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  1. They viewed 3019 Point Grey Road yesterday for a purchase. They're obviously serious about re-locating here.
  2. Can we talk about how unreal this trade was... What a fit Pearson has been!! Good job GMJB
  3. I lent a girl an umbrella yesterday which takes the total number of girls I've made wet this year to -1.
  4. I'm legitimately upset that I missed this opportunity... Ugh...
  5. Penna Rinne now has more goals then Jordie Benn...
  6. We send an awful lot to Detroit to get absolutely nothing in return...
  7. That’s what I was thinking considering the bottom guys at “A” tied as well.
  8. Oh man, a tie, that's brutal! Good team man, it's funny because Fagmo was the one player I wanted and you snaked him just before my pick..
  9. It should.. Sandin has 5 points between yesterday and today and Swedens 1 Game win gives me 38 with Marchenko left today.
  10. We all may be missing points. I'm not sure yesterday was updated ?! @Spoderman @Baer.
  11. Final day, good luck to Inane and Art, should be a close finish! Only a couple points separates us.
  12. Sandin finally doing what I expected him to do when I took him in the 1st round. Awesome!
  13. I just assumed he would go to a team with at least 1 Russian but I don't think MTL has any ?!?! I would have bet $5 he would have signed with PIT, WSH or TBL
  14. Don’t you have the German who plays 3 games vs KAZ ? I can’t remember how Rel games work.
  15. New leader baby! Let’s get it! Happy New Year everybody!
  16. Finally... Welcome to the tournament Marchenko! 5 points in this game with 12 minutes left to play.
  17. Looks like another decent day, 1 - Wahlstrom, 2 - Sandin, 1 - Berggren, 1 - Sweden G's Puts me up to 18
  18. I saw the live video and just assumed that was it as well, my bad. The live video feed I saw was a pistol shot from about maybe 30 feet away, point blank forehead