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  1. And with that Ferland has more hits tonight than LE as a Canuck.
  2. Always curious what it’s like for our players during these events. The ‘82 team has a rightful place in history...but these guys weren’t born yet.
  3. Worried...nope. Excited...oh yeah! Rivalries make this game exciting. Watching the WCE play against the trap in Dallas was like watching paint dry. Watching Van vs Chicago was edge of your seat. Two good teams that learn to hate each other in the playoffs is what the game is about. I’m so glad to have a team that’s competitive. Give this group a little time to grow (physically and as a team) and teams like Colorado will be worrying about us.
  4. Clearly you have never tripped a toddler...the little arms trying to stop the fall and the look they give you, Why??? LEG-EN-DARY!!! Also if you set the bar low enough it’s way easier to get over it.
  5. I love Burrows! Trading him was the right move. His age and connection to the Sedins and 2011 run combined with the retirement contract (that he deserved but couldn’t get here) meant he had to go. The return is not important. The years he played in Ottawa were lost and he wouldn’t have made a difference. You can’t transition to a new core without get rid of the old one. Happy to see him in the ROH. I look forward to seeing him coach or help out here in some capacity one day but the trade was warranted and one that I feel we won. We have a prospect (didn’t say a grade A prospect) and Ottawa has a memory of the last couple years of Burr.
  6. Not the best played game, but a W is a W. Thank you Burrows!
  7. Go for it...It was removed before I made an actual account on here...I’ve never had a downvote, it can be a badge of honour for me.
  8. What are the odds of another Canucks penalty called? My bets on about 85%