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  1. ok now that Edler is resigned, it is time for Benning to get Boeser signed. he is an important part of our team. don't want this dragging on all summer!
  2. a rookie goalie who is 25 years old, who had a very good defense he played with. in my eyes he wasn't the best in the league. Pettersson deserves it hands down
  3. he is become a injury prone player, 2 years , Benning don't let him handcuff the team for 4 yrs. that is just dumb
  4. Pettersson definitely deserves the Calder, . saying he shouldn't get it, will make it cheaper for him to resign is bogus!!! it will also spear him on to push himself to be a complete player for his team. that is just who he is!!!
  5. Coach green did everything he could for Loui, even defend him to the press, that is a sign of a good coach . Loui is being very ungrateful to the coach, team and the organization. Green did nothing to make him look bad, if anything Loui owes him an apology.
  6. for me 2011 was eons ago and why hold grudges. I actually did not like either team, but I think I was more disgusted with the way the Stanley cup playoffs was played this season, the refs were horrible , some players played really dirty and were allowed to get away with it. the Caps winning last year was the most exciting in some years.
  7. if this happens then might as well go back to being one of the slowest teams in the league. Lucic may look mean, but a lot of times he stood by and watched other oilers stick up for his team mates.
  8. well if he leaves then good luck to him and the team he goes to and really good luck to our Canucks!
  9. Benning said he is not trading his young guys, Boeser and Juolevi are two them. he was very adamant about it!!!
  10. tonights game was beyond disgusting , the refs were horrible. why bother have the playoffs when it was already decided before the series started. I am done watching this crap!!!
  11. Eder is a good defenseman but he is injury prone, not as bad a Tanev tho. because of his age, I would offer him no more than 2 yrs at 4 mil at the most .
  12. I like the way that Jim Benning is so down to earth and honest. I hope that the big guy Tram comes back soon, and that this year we get lucky and get the players to help us progress. I am excited for the new season to start and that all our players stay healthy. it is such a long summer without hockey.