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  1. Question is does the agent sit down with GM and say Pasta and Nylander contract are this % not $ and then work around what % of cap then calculate the contract
  2. the only part of u18 i watched was Podkolzin power move! I liked that Also at these tournament sometimes super highly skilled player markers dont do so well because they are just to elite and play with people not on their level then once they hit the NHl with people who think the game at that speed they do super amazing
  3. Caulfied just broke Phil Kessel records for u18 goals eh
  4. Going to Say our problem is goal scoring which is our forwards Three Players scored over 20 goals, no one scored 30 Petey 28g Horvat 27g Brock 26 JAKE VIRTANEN 15 [4th on our list] Grandlund 12 [5th] Gonna say our problem is goal scorin, and with this year being record number of 100pts player and our top best point players were 66 and 61 we need more goals!
  5. If caufield plays has him moving up maybe he moves top 9 then real question is who us
  6. Capfriendly for Lightning next year doesn't look good either Need to pay Brayden point
  7. Think pits needs to trade Phil kessel for a first rounder, maybe trade deadline next year need to get a younger , I mean I would say trade Gino but we know that will never happen
  8. Upper bowl nice view, loud arena loud fans especially up in the nose bleeds. Fun game felt fast, Taveras and Marner do standout, Matthews you can feel he is waiting to pounce. Rielly does do a lot for TO. Toronto fans getting kicked out my security isn't anything new that we Vancouver fans see lol The two big hits didn't even see they show no relays on the big screen just the goals
  9. In Boston for a conference, just got tickets to tomorrow game, but who do I cheer for lol #liftproblems
  10. a pure goal scorer that can finish! look at all those shots Goldy had that he just missed, if we had someone who could finish with a quick release, I know Travis Green wants more defensive minded, which is where if its true about Boldy that works for us
  11. I like him but reading the power forward I think Jake V.! Anyways we need someone who can pot 40goals no D picks