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  1. 88% of first place votes. Now that's by landslide :)
  2. he's NOT 5'8. More like between 5'6~7
  3. I think he will end up north of 7~7.5m per. Vancouver loves him and it wouldnt take much for his agent to sell this contract. Would be awesome if we can get him around 6m per..but that is unlikely to happen the way he has progressed.
  4. Congratulations to both! Truly well deserved. I mean..I already kind of thought they were in
  5. The more playoffs I watch nowadays, the more I want to see JV in the playoffs....
  6. Congratulations, Honey badger! He was an inspiration to many and played like he had two hearts pumping from each side.
  7. I think it will be important to note where the bar is set by Brock this summer.
  8. I think it was somewhat unavoidable. Things could have been different about his development if he were, let's say, in Washington organization. But we are a rebuilding team and because we were pushed to be somewhat competitive, opportunities were allocated to those that could best help the team win now. If Green put Goldy in the lineup, (unless miraculously, Goldy showed exponential growth), it may have benefited Goldy more but resulted in worse development for other players. It was just not the optimal situation for both parties involved. Yet, I would not say who was at fault and vice versa. Goldy is a skilled forward and I believe he can be a regular NHLer. I am just not sure if he will get more opportunities here. Sorry that his confidence/ development suffered this year but it was for the benefit of the team. I just wish he showed up earlier with more urgency so he could force the coaching staffs to keep giving him opportunities. (exactly what Biega and Gaudette did. Maybe Motte and Schaller, too)
  9. Could not have written this one better!!!!!! LETS GO FUTURE LINE- 6-40-43
  10. Good to see Quinn looking so much more comfortable as he plays more games.. Definitely see something special in him.
  11. There is no doubt Marky is a legit starter in NHL. But goalies are streaky and he has too small of a sample size to prove his consistency. 3 year deal sounds about right.
  12. Is it too much expect the NHL (best league in the world) Refs to know the Rulebook thoroughly? Goalies are NOT allowed to throw sticks to make saves. Goalies are NOT allowed to throw pucks. It's hard to excuse them if they are not doing their jobs properly. In the real world, you face consequences for messing up your work. With all the fancy slow motion replays from all angles and technologies, they still miss blatant calls.. Do they need like lie detectors implanted in players' equipments that lights up in bright red when asked if they think they took a penalty?