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  1. Happy Birthday, Alexander Edler!

    He kind of looks like a Sedin in that graphic.
  2. Jim Benning will represent the Canucks at the Draft Lottery

    I could recognize that moustache anywhere...
  3. [PGT] Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Edler showing as much emotion as a sack of potatoes
  4. (Proposal) VAN-TB VAN-EDM

    Hutton, Gaunce, and Gagner is the new Raymond, Ballard, and a 2nd.
  5. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I think these are good picks, however I'm not sure drafting 4 russians with our first 4 picks is part of the game plan!
  6. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Arizona Coyotes

    i disagree with nearly all of this, except drafting Bouchard.
  7. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    Yeah, that Bure guy turned out pretty terribly, didn't he?
  8. Yeah, seems a bit odd that 10/16 teams that make it to the championship are picked by a committee that could very well be biased in many forms
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Arizona Coyotes

    My man with a couple more apples!
  10. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Crazy to see our boy Gadj up there with some pretty good company!
  11. Olli Juolevi | D

    I think for the most part he has met or exceeded the expectations set out for him prior to the season. Every player goes through slumps and as far as I'm aware, it's not as if Juolevi's production has tailed off solely due to individual reasons - it seems like his team's play has also declined. I also believe he was drafted to be more of a 2-way force rather than a pure offensive defenseman. Need I mention he outplayed Heiskanen (higher draft pick!) in the world juniors, AND has had similar offensive output to Heiskanen up until this point. Also, who knows if he'd have been the 10th-12th overall pick if Benning hadn't drafted him. I would say he'd be looking pretty darn good at this point if he had dropped that far. Handing you a list of notable former and current NHL players that meet the criteria for top all time scoring U20 Liiga defensemen is a little pointless don't you think? Every player develops differently, not to mention how the game has changed throughout the years. The same applies to Pettersson - near the top of all time SHL U20 points/ points per game - and as much as I love the guy - who knows if he'll bust or not, he hasn't played an NHL game yet. Correlation with players who played on entirely different teams in different eras does not imply causation. Save your opinion for when Juolevi plays a more highly structured game with better teammates - more suitable to his play style.
  12. Olli Juolevi | D

    Are you serious? Even with the current dry spell, he's still near the top of all time U20 defenseman scoring (ppg) in one of the world's top leagues. I don't understand how that is concerning in any aspect
  13. Toronto/NYI/Van (proposal)

    I don't think Calgary is willing to pay a 1st for Baertschi since they got a 2nd for him a few years ago. MDZ barely has value at all, not worth much more than a 4th-5th on his own
  14. If you can get a 1st for him, run with it
  15. Kole Lind | RW

    I was able to catch the kelowna game in victoria tonight, and I thought I'd provide a perspective on Lind: Victoria played a great game as they won 6-1, Outhouse our goalie stopped 40-something shots, and kelowna had some pretty good chances. My take on Lind is pretty consistent with other commenters, he plays a strong offensive game when he is motivated for the puck, I noticed him coasting around a little bit, but on the other hand had the ability to ramp it up a notch and lead the charge for kelowna offensively. He went scoreless tonight but easily could've had a goal (breakaway chance that ended up in a nice save), as well as a couple assists. He made a couple of beauty passes that should have been buried by his linemate Twarynski. Ran the point/Boeser spot on the power play, and was the focal point of offense when he was on the ice, especially on the PP. Makes very solid crisp passes and has very good vision, making NHL level plays. All in all a very solid player who looks like a first round talent, with the ability to take over a game, a Kesler type of attitude that got under victoria players' skin in between whistles, but also perhaps not giving it 100% for the full 60 minutes.