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  1. Miller has 3 more points than Boeser, Miller has 13 goals and Boeser has 11, so ask yourself this, maybe Miller is benefiting playing with Boeser and Petey. sure doesn't sound like you are a Boeser supporter by what you are posting
  2. give me a break!!! Boeser is doing fine, stop looking for the bad about him. he is third on the team in points. Miller has been great , but even he misses passes and he is not perfect.
  3. hmmm what was that some of you were saying about Myers lol
  4. boeser has 28 points in 30 games, you say the line isn't producing much 5v5, and that is all Boeser's fault? have you checked the points this line has? why change that.
  5. no I am just getting tired of some peeps constantly on Boeser's back. I did not like him on Horvats line the few games he played there this season. I think Green needs to let Petey's line work thru it. Boeser plays hard every game.
  6. Boeser was fine!!! he makes mistakes just like everyone on our team!!!!
  7. the league should actually look at the player who hit Horvat, but they won't
  8. whatever, I saw Bo pass never connected, same with Miller, and Petey. Leivo has what 6 goals, good for him. Boeser is doing fine. he is top three on the team. , it seems whenever the team is not playing well, lets just blame Boeser
  9. on us, I saw at least one super duper dive from the sabres and the rest of them were pretty cheesy.