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  1. If this doesn't sum this guy up then I don't know what does...
  2. Anything attached to the entire building that takes credit card, including the sportsbar.
  3. So odd, I just drained my card at the last home game of the season. Didn't even think of that till now. Most certainly they will honor for some period of time. You shouldn't have that much left ? Probably under $50 ? Go get some merch from the store!
  4. I 100% agree... We're all in a world of trouble... My mother is the VP of a large private label food processing company in the states. Not only are they out of supplies (easy enough to replenish) but they have run out of packaging (not easy to replenish) with none arriving for 5-6 weeks. They private label spices, Mac&Cheese, pastas etc to Walmart, Target etc. I'm a home inspector and at this time of the year I usually book 5-6 days out. As of this moment I have 2 inspections on the books right now. Real estate will go to a stand still in the next 2 weeks as well.
  5. Oh boy.. The stock market just got shut down.. Recession is coming...
  6. Trump 2020 will happen now. Warrens values are with Sanders but she dislikes him so much she may endorse Biden. Biden has already promised VP to Harris so not sure what role Warren will play in his party if (lol) he's elected.
  7. Zibanejad is the best Swedish player currently in the NHL.. Feel free to @ me
  8. How hard is it to do this ?? Pearson - Horvat - Toffoli Miller - Pettersson - Virtanen
  9. Was just thinking the same thing about Petey. Is he alive ?
  10. Exactly what I'm wondering.. He's made 55M career earnings and gets another 3M SB on July 1st. I can't imagine he wants to ride the bus in the AHL for 2 years just to make another 5M, I guess it depends on how comfortable he is in his life. $31,000,000 for 88 points. He owes the team a mutual termination.
  11. Has to be for Byram if it actually happens. Weber can mentor him next year.
  12. Bro.. Literally 1 of the best D prospects in the NHL and a 1st round pick for Stecher who is a #6 defenseman who may get traded for nothing and Goldobin who's a borderline NHLer.. Sounds good, lets do it!
  13. Ohhh.. They like Blackwood you say ?! Who said that ?!?!
  14. On July 1st the Canucks give Loui 3M then his salary is 1M for the season, bonus the following year of 1M with a 3M base. That's only 5M of actual money for 2 years with a caphit of 6M. There has to be a team willing to take him on with a decent pick or prospect.
  15. Rather lose him to Seattle or are you letting Marky walk this offseason ? I'd rather sign Marky and trade Demko. Madden is still a crapshoot.
  16. To NJD: Thatcher Demko + Tyler Madden To VAN: VAN 1st round pick that TBL just traded to them for Coleman It makes a ton of sense for everybody involved... JT Miller for Demko and Madden.. Stealllllll..
  17. Looking to pay somebody to create 3 Instagram sticker gifs for me, I will pay. Anybody have those skills ? I guess you would need to be a member of Giphy so you can upload them to instagram. Please send me a direct message if you have the capabilities or know somebody who does. Thanks!
  18. 100% this.. I wouldn't trade those 2 either. The rest can be traded as far as I'm concerned.