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  1. Hmm...I’m going: Warm up - doobie puck drop - rum and coke shotguns as needed throughout game
  2. I agree, but if Eriksson can get the job done with Bo the way he has and Virtannen can continue his improvement the. You have to like the distribution of scoring. Wouldn’t like to try and match up when you have three lines that can put the puck in the net.
  3. Nucks usually come out ready against good teams. Score - Van 5 - St. Louis 3 Van scores first Quinn gets the goal
  4. Petey gets 3 more... Pacific wins. Petey gets MVP and I win the predictions...
  5. Oh I’m not hating because of the draft. I’m hating because he charged Kassian, targeted the head and then refused to answer the bell. I like our team, and know Mathew is a hell of a player. I just wish players with an edge would answer the bell when they cross the line.
  6. I don’t think Marky got them memo that this is an all star game. He keeps making stops!
  7. Right there with you. Haven’t watched one in a few years. I want to watch the Nucks players for a bit but really am not that entertained. I will admit that watching Petey and Quinn play with McDavid would be pretty cool. I wish they would put some kind of playoff repercussions on this so the guys would play. No hitting, no real effort from goalies, trick passing is not that exciting.