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  1. I put down Pettersson as he is far and away the reason the Canucks are not dead last, however the argument for Bo is strong. Bo takes the hrs assignments so Petey can thrive. He took more face offs than anyone in the league and won most of them. It’s a symbiotic relationship in my opinion kind of like the Sedins were with Kesler in 2011. It takes a whole team to get it done but the MVP is Petey if you ask me.
  2. To the people that hate this trade I have a question. Not a judgement, but an honest question. What other moves could JB have done to improve the team more or as much for fewer assets. JT is debatably a top line player but generally accepted as an NHL level top six. He is a big body, plays a solid 200 foot game and can play all three forward positions. He has demonstrated enough skill to fit in on a top line as well as grind it out on the third or fourth when needed. Additionally he is in the right age group for our core and locked into a reasonable contract. What other player could we have picked up for a conditional first and a third that would be better? I don’t believe that he could have been had a lot cheaper or that JB wouldn’t have tried to get him for less. What else is out there actually available at around that value that’s better than JT Miller?
  3. Why would we want to help out Calgary? We swap boat anchors with Edmonton in exchange for a struggling pool party. Edmonton just gets screwed. Calgary walks away with a number 4 serviceable d man (didn’t say good but compared to Lucic and Eriksson) and a prospect.
  4. This...right here. How would you like to be the opposing coach for game 1 round 1 with Bo, Miller, Pearson, Tryamkin and Myers in the ice. That leaves EP, Brock, Ferland and Quinn sitting on the bench for the ensuing power play...This isn’t our old Sedin team anymore. I just hope they stop coaching the drop pass and “turn the other cheek” attitude. Let the boys play.
  5. I put Hughes, but truthfully am a bit of a homer for that. The kid is a rookie and shouldn’t have to shoulder the responsibility of turning around the whole D in one year. I do think his growth and ability will be the most exciting to watch. I am also hoping that Ferland can mesh with EP and Brock so Miller can play with Bo. I just think having such a skilled player of Miller’s size with Bo is going to be a nightmare for other teams. Ferland can skate, hit and look out for EP while digging out pucks for Brock to hammer home. The real story this year is going to be if they can all mesh as a team. If that happens the Canucks are more than just a dark horse for the playoffs. These additions if healthy will not be a team you want to face in the first round.
  6. Do it! I hate seeing talent like Mariner in a laughs uniform. Loving the cap hell they are in and want to see it blow up. Canucks are set for free agents this year but I am going to pop some corn and watch the festivities if someone wants to offer up something fun.
  7. Oh they are fans all right. The same ones that rioted before the end of game 7. Some people don’t care about anything, they just want to make themselves feel bigger by putting others down. Well F$<& them, I’m looking forward to watching Petey and Boeser score, Miller and Ferland run people over and Bo do it all. Hughes is the icing on the cake this year.
  8. OMG OMG OMG!! Wikipedia can tell the future - if Ferland plays for Van than the Eriksson trade to China must be real too? Right? Please be right.
  9. I have to say while I question not drafting any d men at the draft we do have a fairly well stocked cupboard of “maybes” along with a few genuine prospects. Going to cautiously say I trust his ability to gauge amateur talent and along with the scouting staff picked the BPA in every round. Realistically if we need D men and have a glut of quality forwards their should be some trades available. Our luck with college players and I drafted talent has actually been pretty high. Looking forward to a tougher Canucks team and hopefully a Utica team that isn’t completely depleted half way through the season.
  10. Then maybe I just came up with a decent proposal. A first should be enough to ditch Eriksson and that would free up more than enough $$ to sign Ferland.
  11. Is Ferland worth a first...NO! Is it worth a first to get rid of LE and sign Ferland? I’m gonna say no but it’s getting closer. If we had a reasonable contract agreed upon in principle with Ferland I’d consider a Louie with a good sweetener (2nd and a B prospect) for a bag of pucks and a taco.
  12. YES! We should definitely spend big $$ for the elusive RHD that we have been lacking and then transition him to a new position because this worked the Blackhawks once sort of...while we are at it let’s put Peterson on defence because he can make a great first pass.
  13. I wish...Brock does not have arbitration rights this year. His options are to make a deal or sit out like Nylander last year. It will happen,
  14. Pretty sure you need four of your next five picks.
  15. I don’t care if it’s just a rumour, this is making my day. Hoping it’s true that someone isn’t afraid to stick it to the leafs. I have never liked the old boys club and everyone playing nice. I think the best case scenario is the offer sheet is real and signed, TO figures out a way to match and ices a team with no depth or cap options for the foreseeable future.