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  1. i was gunna fart then i realized too many people were nearby. i held it in til later.
  2. voted Cooke Nominating Keith Ballard, Mason Raymond and a third round pick in the draft (2011-2013)
  3. Voted Cooke Nominating Cloutier
  4. Voted Matt Cooke Nominate Christian Ehrhoff
  5. Voted Pettersson Nominate Quinn Hughes
  6. Voted Hamhuis Nominating Boeser
  7. Voted Hamhuis Nominate Brock Boesser
  8. Voted Hamhuis Nominating Pettersson
  9. Voted Matt Cooke Nominating Elias Pettersson
  10. Voting Tanev Nominating Matt Cooke
  11. Voted Hansen Nominating Matt Cooke
  12. gino how are we doing the nominations. two highest or two get in from tomorrows voted. Either way, I nominate Matt Cooke