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  1. [Report] Canucks recall Sam Gagner from Toronto Marlies

    heard from patterson that Rousell and markstrom left practice, I hope that doesn't mean they are injured
  2. [Report] Canucks recall Sam Gagner from Toronto Marlies

    I think this is a good move to shake up the team.
  3. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    I have actually watched a few Utica games and I have been impressed, although you are right , he needs a bit more time. but goldy is no better and him and pouliet are hard to watch every game. I know that Pettersson and Dahlen played well together in the summer. actually loved the way they played together.
  4. Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    why are the fans not kept informed on when the injured players are getting close to coming back, I feel it is the coaches job to inform the fans and the media. I hate that it is such a big secret with the Canuck org.
  5. come on Csnucks , start playing like a team
  6. power play sucks. for crying out loud change it up!!!!
  7. Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Dahlen is not a long way from ready. I bet if he was brought up to play with Pettersson, those two could do wonders for this team. instead we have goldy who is not ready,
  8. Derrick Pouliot | #5 | D

    I was on pouliot's side in the beginning, but he has quickly become a train wreck every game. I don't get how Green still believes he is doing good. Green just doesn't seem to be that stupid. our pp sucks because of goldy and pouliet. until Boeser comes back, green needs to try someone else, anyone else. it is just too painful to watch the way it is.
  9. So why no Gagner

    could be the way he dissed the canucks when benning actually helped him out sending him to the marlies to be with his family. also the fact gags thought he didn't have to try too hard as he thought his place was automatic on the team
  10. [GDT] Nucks at Wild 5pm Nov 15 2018

    I am sure green is seeing what we are all seeing and yet he continues to play pouliet and goldy on the pp. he needs to wear some glasses
  11. [GDT] Nucks at Wild 5pm Nov 15 2018

    heres hoping Bachman has a great game, cheering you on Bachman
  12. refs you sucks , better yet nhl you suck!!!
  13. far from EP being arrogant!!! he passes and it dies on Goldys stick, he should shoot more instead of trying to help his team mates out.
  14. Dahlen is doing fine in Utica, him and Juolevi are doing really really well