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  1. I’m so torn...I do not want the Laffs to have a shot at Lafrenier...but if they lose I win a steak dinner. I’ve had a bet from the beginning of the season that the Nucks would go further than the leafs. Officially going to pray that the Bruins sweep them in round 1 as it’s the best chance at achieving both.
  2. Aggressive play wins championships. Star players being run with no response leads to more stars being run. Myers owned our crease yesterday and it showed. Minnesota is a scared team right now. I will bet that they will come out tonight banging and crashing, trying to throw us off our game. Our choice is to play “disciplined” hockey and hope for the calls or amp up the physicality and show everyone else that we won’t take it. History shows the longer the playoffs go the less calls we will get. I say, respond in kind. Please note I didn’t say to do dumb things and take needless penalties. If they touch Marky, make them pay. If they target Petey, target Fiala and make them pay. If they want to come out and play clean...destroy them on the scoreboard. They can’t beat our skill and we can match them in strength. Their only real chance of winning is a lucky bounce or a perfect game. Let’s keep Fiala crying to the refs and Greenway hiding from Myers, it’s fun to watch our team push others around for a change.
  3. Where are all these careless dumb penalties? I will bet the PK is happy to take a puck or two to the ankle for. 6’8” guy clearing the crease and eliminating a guy like Greenway. A couple of those calls were not even a penalty. Yeah he got up a little high...he is 6’8”. You can’t have it both ways. A “disciplined” game gets you a 2011 result. The whistles go away and you get taken advantage of. If you push back you take a few PIM’s. Myers gets a couple extra because he is really easy for refs to see. His game isn’t perfect and a little discression May improve it, but I prefer his game today to a Sedin esque display of gentleman conduct any day. I tried to watch the video but got bored by that guy really quick.
  4. I’m upset I didn’t get to watch this one live. A chippy game, multiple goalie bumps and the Nucks came out on top in the scrums and on the scoreboard. Really liking the pack mentality that seems to be showing through. Miller stepping up for Petey (looked like Hughes was gonna try too) Stecher grabbed Fiala before Sutter levelled him. Myers took some penalties, but most of them I’ll take any day of the week. Defend your crease and punish anyone who tries least he sent a clear message what will happen if you try to touch Markstrom. These weren’t out of position hooks and trips they were aggressive, needed hits. If you don’t want to see “turn the other cheek” hockey then you will have a few kills. Good work boys, get ready as tomorrow will likely be rough.
  5. I’m a big Ferland fan...except for that on series. I’ve also had several concussions. If he is out due to that he should hang them up. My memory is not the same as it used to be and I’m now an epileptic. Doctors can’t say for sure but I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The guy is a warrior and if he’s smart he will hang them up. There are enough sad stories out there I’d hate to hear another one.
  6. Motte is seriously under rated. The guy is all over the place in a good way.
  7. OK...tried to sell my company, failed (Long story, banks suck but it will happen soon). Missed most of the first period. Coors banquet in hand Canucks up by one. What I miss?
  8. How does Minnesota have a team? I went over to their board and there is 13 posts on the GDT! No one is discussing what they are drinking let alone helping each other find it. Proud to be a Canuck fan today and so glad to watch some hockey. I do have to say that the drama around Jake is a distraction, I wish they would just tell the fans what’s happening. If he is out of shape, in the doghouse or whatever just say it. If he’s actually injured that’s different but seems rather fishy to me. Both Jake and Louie are “unfit”. They looked pretty capable of skating during practice and scrimmages. Lots of guys aren’t in, why are they getting singled out? For what it’s worth Ericsson looked better than Sutter from what I saw. Curious what’s really going on behind closed doors.
  9. I have to be honest. I disagree with this concept. First, the word generational to describe the first overall is frustrating to me. A generation is not a year...Is Crosby generational? How about McDavid, McKinnon, Ovechkin, Kane. I’ve heard guys like Mathews, Pettersson and hell even Nail Yakupov was supposed to be generational. Maybe Laf is that good, but more likely just a very good player. Winning breeds winners, losers breed losing. As far as the draft pick goes, the plan all year was to make the playoffs, get some experience and give our first round pick away. I am truly afraid to see what could happen if next years draft pick is up for grabs with no lotto protection. We will not win the #1 pick. The lottery is held behind closed doors for a reason. Vancouver has never gotten a break like that and my guess is we never will. Look at our best players of all time. The Sedins took a whirlwind of trades to grab, other than that it’s a collection of good drafting (Linden, Bo, Petterson and Hughes) players hitting their stride here instead of elsewhere (think Bertuzzi) and not dumb luck like Edmonton. Give this years pick away, make it as bad a pick as we can get and roll into next season ready to WIN. A loss is always a loss and looking to the consolation prize should be reserved for the Leafs and Oilers fans who might actually win it.
  10. I don’t think Little Things will be in the lineup...I agree with the rest though.
  11. I miss the good old days. Players like Matheson used to get what was coming their way...a bunch of punches to the face. Now it’s a two minute penalty and a maybe a two dollar fine.