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  1. Is that Oilers legend Nail Yakupov in the background?
  2. Just tied his career high in points... in 25 less games!! Let’s go Tuna!!
  3. Voted Quinn x10, surprised Barkov isn't on the all star team already, so he got 10 from me as well
  4. I think #5, 8, and 13 are by far your best. They sound a lot more refined, polished than the others. Not to sound harsh, but some of your beats sound a little tacky, but I think that's a matter of how you mix your layers. As I mentioned before, I think you would really benefit from moving to a platform such as Ableton that offers better workflow and maneuverability with editing clips and recording midi. Also, try to expand on your variations between 4,8, and 16 bar loops - meaning try to make each little section different than the last, because it is easy for hip hop/trap beats to get boring after the 30 seconds of listening. You seem to have the ear for it, which is a good sign! ps: here's one I've made that can give you an idea of what I mean by variation
  5. If it's a Mac hit the apple icon in the top left corner --> about this Mac. If it's a PC:
  6. Honestly that's a great way to learn. What are your specs? You should be able to look up certain programs' minimum requirements to run.
  7. I'm actually amazed that you could do that with an android app lol. Just my 2 cents, it would be very much worth the investment in a PC or Mac, simply because the overall function of a program like Ableton (which is what I use) is exponentially higher than a phone app. Not to mention workflow which is half the battle with DAWs. There are plenty of ways to work around the 800$ price tag too - if you happen to land a computer DM me and I can send some links
  8. These are really good, especially if you're just starting out. My recommendation would be to look into compressors and sidechaining, so that your kick and other "punchy" instruments are able to stand out in the mix a lot better. Also, for the first beat, I would try mixing it up with the melody/synth a little more, maybe transpose it +/- 12 semitones to give it a different feel.
  9. From a buddy who works there... The Empress.
  10. Voted for Tyler Motte the Fruitsation! Love your sauce Tyler
  11. Stech

    NHL 20 Thread

    Honestly that Loui trade wouldn't be so bad if we ended up keeping our 2021 1st.
  12. Watching Marchand cry in his postgame interview was the highlight of my year