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  1. Jake's fine. His progress is slower than most would have liked but he's still fine in my opinion. I like our team when he's in the lineup. We are like a different team when he's with us. I doubt the opposing teams feel the same.
  2. I think Virtanen is still a little banged up from the rib injury. Ever since he laid a huge hit 2 games ago, he's been careful with his hits which is understandable as they are all playing for their jobs next season. He's playing with some swagger tonight for sure.
  3. JV couldnt really find his game last night.. But Gaudette worked his butt off. It's hard to separate effort from Gaudette. He did make some mistakes but other than that, he played to the system and got the puck in deep every chance he got and made some solid plays in the O-zone.
  4. This is a good game/ opportunity to rest Marky and go to Thatch. Anybody got any info on who sits out tonight? Is it Goldy again?
  5. They are jumping on Petey whenever he touches the puck.. maybe 3v3 Overtime could give him more time to make plays and collect his 30th goal.
  6. Or he just needs a full summer to train properly instead of recovering from a broken vertebrae.
  7. Lol wow.. Schaller!!!!!!! A little late to come alive but looking good tonight~
  8. Kakko or Hughes.. We gotta win the draft lotto first before thinking so much far ahead. They both looked great in last world juniors tho.. Well deserved praises from both scouts and fans.
  9. Goldy needs the best summer of his life.. And come back to battle for a spot next September. I doubt he will get the same kind of benefit of doubt at the start of this season tho. And he will be on a shorter leash. He has made improvements but I really hope he made that step earlier in his career. I wish he played with same level of urgency earlier in his career. His progress obviously isn't enough to guarantee him a top 6 spot next season.
  10. Jake hit him so hard that the crowd werent sure whether to cheer for the hit or feel bad for the guy who got smoked.. Lol.. we need more of that.