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  1. No, I do appreciate your ideas. And I don't twist things. I DO think all players are different. And that Boeser's best season has not happened. Not even close. If he had 3 healthy, full seasons and put up those numbers, I wouldnt feel as bad about trading him right now. But he did not. And he had 2 awful summer trainings due to injuries. And summer training at his age is so important in this league nowadays. That is why I say trading him is a big mistake and that he is, I think, far from his peak. You obviously took time to do some research to respond and I appreciate that. I like the Justin Williams analogy. But Boeser is not a similar player to Phil Kessel. Only similar thing is that they are both snipers with heavy wrist shot. Boeser is a character player that's why I think he's not close to reaching his best days yet. He will get better as our stock piled prospects enter the league as key pieces. It's a rare find to have a Right handed sniper on the team. I think we should be extremely careful how to deal with him.
  2. Also my question was which player peaks at their 3rd season in the NHL? And your list doesn't really correlate to that question. I would cross off Linden as he had actually not so good numbers in this first 3 seasons. Sergei Samsonov, again, peaked after his 4th season. I don't think Luke Schenn ever really peaked as an NHLer. Devin Setoguchi had below average first 2 seasons and had a brief success in his 3rd season and resumed to being below average after that thru rest of his career. I think this is a peculiar case. Bure's number did go down due to injury on his 4th season. But he still had 51 goals in his 7th year and 58 and 59 in his 9th and 10th season .... so yeah. By Hodgson, if you mean Cody Hodgson, I don't think he did have a peak in his NHL career. And who is Ververgeart?
  3. I don't think you are getting my point. The fact that there are 10 players that you could name that peaked before 23 does not mean rest of the hundreds of thousands of players in those eras of the league peaks at 23 on average. Statistically, that's a very very very very very low chance. If you insist that you know he already peaked at 23, I don't buy that. If you insist he will peak in 2 yrs at 25, I don't buy that but then again, if you know he has 2 more yrs to peak, why trade him now for that much lower value... Doesn't make much sense to me. I cant name any players on top of my head right now that had injuries in their first 2 years but still went on to have decent careers.
  4. Thanks for sharing those names. Those are minuscule portion of player pool tho. And I wouldnt say a lot of players peak at 25. Maybe 27~28. If he has 2 years to peak, then why would we trade him before his peak? Wouldnt we get much better return when he's at his peak?
  5. Different story tho. They r in different stages of their respective careers. Boeser played 3 seasons in this league... Who peaks at his 3rd year in the league? I can't name one. Help me out if u can.
  6. 3 seasons. 2 of which plagued by injuries. Nope he hasnt peaked.
  7. Boeser hasn't had his best season yet. So sure, his trade value will rise the more we keep him. And getting a top pair right side D who can put up numbers sounds sick. But once Boeser hits his ceiling, we wouldnt even need to negotiate much to get that kind of caliber player. We can decide then whether getting another dream Dman out-benefits having Boeser. Also, don't we have some good Dman in our pipeline?
  8. I wasn't saying trading Boeser wouldnt be beneficial tot his team. If we were to trade him to a team, Boeser has enough potential to fetch that team so much more than a hell of a defenceman we would get.
  9. Trading Boeser right now would be 100x worse idea than trading JV for lacking "Hockey IQ" few years ago. The kid hasn't had a legit summer training yet in any of his first 3 seasons in the NHL. He's already being pegged on the 2nd line of 2022 USA Olympics team by Button. I am shocked that this is even a discussion at this point.
  10. I wanna see him earn a spot on 4th line and work his way up. He's versatile like that. And I think that's how we would best find out how to utilize him. I don't agree with making him a one-dimensional top 6 fwd right off the bat. I would love to have a left handed Mark Stone on our team.
  11. Absolutely agree. We got much better players from let's say 2 years ago. But getting a young player off to a good start by putting him a good position to succeed is pretty important. All the players u mentioned were given those opportunities. And those were taken from those that they thought werent with us in our longterm plan. I am not an expert. But it takes more than good players to win hockey games in NHL.
  12. Never said he's the projected winner this year tho. But he is voted as one of the top candidates.