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  1. I agree, I love it too, what I didn't love was seeing in ot , Marky getting run over, clear penalty, we would of had a chance to win then, but refs decided otherwise.
  2. Rousell played a good game last night he hit and had 4 shots on goal, he was the best on the 3rd line. like I have said before, in the beginning of the season Rousell was hitting a lot and was in front of the net a lot. but then dumb refs started giving out reputation penalties to him. I remember one night he didn't even do anything, he was just standing there and he got a penalty, that is when he stopped being a pest whether by the coach asking him to cool it or he himself decided it. last night was one of his better games!!!
  3. I don't know but maybe Green is being forced by management to play Loui. cause I can't believe a coach would play him game after game especially in the top 6.
  4. I think Fantenburg is pretty close to returning, he practised with the team yesterday
  5. so Marky loses a game in a shootout and you think he has lost it, hmm mind boggling. the team played good enough to win,
  6. I thought most of the guys played a good game. really liked Toffoli's play,
  7. geez a lot of trolling going on in here tonight, I think they played ok Minny got a lucky goal and we are outshooting them.
  8. same, I love this team and have not missed watching a game in years, I do have my favourites, Petey, MiIler , Boeser, Hughes, Markstrom, Motte, and Jake I know some will flame me , but I like Myers and even tho he hasn't played much for us, I really wanted Ferland to work out. one of the reasons I felt sorry for Bess was because everyone loved him when he came to the Canucks, but since he is having a few problems, all you see on here is trade him. , I just feel give him a chance like everyone else.
  9. Ha Ha I could say the same for you about Jake, , I'm pretty sure Green agrees with me since Jake is back on the 3rd line as for Boeser he is injured , I was talking more about Jake, and where he got most of his points, but I guess your love of Jake blinds you!
  10. actually before Boeser was injured , Jake was put back on the third line cause he was not playing well, and when Boeser got hurt Jake was put back on the 1st but he was not great there, last game he was floating around a lot, sure he had a few shots on net but no hits, and we need Jake to finish his checks, he is a big guy, heck Pettersson even hits. Jake has done his best work on the 3rd line and PP2
  11. right ok thanks, but I still believe Jake needs more work , he has worked hard for parts of this season, and I get that fans are really excited for him , I am too, after all we have waited 5 years.
  12. I disagree, Boeser was a MVP all-star, was Jake? Boeser was a Calder finalist, was Jake? since Boeser has been injured Jake has been floating again, is rarely hitting, most of Jakes points have come from the third line and PP2, he has a few from the first. I am pretty sure that Benning and Green still believes that Boeser is the better player for the first line, practise this morning had Jake on the third line and Toffoli on the first!!!