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  1. Comets up 2-0 on two goals from the fourth line!
  2. Comets dominating - Rafferty is super smooth.
  3. Juolevi-Sautner Brisebois-Rafferty Teves-Chatfield I believe Fourth Line Arseneau-Bancks-Perron
  4. So far, Bailey-Gaudette-MacEwen Boucher-Camper-Lind Baertschi-Jasek-Goldy
  5. Love the first line there, for me that's our starting second line. I see Baer fitting there better than Pearson in general, though they could certainly switch to put a bigger-bodied Pearson up there for heavy games. Marky gets the start, which is great for him. I expect a quality game from this group. Excited to see Benn-Stecher and I'm intrigued by Rafferty. He's been entertaining to watch so far with his confidence and skating. Hopefully Edmonton plays a more NHL-like lineup tonight and we get a good challenge!
  6. Chatfield just absolutely dumped someone in the corner, 1v1 battle drill. He competes. Regarding Macewens skating, he doesn't look out of place at all, certainly a better skater than Gads or Bailey. If it tells you anything about him, he paired himself with Hughes in these battle drills. Speaking of Bailey, he's a handful in front of the net.
  7. Gadjovich is adept at taking hard passes along the ice and elevating them as tips. OJ throws quality, accurate passes consistently.
  8. Yep, macewen has a huge leadership role at this camp, it's clear within the first ten mins. He and Bailey are huge guys. Those two plus jasek, gadjovich, and Lind are the first five in line for these drills. Brisebois looks confident. Woo is a blocky guy, super thick. Chatfield looks like he has fun every second on the ice
  9. On the scene at practice sitting across the rink from Green, Ryan Johnson, and various other hockey minds. Skating and stickhandling drills right now. I believe Zac Mac is leading the white group in each drill with a fresh flowcut. Lukas jasek looks good on his edges, cuts and changes direction well.
  10. Watching this was really enjoyable. Negative (yet positive) stuff first: So rarely did I hear Hutton, Pouliot, or Gudbranson involved in a scoring play, though Ben had a few moments in the half of the season. Great to know that they have been moved on. It also sucked not to hear Baertschi much, 53 out of 65 games missed at one point... brutal for him, I hope he has a healthy year. The encouraging things I was reminded of from watching this: So excited for Hughes. Horvat is a special player, and I actually wouldn't mind seeing him play with Roussel some more this season. Motte had quite a good year. Jake is still so full of potential and room to grow. Edler and Stecher are both so fun to watch, in very different ways. EP and Boeser Thanks for posting this!
  11. Friedman suggests the Canes will buy him out, and that he might return to San Jose on a short term cheap deal. Similar to what Perry likely does.
  12. Ah, that would be interesting if so - I know players are given quite a lot of freedom from the team's influence per the CBA during the summer, but perhaps that's a choice he made. I couldn't say! No cell phone, no bubble wrap - I just walked by, let him be, and marvelled at his gorgeous dimples.
  13. Just saw OJ walking in downtown Vancouver - I assume he's here for this visit to the doctor Benning mentioned.
  14. Awesome! He's had quite the impressive start, stepped right into the Hockey Gaud's spot in his team and our prospect pool. Early times, but couldn't have done much more right to begin his year.