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  1. visiting vancouver in october

    Trust me i avoid "British" style pubs everywhere ... even in the UK . Will be open to as much Canadian style food as possible . I follow the Sheffield Steelers , steel dogs and play for 2 rec hockey teams (netminder) .. Storm back and Guilford and Milton Keynes now in the EIHL too .. 12 teams in total which is quite something .. Are you allowed to smuggle Monster Munch into Canada ?
  2. visiting vancouver in october

    Thanks elvis15 ... couldn't find that when i looked last week . So looks like i can get a good seat ... We do have ice hockey in the UK .. seen the DEL , Czech and Slovac Teams .. but the NHL is considered "the " league to watch , in my circles anyway .. watch for the guy on his own ... might be in my Poprad shirt ..
  3. visiting vancouver in october

    Thanks for the advise everyone ... no shortage of food choices it would seem .. On line city tickets have been recommended to me but only high tiers are available ..
  4. visiting vancouver in october

    Hi everyone . visiting your beautiful city next month , cant believe it still ... but anyway , wanting to see a Canucks game and wondered if anyone could advise me as to ticket availability etc .. I will be over for the caps game , last week in October many thanks from the UK .