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  1. That's killer bud, well done!!! My true advice, VTIQ (Tomorrow NKLA) is still a spec company and will have no earnings for a few years. The current price isn't sustainable. Your initial investment was $13,500. I would sell 350 shares... At $35 that's $12,250.. Having only $1250 real money while sitting on 10X value will feel extra nice.. Book your gains.. Square is a monster, will always be a monster, it won't be tanking.. Ride it hard to the moon.. $200 a share by next summer.
  2. Missed the call.. NAKD chart is really sexy.. RSI, OBV, MACD.. Everything point up like me looking at Gal Gadot naked.
  3. I will tell you all this right now.. If you're not Green after today you're either a shorter or aren't made for the stock market.. What a day!!!!!!
  4. Put 30K into my account originally. Up 6K right now. Made 12K, lost 6K. My losses were at the beginning when i was figuring this all out. Trial and error.
  5. Boom!!!! .43 to .61 and I'm out!!! Took 1-2 weeks exactly!
  6. Did the above help ? Anything you don't understand ?
  7. Fear, unknown.. Day traders buy the rumour and sell the hype..
  8. Alrighty guys.. Next VTIQ/DKNG on deck.. FMCI - Blank check company formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses. Purchasing company - Forum Merger II Corporation (Nasdaq: FMCI) (“Forum” or the “Company”) today announced it has signed a letter of intent and expects to sign a definitive agreement to acquire a high-growth, plant-based food company with a broad portfolio of innovative products that are aligned with major food trends and sold through leading retailers and distributors across the United States (the “Target”). Initial thoughts.. Impossible Foods - Just raised 500M at a 4B evaluation. Impossible Foods LinkedIn Page is currently hiring.. Stock Admin - Vote - If the Extension Amendment Proposal is approved, our Board will have the sole discretion to determine whether to continue the Extension until June 10, 2020 or to commence the liquidation of the trust account and redemption of 100% of our public shares prior to such date if, for example, our Board determines that we will be unable to complete an initial business combination by June 10, 2020. Foods raises %24500 million at nearly %244 billion valuation%3A source,-Jane Lanhee Lee&text=SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Plant,Global Investments%2C a new investor.
  9. Have done some DD (not much) but really really like these charts for a breakout... Any combination with some news could send these stocks to the moon.. Tomorrow/Tuesday I will be putting 4K USD each into HTGM, RMED and POAI for various reasons..
  10. I figured I would show you what I saw that made no sense... ZNGA Volume goes from 13-17M a day avg to 60M avg on Friday.. Hmm.. Was there any news, No. Any PR, No. Twitter search for any rumblings, nothing really.. Below, these look like what's known as Sweep-To-Fill orders.. Assume a trader is interested in buying Ali Baba Inc. (BABA), and wants to get into the trade right now. They want to buy 10,000 shares. The price is oscillating around $160.60, but there is only about 500 shares usually showing on the order book at each price level. Bigger, or smaller, liquidity may pop up at different prices though. A sweep-to-fill order will look at all available liquidity and then send out orders to grab all the available liquidity at the different price levels until the order is filled. That's alot of buying for a company with no news, somebody knows something... I was going to work on more and show you guys but this is the gist.. Then I found the story showing that they're looking to purchase 2 mobile games from Peak for 1B. They're 2 out of the top 10 mobile games in the USA. I will still try to get a position on Zynga pre-market Monday now that I know how to.
  11. Crud... I'm over here working on my DD trying to dig deep and then bam.. The cat got let out of the bag, pre-market Monday will be crazy.. ZNGA I knew something was happening because of all the Sweep-To-Fill orders on Friday.. Big money moving in slowly to reduce large spikes. They had no news released, no PR and was up 13%. Easy to see something was up.
  12. Looks like a great time to average down.. That being said, RTTR QLGN is a weird one.. No rhyme or reason to how it operates.
  13. 100%.. Well, Remark has a much bigger play then the rest because temperature scanning will be the future. People with even the flu will now be turned away from certain establishments. That being said, yes all the Pharma companies etc are gonna tank hard after Covid (whenever that is). I treat Pharma as a pump and dump.
  14. This one's not a pump and dump like what we've been touting previously. I will post it if I think it's legit and I would love your input on it! Pros and cons are most welcome, I would love good reasons not to buy a stock!