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  1. Always root for your team to win! I will never cheer for my team to lose. If it happens it happens, but I think this year may be our best chance in a decade of going on a real run. Our youth is ready for some playoffs and this has been the plan from day 1 of the season. Would you give up on a whole year of work for 12.5% chance of winning a lottery with an as yet unproven payout? Lafreniere might be the next Gretzky but he also could be the next Yakupov or likely something in between. We have taken the best player in the draft more than once despite never picking first (Sedins, EP and Hughes jump to mind). My tinfoil hat also believes that Bettman will never let the Canucks win a lottery.
  2. How is this a question? Do I want my favorite team (that I have cheered for since the 80’s) to win the Stanley Cup? Of course I do. Would I prefer that Covid 19 not alter everything in life including the NHL playoffs...of course I do. I’ll ask another question, would I like to work hard and earn a million dollars, yep. This does not mean that I would refuse a million dollars because I didn’t work as hard or deserve it as much. This year (if it goes ahead) will give teams challenges never before faced. Coaches have weeks to prepare for the teams being faced for the play in. Players will not have the joy of seeing family and friends after games. Isolation, concerns of the virus and for loved ones will play on their minds on top of the jitters from playing playoff hockey. I don’t believe there is any reason to put an asterisk on this years cup, but I’ll take it regardless. When life hands you chance to win I recommend taking it.
  3. He will do great in the KHL. It’s a shame he could never put it all together at the NHL level. A loyal guy, played well, taught the younger guys and if he did ever complain it never made it to the media (a rare occurrence around here it seems). All the best to him and his family. Hope he lights it up and gets a bigger raise the next year.
  4. I honestly never really doubted it, but I do believe in innocent until proven guilty...this is sickening.
  5. This is a tough one. In a perfect scenario signing Chris Tanev should not be a top priority. Unfortunately we are not in a perfect scenario. Our D is less than exceptional after QH no matter how you look at it. Edler is aging (still ok, but not a 1 or 2 guy anymore), Tanev is injury prone (however still our best defensive d man by a wide margin) and the rest are combination of different flavours of meh. Myers is tall and overpaid, Stecher is small but works hard. Benn and Fanta are well...Benn and Fanta. We need Tanev, not because he is better at hockey than guys like Toffoli, Boeser or even Virtanen (including age and severe hope of continuing improvement) but because of his position and lack of options. We don’t have anyone internally to cover those minutes. To help Quinn grow as a player, to cover the mistakes. There are no (known to me) cheap UFA players that can do what he does. It’s going to hurt but I suspect it will be someone else leaving other than Tanev. We have depth at all forward positions now but not on D. Before I’m jumped on, no I do not believe Tryamkin is going to be the guy. He is a good potential and a huge asset (pun intended) but not who I want mentoring and covering for Quinn
  6. Don’t worry, “there are no systemic problems in Canada.” This is disturbing and needs to be dealt with. Kids do some upsetting things to each other but it’s up to the adults involved to end it, not encourage it. If even some of these allegations prove true there better be some sweeping changes and jail time involved.
  7. Yep, playoffs were always the goal this year...asterisk or not, getting the youth some experience in games that count is what really matters. Making the trade for Miller a success sure makes for some tasty icing on the cake though. Go Canucks go!
  8. When the Canucks win... do we have to stand six feet apart during the riot? Asking for a friend...
  9. Can someone yell, “Jake cuts to the middle...he shoots...SCORES!!!” I came to this thread hoping for a reason to shotgun a beer. I miss hockey. I miss talking about actual hockey.
  10. Apparently I see it differently than most on here. Ok slightly different. LE is a clear buyout candidate and I don’t think that need an explanation. Past that I see the argument for Sutter and I’ll lump in Beagle and Myers here. They are overpaid for their on ice contribution. The big difference is that they are NHL players. LE is not. He is a 6 million dollar AHL player right now. So who would I consider for a second buyout. How about another overpaid AHL player? Baertschi couldn’t crack our roster despite all the injuries and opportunities there were...and cleared waivers. He still costs cap due to his contract and doesn’t even play in Vancouver. Ferland is a contributing player on a reasonable contract if he is healthy and a LTIR if he isn’t. It gives better flexibility if he’s not under contract, but it’s not my money. I say cut the pure dead weight before looking for streamlining opportunities
  11. I’m not going to argue any of your points as I have seen almost none of his play in the KHL beyond the occasional highlight. I will make the following comments (or questions if you can answer them) His actions and quotes (misquotes?) here were not really a “team first” attitude. Between refusing conditioning in the A to complaining about the weed smell (probably not any better now that it’s legal) at least in the surface shows a “me first” player. Has this changed? Will he come to a camp ready to work and earn his minutes? Will he run back to Russia if he isn’t played a lot right away? The Canucks have a history of being harder on some players and I suspect he will be one of those. Think Jake Virtannen as opposed to Megna. New coach, similar patterns. My second point is very vague and I apologize but I will do my best. The eye test on Tryamkin showed a ton of potential as a quality crease clearing D man. He did however tend to make mistakes. This is expected from a rookie, however so is steady improvement, willingness to work with team structure and ability to adapt to whatever is required. Has he shown this in the KHL? I suspect he will have a difficult time making this team out of camp because: Previous attitude high salary team mates given the benefit of the doubt over him Percieved unwillingness to play lesser minutes/role If given the opportunity and promoted due to play and not favouritism I expect he will be a legit top 4 D man that scares the crap out of other teams by the end of his first season...just hope we all get to see it
  12. Not cool. My wife and I have a short list. If Brie Larson wants to date I’m good. If Aquaman shows up at the door to pick her up I’ll tell her to have a good night.
  13. If you predicted where they would be right now at the beginning of the season I feel like you would have made a lot of money. Sorry...I had to My actual word is promising
  14. Kamloops’ TRU added to the list of closures.
  15. Stop trying to make sense on here! Don’t panic...that’s what the media wants us to do. Immediately strip to your underpants, wrap yourself in protective tp and run around in the back yard. Drink all the scotch, yes all of it. For the good of the nation!
  16. Is it possible that there isn’t one huge problem but a series of small ones? 1 - Could a different coach bring out a better result and an improved system? Yes, I have never believed Green was the coach to bring the cup home. That said I also don’t think he gets the boot if we get to the playoffs this year. As a side note - NO BABCOCK! He doesn’t have a good history with young players, a monkey could have coached his Detroit teams to victory (same with team Canada) 2 - Do we have the right personnel? Short answer - not yet Longer answer - Edler has been a solid number 2 dman for years (played as a #1 for most of them) but he is aging. Tanev is much the same in a more defensive role with a ton of injuries. Tryamkin while intriguing brings more questions than definite solutions. I would love to see changes but it won’t be easy...cap crunch, too many anchors (LE, Luongo) and inflated contracts for vets (Sutter, Baer, Beagle) make it harder. I’d like to see Tanev, Benn, and Stecher out next year to be replaced with Tryamkin, (insert best of our AHL options here and somehow (you are correct that I have no idea how to accomplish this) get a UFA/trade/magic legit top pairing defensive d man to play with Hughes. Please note I’m at work and not paying attention to handedness or sides right now Hughes/new guy Edler/Myers (hate Myers of you want but he isn’t going anywhere) Tryamkin/youth callup 3 - is it all the defence’s fault? No! Systems and defence men play a huge roll but so do forwards. Everyone needs to be accountable for some of the collapses we have seen. For a team with so much salary tied up in “defensively responsible” forwards, a great face off record etc we should be better than we look right now. Sorry for the wall of text, if you are still reading I look forward to the constructive criticism coming my way. Also for the love of Jebus please NO BABCOCK!
  17. My game day thoughts... Am I the only one that really wants to see Pearson, Bo, Toffoli on a line? try out Mac with Miller and Petey, or Virtannen or hell even little things. We know he is going to get top 6 minutes regardless. Ranting aside, tonight is a winnable game if the boys (starting with Demko and moving forward) play 3 full periods. CBJ is a big young team. They will make mistakes and they will give you an opportunity to win, but as we have seen if the Nucks have a lapse or forget to skate for 15 min we will lose. No soft goals and no “off periods” and we take this one, take your foot off the gas and it’s over.
  18. I would pay good money to watch some goon hockey. Sick of this turn the other cheek BS. Lose 5-0 but kick some ass. Maybe a fight or 10 will tech these kids how to act like a team
  19. I turned the game on just in time to see that...who the fu@# said Taylor Hall is not that kind of player. That wasn’t an accident! Run Keumper and make it clear! Take out someone. For Christ sake Bo, be a captain and man up here
  20. This...all of this. I’m so sick of losing it’s tough to keep watching. Any player at any level who is willing to go out and lose on purpose is just that...a loser. It takes pride to go out there and try to win against the odds. Goalie, star forward, star D-man injured, try harder! I wish the lotto was based on effort, teams that mail it in are disqualified. Go Canucks Go. I’ll never stop rooting for the good guys. Oh and the leafs still suck (yes I’m bitter)
  21. I haven’t predicted a loss yet and I don’t plan on starting now. Statement game Canucks win 4-1 Canucks Bo
  22. I’m usually pretty level headed and don’t like to jump to conclusions about this team. They are young and going to make mistakes. This weekend was hard to be a fan. Getting beat by the leafs then coming out with a goalie new to the team and jumping to a quick lead. Starting up 3-1 in the third against Columbus...a team decimated with injuries just looking to get put out of their misery. Why do we keep sitting on leads??? I hear the Benning haters, but I don’t buy it. Hughes is amazing, Petey is Petey...Miller has been the best result from a trade in quite a while. Even without Marky this team should be able to play 500 hockey on the road. The other teams just seem to want it more. The hustle isn’t there to start most games and definitely wasn’t there to finish it last night. Is it tired bodies? Missing leadership? Poor coaching?? I don’t know (if I did I would probably get paid a lot more for my coaching skills than I do) but there is something missing from the setup, planning and execution of this team. The roster isn’t perfect and probably not ready to compete seriously for the cup but it should be better than what we are watching the last few games.
  23. Uggh. My phone is blowing up with leafs fans. I need new friends