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  1. Demko played really well. the whole team were great.
  2. I don't think that is it at least on the pp, edler would rather shoot than pass to Petey or Brock. we need another defenseman with them, someone like maybe HUGHES!!!
  3. Ferland played fine last night,, better than the first few games. he had at least 4 hits, heard his name quite a few times. for someone who was sick and lost ten pounds it is going to take a bit for him to get up to speed. some on the team who should be hitting are not even trying.
  4. I think Ferland had 3 or 4 hits, I noticed him a lot. each game he is getting better.
  5. of course Bert deserves some blame along with Moore and his teammates. I am just saying you can't blame it all on Bert
  6. I don't blame Bertuzzi for what happened, it happened and Moores teammates did have a lot to do with it. if Moore had just decided to fight instead he turtled. he actually caused the whole thing going after Naslund in the first place. the response on Wednesday night when Bert skated on the ice, showed everyone how well loved he was and yes should be in the ring of honor.
  7. I thought he played fine last game including picking up a assist, give him time, after 3 games is not enough to judge him
  8. so you are saying a team like that? Doughty is a over the hill big baby that needs to keep his mouth shut!!! he is such an embarrassment!
  9. Boeser had a concussion in pre season, so he is a little behind like Ferland, both need to be given a Break,
  10. Browns says he wants to effective pp1 and 2, shouldn't we make the first effective then down the road work on the 2nd
  11. pp1 Petey, Bess, Miller, Horvat and Hughes, Edler and Leivo on the second
  12. I agree with everything except the last, no way are we going to get rid of green
  13. really I didn't think that at all, Petey was a little off, same with Horvat and a few others. you gotta shoot the puck toward the goalie and Petey had 1 shot , same with Horvat. not picking on these players, this is a team that needs to gel and they will