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  1. i voted nobody but the 5 forwards option but. leave elder on the power play should have been an option. Love him or hate him the man can can play hockey. 9 years he's been our go to guy and 9 years he's been good. i don't get what the problem is he's still good
  2. The only reason to justify paying any of these guys anywhere close to 10 million + is if they make the playoffs every year from now on and get consistently better every regular season. Marner /Matthew's got paid because they took the laffs to the playoffs every year of their entry contract. I'm not sure if three superstar years with no playoffs is worth more than 8.5-9
  3. global news is trash. CTV better than global but thats not saying much
  4. Lol by this this logic every NFL and NBA team should hire coaches that speak swahili. They need that just so all the other african looking people can understand. Disclaimer (not meant to be racist)
  5. most punjabi people can speak english. They teach in mainly english in india
  6. FAKE NEWS!!! Aho getting paid all the way UFA, you lost any control you had on the asset. If they match teams handicapped, they already paid him the worth of the contract in signing bonuses. if they trade him they gotta pay someone else when they trade him. team doesn't even make money. I think he's gone
  7. Bread Man Gets paid. He's getting paid alot but he's the real deal. Panarin at 12x7, he's not not gunna suck in any of those years. Tyler myers at 7x7 is gunna be a $&!#ty contract, gunna suck last 3 years.
  8. Will Luongo go into the hall as a Panther or a Canuck?
  9. That's fine that he played there more. But he won more here. All the highs were here. But can somebody make a poll? Interested to see what people think
  10. Became a superstar in Vancouver. Won the most here. Will be remembered for his time here. Bure went in as canuck
  11. Does he go into the hall of fame as a panther or a canuck? Can somebody make a poll?