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  1. Comets up 2-0 on two goals from the fourth line!
  2. Comets dominating - Rafferty is super smooth.
  3. Juolevi-Sautner Brisebois-Rafferty Teves-Chatfield I believe Fourth Line Arseneau-Bancks-Perron
  4. So far, Bailey-Gaudette-MacEwen Boucher-Camper-Lind Baertschi-Jasek-Goldy
  5. Love the first line there, for me that's our starting second line. I see Baer fitting there better than Pearson in general, though they could certainly switch to put a bigger-bodied Pearson up there for heavy games. Marky gets the start, which is great for him. I expect a quality game from this group. Excited to see Benn-Stecher and I'm intrigued by Rafferty. He's been entertaining to watch so far with his confidence and skating. Hopefully Edmonton plays a more NHL-like lineup tonight and we get a good challenge!
  6. Chatfield just absolutely dumped someone in the corner, 1v1 battle drill. He competes. Regarding Macewens skating, he doesn't look out of place at all, certainly a better skater than Gads or Bailey. If it tells you anything about him, he paired himself with Hughes in these battle drills. Speaking of Bailey, he's a handful in front of the net.
  7. Gadjovich is adept at taking hard passes along the ice and elevating them as tips. OJ throws quality, accurate passes consistently.
  8. Yep, macewen has a huge leadership role at this camp, it's clear within the first ten mins. He and Bailey are huge guys. Those two plus jasek, gadjovich, and Lind are the first five in line for these drills. Brisebois looks confident. Woo is a blocky guy, super thick. Chatfield looks like he has fun every second on the ice
  9. On the scene at practice sitting across the rink from Green, Ryan Johnson, and various other hockey minds. Skating and stickhandling drills right now. I believe Zac Mac is leading the white group in each drill with a fresh flowcut. Lukas jasek looks good on his edges, cuts and changes direction well.
  10. Watching this was really enjoyable. Negative (yet positive) stuff first: So rarely did I hear Hutton, Pouliot, or Gudbranson involved in a scoring play, though Ben had a few moments in the half of the season. Great to know that they have been moved on. It also sucked not to hear Baertschi much, 53 out of 65 games missed at one point... brutal for him, I hope he has a healthy year. The encouraging things I was reminded of from watching this: So excited for Hughes. Horvat is a special player, and I actually wouldn't mind seeing him play with Roussel some more this season. Motte had quite a good year. Jake is still so full of potential and room to grow. Edler and Stecher are both so fun to watch, in very different ways. EP and Boeser Thanks for posting this!
  11. Friedman suggests the Canes will buy him out, and that he might return to San Jose on a short term cheap deal. Similar to what Perry likely does.
  12. Ah, that would be interesting if so - I know players are given quite a lot of freedom from the team's influence per the CBA during the summer, but perhaps that's a choice he made. I couldn't say! No cell phone, no bubble wrap - I just walked by, let him be, and marvelled at his gorgeous dimples.
  13. Just saw OJ walking in downtown Vancouver - I assume he's here for this visit to the doctor Benning mentioned.
  14. Confirmed!
  15. Awesome! He's had quite the impressive start, stepped right into the Hockey Gaud's spot in his team and our prospect pool. Early times, but couldn't have done much more right to begin his year.
  16. I don't normally read canucks army past checking Biech's twitter account regularly, but this was an excellent read for sure. Goldy is creating like a mad man; there are many video snippets in that article of good plays he's made in the last 3-4 games. Worth checking out.
  17. Remember when Baertschi-Burmistrov-Boeser was a line at the beginning of the season? I'd forgotten until watching last year's game recaps this evening, but it shows how much Green likes having offensive players playing together on an offensive line. That usage lends itself to the argument that Baertschi-Pettersson-Eriksson/Gagner/Leipsic/other happens sometime early this season. Food for thought :) 

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      I think the key things are continuation and consistency. He looked so dominant some games and shifts, so for me it'll be a successful first half if he can consistently push the pace of play, get his hits, and be a quality two-way player (as opposed to focusing purely on D responsiblity as he has at times over the past two seasons). 20 goals would be awesome, and is completely attainable, but 15-20-35 would be fine for me as long as he is constantly getting better.


      I also think he fits better on one of the more defensive lines we're appearing to have (Roussel-Sutter-Virtanen, for example) compared to the guys I mentioned in the OP. However, Bear-EP-Jake looks sexy and dangerous, plus everyone in the organization seems to understand the kids are going to be playing offensive hockey, so that's a possibility as well!

    3. Guile


      @luckylager Our fifth or sixth game in mid/late October, a 3-0 win vs Ottawa, I believe. I was shocked! 

    4. J-23


      Yes I alos can't wait till' Green sets up that Pettersson - Horvat - Boeser line.

  18. Thanks for filling me in, that's cause for further optimism! I was actually going to mention that being one way he could earn assists even if his vision and passing isn't much above average (not a bad thing if so). Hopefully he starts out quickly, gets a goal or two in the first 5-8 games and progresses form there.
  19. Fair enough, but the majority of players have that weighting since it's easier to get an assist (5 out of top 50 scorers last year had more goals than assists, one was evenly split). I was more thinking of a couple posts I saw in the Utica thread this year, where a couple of the local Comets fans said similar things about him. If I recall correctly, particularly at the beginning of the season, they said he was playing with his head down and attempting to skate the puck himself. I may be misremembering from last year's camp, Junior playoffs, etc, but I think it was the Utica guys. That said, the reports from them near the end of the season were that he really progressed offensively, was starting to learn defensively, and overall had a promising first pro year. I'm quite excited to see him in camp and find out if he'll continue improving with comfort and experience!
  20. He's definitely a power forward, go to the net, do-it-yourself kind of guy, though he has quite soft hands. Not a playmaker at all, as of last year's dev camp. You also have to remember that he was "the guy" on his junior team behind Vitaly Abramov, so was probably used to being leaned on to make things happen. @UticaHockey, still much the same regarding his less-than-excellent passing/vision.distribution?
  21. Exactly, I fully agree; I just happen to think that he'll make it there in a season or two, not this October with how many bodies are in front of him. Edit: Admittedly, a line of Roussel-Gaudette-Sutter (latter two interchangeable positionally, Gaudette can play C for weaker opposition matchups and take a percentage of face-offs) could work, but this would again push Leipsic or Goldy off the team. Not the worst scenario, but avoidable.
  22. You're right that Gaudette should play as a center, regardless of which team. It may be that management/Green foresee/want/need Gaudette starting in Utica regardless of his and others' performance in training camp. Not exactly fair, nor does it foster the competition you want, but it may be another Stecher situation that certainly won't hurt Adam in the slightest. Signing Beagle really opened up a lot of options for the next couple seasons, and it bought both Gaudette and Pettersson time to falter and develop with few consequences (should it happen). Sutter is around for three more years, Beagle four, and obviously Horvat is 1C if/until he's surpassed by EP at C. Gaudette should complete the set of 4 guys who are permanently 100% centres all the time; EP, as has been discussed thoroughly, may not be that ever (unlikely) or for some stretch of time. However, assuming (within 1-2 years) Horvat/Pettersson/Gaudette develop sufficiently to be our top 3 centres, legitimately capable of producing at those levels, Beagle locking down the 4C spot, it gives us 5 NHL quality centremen on the roster. Sutter could play with EP on wing at certain times, could get spot duty on face-offs, could be traded, etc. For the start of this next season, though, I think it likely that Gaudette starts a Comet until injuries hit for exactly the reason you mentioned: He should play centre, and there likely isn't a way to fit him in without needlessly loosing another young player with promise in Goldy/Leipsic. Sutter and Beagle take the defensive matchups, Horvat + another centre take the offensive matchups with that +1 centre playing against a third-line quality of competition. Like JR, I think that will either be EP or Gagner, even though Adam could likely fill that spot just fine and develop successfully. However, being in Utica for 1/2 to a full season (being first in line for C call-ups) won't do him any harm, and it allows us to retain more of our young talent. Thank you for the news on Schaller! That's both great to hear and slightly unfortunate
  23. Actual footage of Nikita Soshnikov, Joffrey Lupul, and good ol' Frankie Corrado trying to escape their cells on Robidas Island?
  24. Okay PB, think I started following the Canucks hard a year or two after whatever the bleep this is. Help a guy out and provide some context here?
  25. I agree with your arguments, and think Gaudette is most likely to start in Utica for all the reasons you've mentioned. Assuming he does force himself onto the team, I also agree with JR that somebody will have to be traded or waived and that loss is just a fact of having more capable bodies than spots. Leipsic and Goldobin could both likely fetch a later round pick, even at this busy time of the year, and if not we risk waivers. If they go, unfortunately they go and we lose quality depth and promise, but by definition it's because someone better took their spot. There is also the possibility of Schaller still needing recovery time after his off-season surgery (hand/wrist?), so that may temporarily buy us an extra slot and time for someone to get injured, morbid as that is. And no, though I fully get the point you're making, Beagle would be trusted to recover from a few poor games in the pre-season, consummate veteran, leader, and gym maniac that he is.