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  1. IZEA was a beast, never did I expect the Microsoft rumour was true. Nice $920 USD in 1.5 days.. Markets been funny but this week has been awesome. I hate to admit it but I loaded UAVS for a little run till Mid-August. Drone/Amazon play, who knows.. We will see at their next press release set for Aug 18th I think.
  2. I'm not sure what NAK is but I just checked out the chart and it's just nasty.. All the indicators are going the wrong direction and likely will for this week unless they get a PR.
  3. Yeah it went stale really quickly.. I alerted at $1.45 and it's only $1.35 right now. That being said it was a stimulus cheque catalyst. It should be announced this week before Congress takes recess. But.... chart finally took a turn for the positive and should run steadily this week. Every section is pointed up right now showing good times are coming! Get on this buddy!! Info, Info, Info..
  4. Man, I forgot Horvat was even on the team. Did they mention his name once tonight ?
  5. LORL - Loral Space & Communications Inc. Something is brewing here.. I will start with what I think is going on from a few blogs and it all has to do with the LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Constellation internet race between Amazon and Apple. For these companies to do this right one of them will need to partner with Loral, they're a giant in the space and are prime for a merger/buyout. Beside the chance of a merger/buyout from Apple or Amazon the chart is primed for a run. All cash, no debt. Very Very Very low float... General public owner barely any shares, 1.6M.. When news comes this thing skyrockets.. Their last SEC filing was in May for the quarterly numbers and check one of the last lines... Last but not least.. Why no PR's ?!?1 They usually release 2-3 PR's a month but had NOTHING in June and July.. Hmmm.. Something brewing ?? Apple ? Amazon ? This is the kind of AA I want to be apart of..
  6. VOLT may be my first real loser. I'm going to hang on to it this week and see where it goes. It's currently as low as it should go, upward trend should start?! Might stay away from the penny stocks for a while. Here's a company that's not a penny stock, and here's what I know..
  7. I agree with them merging with BnB over JWS.. JWS is perfect for Coinbase
  8. JWS is being pegged as a possible AirBnB Spac.. Lord have mercy if this is true.. It did a 10% run today on the rumour and the warrants ran over 50%.. Something to keep your eye on.
  9. I was gonna grab some shares but saw their debt sheet and noped outta there. Just not sustainable IMO.. They already overcharge for what you get and can't make any money ?! Not good.. And for anybodys that's curious they're around $500,000,000 in debt. This is IBIOs twin....
  10. Unfortunately not at this price. Got some limit buys set up 1000 @ 1.75 and 2000 at $1.60
  11. Yup, SPAQ should rocket for sure. And yes buy all VOLT dips. At least up until the Stimulus check.
  12. You got shares on Friday ? How many at what price?
  13. Alright.. It's time again.. This one is a monster waiting in the wings.. It's all about getting Americans back to work.. You don't even need to open the article to get the jist of this one, just read the headlines and you can put it together. It has all the makings to be a multi-bagger. I will hold till around August 7th-10th VOLT: Volt Information Sciences, Inc. "Volt Information Sciences, Inc. provides staffing services. Staffing services fulfills a variety of temporary and permanent placements and telecommunications solutions include operator and telephone directory services." Volt Information Sciences, Inc. Named as One of Forbes’ Best Temporary Staffing Firms 2020 Trump backs work incentives as part of next stimulus bill - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he supports another coronavirus stimulus bill but wants it to include incentives for Americans to go back to work Bonuses will be given for those that return to work - One-time cash bonuses of up to $1,500 for full-time work and up to $750 for part-time work and will be provided to the worker after return to the workplace. The funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis (based on date of return to work) for qualified applicants. Smaller unemployment benefits / return-to-work-bonus = - "New Stimulus Package May Be Introduced Next Week" - Senate Republicans are targeting the new stimulus closer to $1.3 trillion in total spending. House Democrats proposed $3 trillion for the Heroes Act (which hasn’t passed the Senate). While the numbers likely will change, the final stimulus package could be in the $1.5 - $2.0 trillion range. Congress breaks for summer recess on August 7, which means that the new stimulus could be finalized later this month or in early August. Insider purchasing is one of the first items I look at before investing in a company. Insiders are currently betting heavy on the company. Balance sheet looks good, they have a lot of money and have NEVER done an offering! This is called a low float which means when news happens the stock runs higher then a standard company due to limited general public shares.