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  1. I could used to watching “a team like that”
  2. Stecher is a goon! Good the the refs got him out of the game before it gets dangerous.
  3. Didn’t even catch the “accidental” bump on the goalie by beagle.
  4. Hit em, piss them off, knock a star down on open score on the power play too.
  5. Team toughness looks like this. Don’t take crap from the other team, the refs, the media...anyone. Even Hughes and Stecher are going to be pumped up when the team plays like this. I can only imagine what they would look like if Jake and Ferland could get going.
  6. I don’t care...throw the book. This team has real grit! Win or lose fight as a team
  7. Gotta say, I don’t miss the Wille D days where we would have Megna and a Chaput out there defending a 1-1 game right now.
  8. Now is when good teams score another one to totally demoralize them. My money is in Quinn
  9. Came here to write this...Naslund was a constant scoring threat, but Big Bert made all the room and scared the bejeezus out of anyone that dared cross the line. If you want to make a WCE 2.0 you need different personnel than we currently have. Besides, who wants WCE 2 when we could have something new and different lead us to the promised land?
  10. Fair enough. I think they will improve and be a bubble playoff team...but I’ve thought that for a few years now. GCG!
  11. Really? The Kings are going to finish ahead of the Nucks. I’d 8-2 see that at the end of the year.
  12. Times have changed a lot, but I still agree with this statement. Also why I am so glad Bo is the captain and not Petey. True leaders need to rise to any occasion. On the ice that can mean scoring a last minute goal, running someone clear through the glass or if need be, exterminate a rat. I would find it hard to follow anyone who is unwilling to even try to defend themself from a physical attack. Bo won’t put up with it, and neither will quite a bit of our team now. As to the OP, largely agree with the statements here Ferland - still getting up to speed, tough SOB, gets a pass from me for his so far average play Benn...exactly what I want in a third pairing guy, big upgrade from last year. Miller - so far better than I thought, and I was in favour of the trade already. Hughes - not as instantly game changing as I’d hoped (due to unrealistic expectations) but boy oh boy are all the signs there. My biggest happy point this year is seeing the improvement in his slap shot. This kid has wheels, IQ, dangles and now a shot that’s a threat as well. Gonna be some good things coming to Vancouver in the next couple years.
  13. Is it too much to ask for Ferland to piss off Poughty? Watching him mad makes me happy.