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  1. the panel disagrees with you guys about travis green. he is a good coach
  2. wow so Guddy made a mistake. Pettersson missed the net, Biega took a dumb penalty, and pouliet did too. its not all about how bad Guddy played that one shift!!!
  3. bree2

    Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    can't wait for getslaff pays for this, and he will.
  4. bree2

    [Report] Canucks recall Luke Schenn

    nothing wrong with Guddy's play, it would be a big mistake to replace him. imo Biega or Pouliot are low men on the totem pole, so one of them would come out Guddy has stepped up since edler has been out!!!
  5. Guddy played a good game last night along with all our defenseman.
  6. Boeser, EP, and Markstrom ,along with Gaudette all had good games
  7. get well soon Chris and Jake, as for Sutter, he seems to injure himself several times a year at convenient times!
  8. where is green in all this about Jake and Chris.
  9. tanking is for the oilers not the Canucks. the Canucks are a team that is proud. when we were winning on a regular basis , you all thought it was awesome. it was nice to see most of you sticking by your team, and now because edler went down and our team has been losing all you think of is tanking, Shame Shame. they played a good game last night they just ran into a hot goalie. tonight I will cheer on our team cause tanking is embarrassing!!!
  10. the canucks played hard last night, if not for of course the dreaded new goalie, we would have won hands down, getslaff, perry and kesler were non existent, except for the dirty hit of getslaff. it was just an unfortunate game for the canucks.
  11. come on Canucks beat this duckie goalie in the third
  12. good now everyone can relax! as for the sharks feeling sorry for Mikey, ya right they ran up the score on him! I hope the sharks get run out of town in the playoffs, first round and out!!!
  13. if we got rid of Guddy we would miss him!!! every defenseman makes those mistakes, at one time or another. I still say Guddy plays well with Edler
  14. bree2

    Hockey Gaud coming up?

    I thought Zack was great last night! why do we need Gaudette up