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  1. The first message since my reinstatement was to PK saying sorry for that contract, it was a bad one.
  2. Really ? so If a team called and offered a 1st round pick for Marky you would say no? I only ask because that's what Eriksson would cost to move.
  3. Enjoy if you want to waste 2 min of your life like i did lol. Edit: I also think Chicago started overseas and it includes that.
  4. You try telling the bottom ten 10 teams owners that those miles are gonna increase heavily.
  5. To COL: Jacob Markstrom + Loui Eriksson (Canucks hold 3M/year for entire contract) To VAN: Martin Kaut Colorado is in need of a goalie and once Grubauer comes back they could be comes a great tandem for them. Gives the Canucks a decent prospect who isn't doing well in the COL system. A new team could give him the fresh start he needs. Am I crazy ? Would love to hear your thoughts.
  6. Could you imagine how hard that would be on the players !! "Baseball" style series would beat the holy hell out of the players ! By the time playoffs comes half the team would be on the IR, lol. But it's intriguing.
  7. Oh boy, the sleep patterns will be really crazy with the schedule.. Back and forth, back and forth..
  8. Honestly, Canucks should try to trade Marky to a playoff team if a goalie goes down.... Don’t miss the opportunity if it arises. Demko is pretty much ready to take the show over.
  9. I would tend to agree about the fair shot, nothing over 4th line minutes ever.
  10. Some big names from the juniors there, it's a shame they didn't pan out.