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  1. 4-2 Caps 2 goals in the third
  2. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I’m sick of blaming the result on EP’s weight. Any fighter/martial artist will tell you the bigger they are the harder they fall. Matheson used his stick between the legs to put him off balance and momentum to pick him up. A 200+ pound guy slammed to the ice after these actions would land just as hard or worse. He may have been easier to pick up but the slam after the hit is clear intent to injure regardless of the size.
  3. 4-3 Vancouver Brock with a hatty Boston scores two in the third after Ratface gets pummeled #worthit
  4. This is the longest thread I’ve read in a while that didn’t talk about Matheson. Thank you, can we go back to watching hockey and drinking now? Go Canucks go!
  5. Would be an interesting move. I haven’t posted a lot on here, but just so we are all clear that was a joke. The 2011 loss hinges on a lot of things (mostly goons, lack of physical response and lopsided refs/dops) Luongo was and is a good soldier out there. I for one wouldn’t mind him retiring here as Demko and DiPietro take over.
  6. I think it’s a step backwards in the youth movement but could work for Vancouver at least. Having Luongo here in decent form could really teach Demko a few things about the NHL while giving us a little control over how the cap penalty will play out. The real question is why does Florida do this? If Markstrom can’t stop the first shot, why do they want him on the roster? Who am I kidding...bring him back and plan the parade. We can’t lose the Stanley Cup with Luongo in net right?
  7. Place the blame where it belongs: Travis Green

    Totally agree with this. I hope that if anyone on the ice during the incident had seen it that thugs would be different. By the time Matheson was back on the ice we were winning a close game. If the DOPeS backs up their talk and hands out a hefty suspension they should let it be. No one will attack star players if it comes with a 10 game suspension. A slap on the wrist or nothing should be met with a roster full of AHL goons for the next game to take out some star players for Florida.
  8. Great GDT...Oooooh Yeeeaahhhh! What ya gonna do brotha when the Mega Powers run wild on you???
  9. Shotgun Jake tracker thread.

    Rules clarification... I had to work late and didn’t catch the game. Pounded a bunch of beers including a shotgun before learning that Jake scores or that this was a thing. Do I owe one, two or none to Jake?
  10. I respectfully disagree at least for the moment. What I see in Jake is a lack of confidence. Laying out a good, heavy defencemen and then dominating a scrum with Stamkos will help that more than fisticuffs with a fourth line goon. I think Roussel could be a great guy to teach him how to keep up that kind of play though. Hit hard get under the other teams skin. Have the other coach sending guys after Jake and then watch them fail. He may have to drop the gloves once in a while but I don’t think that’s what he should be looking to add. Much rather see him as a faster, cleaner Raffi Torres than Tom Sestito.
  11. I like this call. This year is too soon, and it’s not like anyone will wear 22 or 33 regardless.
  12. 5-3 Bolts. I hate predicting losses, but Tampa is stacked compared to us right now. 1st penalty is two minutes for being a Canuck. (Refs will call it slashing)
  13. 3-2 Vancouver Brock gets 1 point