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  1. If LTIR is paid out by insurance at 80% according to articles on Ottawa Senator are actually paying out of Pocket, then i can see being placed on LTIR as offically injured because insurance companies dont like to pay out to pay out
  2. having the CBA be a Net Salary cap [ Or Take home pay] and not Gross Salary to balance out no tax states. My Cousin husband who was working in Europe, when asking about pay he told me his take home is $$$ and the company worries about the tax calculation. I know teams like Montreal, Toronto and NYR would be all for this as they could afford.
  3. Is he at WJHC trying out? Just saw a tsn video talking about the d didn't mention Woo
  4. Listening to NHL radio on satellite, they were talking how the power play has been shifting to a 5 forward PP, with Hughes that's almost like 5 forwards, and I would put a secind D on our power play if they have a Sami Salo shot outside of that you are gonna pass it around until a shot is open
  5. just needs to work on his release speed then he'll get it
  6. To be fair he hasn't actually made that much money and with his next contract he'll know his income and what he can buy in Vancouver a condo or house
  7. To be fair this is all agents, the players.dint negotiate except tell agent I don't wanna play in this city Anymore Look at Timo contract with that 4th year 10million salary.that isn't the.players that's all a smart agent. And if I was a agent talking to saying hey you don't wanna a bad 28-35yr old over paid contract pay the young guy what he is worth
  8. I like this for Brock or even 3x6m then LE contract will be up and Loui recap hit and then we'll have money for everyone
  9. JB only fault (outside a couple trades) is finish bottom of the league and never winning the lottery, if we keep getting pushed back in lottery draft.from 5th or sucks, hopefully in future when we just miss playoffs we win the lottery! Let's make the playoff next year give TB our first round pick and go from there
  10. Just saw on NHL Network hid workout video core is amazing
  11. perfect thats what I wanted see! now why do they keep raising the cap to raise the escrow who in the NHLPA is suggesting this ? so dumb
  12. Watching Gulls game down here a couple times of year, I think he is fine, I mean its AHL so only a couple good players stand out