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  1. it went to a vote, which i always thought majority wins, so do we know for a fact that Aquilini voted to agree on the penalty? more than likely Bettman and his favourite cronies like Boston owner etc pushed other owners to vote for it. , i mean Boston owner has done it before .
  2. my fourteen year old grandson was supposed to go to a youth group night at a church last night. my daughter was dropping him off when she saw about 40 teenagers , none social distancing and not one wearing a mask. my grandson is not the healthiest of kids, and his dad isn't either, so my grandson, said to his mom , never mind mom, i am not going . one of the adults running this group came up to my daughters car and asked why her son was not going in and my daughter explained because of the social distancing or wearing a mask. the adult said well we are in PHASE THREE, and you don't have to social distance or wear a mask anymore. WHAT!!!
  3. Messier has to be the worst signing the Canucks ever did. Ericksson, did not come here to hurt the team like Messier did. there have been times when Ericksson has helped the team out, never with Messier. sorry but he was a puke !!!
  4. so Edmonton is not going to follow the guidelines set out by the federal government? not to be rude but Edmonton if as you say is in normal mode, then why is there a uptick in cases in the past week or so? the League has agreed with the federal government and sorry but there will be a bubble for the players and workers. the players want to be safe!!!
  5. well actually it was a big deal when teams are trying to get back to playing, also it was a big deal enough for the Canucks org. to talk to him about it. Jake needs to work hard on his game and he was starting to get better, but still has a ways to go. some games he just floats. he could be awesome if he puts more effort into it.
  6. sorry i don't buy that, Jake has been in this league for 5 years and it is time he grew up. and it would actually cause more of a uproar because they are stars.
  7. if it was Petterson, Boeser or Hughes going to bars or clubs, i am sure there would have been videos of it out there, but since there isn't, well....
  8. Dr. Henry said to still take precautions, use a mask when you are out and distance yourself from others. in what part of the video is Jake using his head, knowing he is going to be practicing and the team is trying to get running, to me this is selfish Jake showing again!!!
  9. Calgary had over 40 people in a condo building with the covid !
  10. i would think their lives are worth more than money, Horvat, Benn just to name a few are thinking of their family first as others on other teams.
  11. like i said before, the owners and the NHL do not care about the safety of the players, workers etc. and yes all they seem to care about is money
  12. it was dumb to send the kids back to school.