencing chest pain. it is so sad that Canada cannot make enough tests and then we would really know how many in Canada have it. it might make some people wake up and stay home. anyways take care and I hope you feel better soon. we are all in this together
  4. I believe BC is understating the numbers due to many cases not being tested
  5. just got an update on my grandson and his girlfriend , they were let go and sent home with masks and told to self isolate for 14 days. the doctor told her she most likely has the virus. and my grandson probably just a bad cold. if she gets worse she is to head back to hospital. they never tested her tho
  6. thank you, I am sitting here in tears, I wish I could help them
  7. I just got some scary news, My grandson and his live in girlfriend had to call an ambulance, for her as she has a bad cough, chest pain, both have colds. she has been working where she had to be in public. some workers tested positive last week, so she was brought in to work full time.
  8. with the way things are, I can't see Hockey being back until maybe next season, I hope I am wrong tho
  9. nobody is playing God here, we are all just trying to get thru each day.
  10. omg, this has made my day!!!
  11. I would rather live in Canada any day then have our country be run by Mr. Orange Man
  12. I am so sick with people like you with your attitude . I am a plus 60 person with a severe comprised immune system , I have not left my apartment since this has started. I have not seen my kids and grandkids because they are scared for me and my hubby. ( by the way many thanks to the person on here who gave me the idea of face timing, much love! ) its people who do not take this seriously that should be quarantined from everything they love and maybe they will get it
  13. all you can do is laugh at someone like him, what a nutcase
  14. so I just read and saw pics of a wedding going on in Abbotsford, many people there