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  1. Im in on the canucks bandwagon, but cale makars got the it factor. he has more goals. im 51% Makar 49% Hughes. gunna be close but Makar takes it
  2. i don't think playoffs are canceled. regular season might be done. playoffs will be modified in some to include more teams.
  3. i think regular season is done. but playoffs will still happen but with 18-20 teams, some kind of wild card knockout round.
  4. I think Seattle takes Myers or virtanen
  5. When elliot Friedman says the the thing about being worried for their jobs. Lol Colby Armstrong looks worried lol
  6. they got 3 cups trading away top picks and and their best prospects. I doubt the fans would care if theres a decent build from scratch that takes five years. they'll remember the 4 finals they went to
  7. Jordan Subban wouldve put up 12 points in 8 games.
  8. carter would be better for the younger guys. been to what like 6 or 7 conference final, 3 cup finals.
  9. id rather do erickson for carter. we add a prospect and a pick or couple picks
  10. 2021 projected 1st overall got an assist on his own goal. he's that good
  11. -10th oldest team in the league -the canucks aren't original six but they are second six by default ( golden seals and north stars don't exist anymore and merged into 1 franchise that changed its name) - In my life the way the canucks have been able to always reinvent/reinvigorate the franchise no matter what is amazing.(bure era-->west coast express era--> Sedin era-->lotto boys era. -since the last time a canadian franchise won the cup, canucks have been the cream of the crop of canadian franchises. - hometown team -diversity of the fanbase, whether you're brown, black, yellow or white, we come together and bleed blue and green. its magical watching this. -everytime theres a trade or big name free agent. were involved in it. the entertainment value of being a fan is there I can't explain it. Its hard to show anybody right now, our souls were shattered 8 years ago and a lot of us haven't been able to put ourselves back together since then but we will eventually, we're fragile right now. Welcome to the canucks.
  12. Blackface going for the 3peat. Justins got too much love. Pierre saved a lot of people from genocide.
  13. he lost the room. but where do you think he goes? san jose? seattle? calgary? vancouver if he waits til end of season but he's gone before january