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  1. in todays market 6.5 or 7 is fine for Boeser, I like how when our players are up for contracts some pick apart the players game! Boeser is a great player who has made strides on his defensive game and skating
  2. I kinda feel Ericksson in not the worst player in the league , certainly Lucic is much worse. so do you think that Ericksson is trying to handcuff Benning like Luongo and Kesler, by only choosing one team he wants to go to. if so then he deserves to go to the minors
  3. I just proved my point that some of you have no clue what you are on about. do you even know what a rebuild is? I guess not. got to be an adult and understand the game first
  4. well I am super happy Benning is with our team for at least a few more years. he has earned it. I have to say I am so excited for this season to start and it is all because of Benning. some on here doing nothing but complaining are truly not Canuck fans , they are only on here to stir up trouble and they have made themselves look so small.
  5. nothing wrong with the way Jake dresses, all young kids dress like that. my grandson who is the same age as jake and with the same name lol dresses the same
  6. would rather keep the player we have than do something stupid like trying to get marner. it would handcuff our team for years . wake up peeps!!!!
  7. come on Benning get him signed, don't do what Toronto has done. we want to see him play at camp!!!
  8. I have read a few articles by Patrick Johnston and I find he does not know a lot about hockey, I really don't know who he is trying to impress, but I don't know why he has a job!!!
  9. Tryamkin certainly did have entitlement issues. he didn't want to earn his minutes, he thought he would just get them. I liked him, but him leaving the way he did , showed his immaturity. if and when he does return, I would hope he has grown up enough to know everything you do in life has to be earned and not just handed to you.
  10. the fault is all on Eriksson, Benning did not pick up a guy who was not producing or slowing down and sure everyone was excited for Ericksson to play on the Sedin line. I will never forget after he signed the contract, he said along the lines he doesn't have a care in the world since he signed his big paycheque. at that time, I thought he was just going to coast his way thru his contract. he is not loyal like the Sedins were. And sure enough , that is exactly what he has done.!!!!
  11. I am so happy Lucic has gone to Calgary, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.
  12. Happy Birthday Loui!!!
  13. i want Loui gone as much as everyone, but I am glad he refused to waive for Lucic, although the whole thing seems suspect, send him to Utica!!!
  14. we might have players worse than Loui. but none of them get paid 6mill and they still try. . for the past season all we have seen Loui do,skate up the rink and dump the puck in at the blue line, seldom did we see him actually take it in. the bottom line is he is giving less than 50% of what he is capable of doing. , he definitely knows it too, but instead he puts the blame on Green. how are fans suppose to react to that, Did Loui come to Vancouver to take advantage of this contract he was given? I think he did!