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  1. You bring a valid point...maybe Kadri could teach someone how to become human slime in practice. A little elbowing practice or something? If not I’m AOK watching Columbus wipe the floor with whatever is left of the team that gets through this game 7.
  2. Wow, it’s like a train wreck, hard to watch, no way it ends well and I can’t stop watching it. I’ve hated Boston since 2011, and TO since I started watching hockey (early 80’s). At least they are going to 7 games. Hoping for a lot of rough stuff to ensure the victors don’t go past round 2. If I have to pick I’m calling a B’s victory because leaf fans are bad enough already and no one likes the Bruins anyway. Also if someone would crush Marchand I won’t ask for anything else at Christmas! Please!
  3. Personally I’d like to see the team take a more forward approach to building a team. I won’t pretend to be an NHL GM but the game is changing and no one knows the formula for success yet. What I see working is a combination of taking superstar talent wherever you can find it, but not at inflated UFA prices. Surround the elite talents with high end (not necessarily elite) two way players with grit. Best example of such a player is Bo Horvat. People rag on players like Jake Virtannen but I think players like him are the future of hockey. He is becoming defensively responsible, possesses high end speed and is plenty big enough to survive the playoffs. The fact he isn’t elite means his price will remain affordable. Build a team that can play the trap against speedy skilled teams, skate around the goons and play any way the refs want to “manage” it. By avoiding paying any player 10+ million per year it allows for significant depth of skill in many areas. Combined with good goaltending and a coach that can put it together I think you have a team that doesn’t depend on one or two players or a particular play style in a changing league. We need several more pieces, I’m not convinced that Green’s line blender is the secret to playoff success but I think we are on the right track. Small things like assistant coaches, proper on ice leadership and a team that plays like one will be the difference makers in the salary cap world. If you need more proof watch what happens when McJesus (highest paid player in the NHL) lines up consistently against Bo. Two way, team friendly contracts are the new way to get to the cup. We just need a few more, dump a couple underperforming players and some systems to put it all together.
  4. Am I too late? I signed in, found CDC but it won't let me pick anything
  5. I’m pulling for Guddy to be a factor in this series. The guy is built for the playoffs and I think he will play much better with something on the line. I voted Pens in 6 as the Isles are a good, well coached team. I just don’t think they have the firepower to beat Sid.
  6. To summarize my thoughts...F*** Toronto and The Toronto Sports network. I’m in no way a Boston fan, but I’ll take a team built that way in the playoffs over TO. Mathews, Marner and Tavares eat a lot of cap and score a lot of goals, but they can’t play defence. Rat face will have them chasing him all over the ice while Chara does his thing and Bergeron shuts them down. You can’t buy your way to a cup, defence wins championships. Boston will sweep the series. Yes I just threw up in my mouth a little.
  7. Why would they take this deal? Would you give up the first overall and Little things for a goalie with one good year, a second line defenceman and a decent prospect? That’s like trading Boeser for spare parts and a little cap room. I like Markstrom, Hutton and Gaudette too but I doubt this gets it done. If Marky was a little more proven (flame away, I liked his year too but goalies have flopped before) and NJ had a number one center then maybe this works but as it stands I think any offer that doesn’t start with EP won’t get the job done.
  8. Thanks everybody for a fun season. CDC is just like watching the game with my buddies. Some of you agree with me, some of you don’t and a few just want to get drunk and start a fight. I’m hoping for some lottery luck, an exciting playoffs and if it’s not asking too much can the leafs lose in the first round after pummeling Marchand hard enough to end his season?
  9. Draft be damned. I’ll never get tire of watching these young guns score goals!
  10. Bro to the Flow! I could get used to this type of hockey.
  11. Gotta be honest here. In 2011 I hated the Bruins. In ‘94 I hated the Rangers. When the Hawks were on fire I hated them. Calgary before that...LA for a couple years, and never did like Messier. Looking back though it’s the rivals that make the game exciting. If Marchand wasn’t a rat and everyone played nice it would be soccer. I love Burrows and Kesler (way more before the trade but still respect what he did as a Canuck) and everyone else in the league hated them. Matt Cooke and Raffi Torres crosses the line more than once but I can’t say I ever hated them. The only real answer I have is the NHL. This league promotes tanking, “game management” and putting teams in places that shouldn’t have teams. In short Gary Bettman is the biggest POS is hockey today and definitely burns my bacon. (I prefer to think of it as grinds my gears in the voice of Peter Griffin but close enough)