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  1. Earnings tomorrow.. Should be a kangaroo day! Could be some nice scalping opportunities!
  2. OGEN: Oragenics, Inc. Oragenics Provides Update on SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Program - They terminated their clinical development program with AG013 for the treatment of severe oral mucositis in cancer patients. While working with Aragen Bioscience, a leading contract research organization focused on accelerating preclinical biologics product development, to advance the Company’s recently acquired COVID-19 vaccine candidate, TerraCoV2, the National Institutes of Health-created stabilized pre-fusion spike protein gene has been successfully inserted into Chinese Hamster Cells ("CHO") and "mini-pool" production and analytical development are underway. The transfer to full-scale manufacture is expected to commence later this summer. Please please note that gigantic last line.. Lets review that.. They SUCCESSFULLY inserted a vaccine into hamsters. "We expect to use our available cash to continue development of TerraCoV2, with the goal of bringing this COVID-19 vaccine candidate into human clinical trials by early 2021." You guys may think I'm nuts but this one has all the makings to run like NVAX has this year. For those that don't know about NVAX it ran from $3 to $110 in 6 months..
  3. Work's been just too busy right now so I haven't been paying as much attention to the market. Currently holding LCA 600 shares @ $14.67 OGEN 2000 shares @ $0.97 JWS.U 681 Shares @ $10.67 Pulled the rest of my cash out and put it into my savings account. Hope you're all doing well! EDIT: I will make a post shortly about OGEN.
  4. What the F ??!! What is happening over there ? Any reasonable answer to why bad things are coming from China ?
  5. When I hear the name "Keith Ballard" I will only remember this moment..
  6. Example company that I have a lot of interest in. Jaws Acquisition Corp. (JWS-UN) - SPAC company with no merger announcement yet. JWS has 24 months from prospectus (May 11th, 2020) to complete a merger (EXP May 11, 2022). SEC Filing - "Get in early bonus". Currently if you purchase of 1 share it also includes 1/3 of a warrant. Be sure if you're purchasing shares to purchase in 3's. If you buy 2 shares then the fractional warrants will dissipate. It looks like Warrants and Class A shares should begin trading separately Monday, July 6th. "We intend to apply to have our units listed on the New York Stock Exchange, or the NYSE, under the symbol “JWS.U" We expect that the Class A ordinary shares and warrants comprising the units will begin separate trading on the NYSE under the symbols “JWS” and “JWS WS,” respectively, on the 52nd day following the date of this prospectus unless the underwriters permit earlier separate trading and we have satisfied certain conditions." You will have the option to convert your warrants to Class A shares but I don't recommend it as it appears you will pay income tax not capital gains on warrant conversions (Need to do more research on this). Now, the big questions.. What's the downside.. Well there is 2 bad outcomes.. 1. They merge with a bad business and the stock tanks. Doesn't happen often when the company has over 500M or over in trust. (JWS has 700M) (Check WTRH, 320M spac that tanked) 2. 24 months expire and no agreements could come to fruition. In this situation $10.00 is left in trust for every class A share, warrants are worthless. Of that $10 an average of $2 per share goes to fees etc etc. But the 700M is sitting in a interest account so that will take some of the sting away. Sum it up.. On the majority of Spacs the downside is $8.50 redeemable per share if the company doesn't find a merger partner. Which is around 15-20%. Upside is... Well DKNG, NKLA, SHLL etc. BUT if you're not a patient person put your money elsewhere. ----------------------------------------------------- Now some more info about JWS because I will be purchasing 500 shares tomorrow. CEO Barry Sternlicht, Founder of Starwood Capital Group (private equity investment firm), Current Assets over 60B. As Chief Executive Officer, he executed several key acquisitions, including Westin Hotels, Patriot American and ITT Corp., and led the development of the W Hotel concept. Barry Sternlicht (CEO) recent comments about JWS: 1. Looking exclusively at tech/ growth and capital light businesses 2. Looked at a target making $125m 2020e, $250m 2021e, $400m 2022e revenue (tech enabled mobile platform) 3. Hopes to do deal very shortly - comments made in May 4. Looking for something ‘sexy’ the public markets will like 5. Looking at targets with EV from $2-8bn and can supplement $700m SPAC with additional PIPE up to a $1bn The company intends to focus on leading, growth-oriented companies across a variety of industries. We do not intend to target industries that are competitive with Starwood Capital Group Holdings, L.P., or Starwood Capital, which includes real estate, lodging, oil and gas and energy infrastructure. Investment opportunities will be sourced from the Founders proprietary network of operating network of executives, investors and advisors. The Founders will employ a disciplined and highly selective investment process and expect to add value to a target company through add-on acquisitions, capital structure optimization and operational improvements.
  7. Should I do a SPAC break down for companies that haven't merged yet ? Is anybody curious ? What you're actually purchasing and what the bottom $ would be in a worst case scenario ? Is anybody interested in parking their money for anywhere from 0-24 months to reap all the benefits (Potentially) ?
  8. What a weird day... Does an awesome CNBC interview and it goes down.. I had to average down and put way more in then I wanted. Would need to deep read the SEC files but don't want to because I'm not investing.. I will come up with another one soon.. Nothing is sticking out right now..
  9. CCXX - Postmates either sells to Uber or SPAC with CCXX. CCXX has 1.1B ready to roll and Postmates did 1B in sales last year. Worst case scenario is back down to $10.00, anything below that is held in trust and can be converted back to $10.00 so it's a low risk, high high reward. Grubhub did 1.3B last year and trades at $70. Postmates should easily float around $50-$60. Snagged 300 today at $15.97, not overly hyped about it but it’s worth a ride till Thursday morning.
  10. Alerted at $14.03.. Double bagger!! That's a quick little 8 days, but man What a day!!
  11. Live look at the market this week.. Reminder that Friday is a holiday for the USA, don't hold crap through the long weekend.
  12. Sad truth is that this may be around much longer.. Did you keep it ? Once again, I hope you kept them all lol.. Damn dude... Did you keep ?
  13. Offering will likely be used to ramp up marketing in separate state approved gambling over the rest of the year. It's money being well spent. Yup! I would expect SHLL to cool off substantially over the next week. As soon as you sell it will go up, be sure to let us know when you exit. Sorry bro, it's just the way the market works. Unless there is a vaccine this weekend then I expect 3 or maybe even 4 red days this coming week.
  14. It has a good future outlook but given the state of the world and the area around July 4 is traditionally bad in the market I would personally wait till next Friday for an entry point. Below $32 is good, below $30 is ideal. The market will be bad for a few weeks would be my guess. I expect more red then green. I’m betting against the market though. I took a small position in SPXS which bets on red days. Plan on holding till next Friday or so.
  15. Set your stop limit, it's dramatic right now..
  16. Put it on my watch list and then took it off my watch list in 24 hours which is a new record. IDEX is now owned by shorters just like GNUS.. Stay away, far away....
  17. .775, you won't lose money that's forsure.. Just be sure to have patients, Mid-2020 was the PR release. ----------------------------- SHLL is up 10% today on a big purchase order.
  18. I rarely stop by during the day but SHLL entry price is amazing right now.
  19. GNUS came out with 2 nice pieces of news today. All debt paid and a MLK cartoon coming about BLM.
  20. This sounds like Lion propaganda again.. He's all talk.. The work needed to make a short squeeze happen would be insanity. This stock has more shorters than most others at the moment. To put the squeeze in you need upwards of 5M at once to break the walls and force the shorters to switch to buy to cover their losses. Yeah it's insane the disconnect. Companies that should be going down are going up and vice versa. If CV19 is still active around Q2 results I expect the correction to the market then.
  21. AVG is .832 I believe. TD rounds it upon the site I have to break down the individual purchases, I averaged down a few time’s.
  22. I bought 12,000 shares of RGLS.. Hopefully by the end of July the PR comes.
  23. That’s not a bad idea, I looked a little into GPAQ. Has a good story, looks like it could be good one. I just don’t personally want to invest in something that requires a crowd right now.
  24. Yes, merger won’t happen till Sept/Oct. it may run at anytime but who knows.. If you’re a patient person and can wait then you can do well. Certainly won’t be going lower then $10 because of the SPAC price but the upside is $50+ Low risk / High Reward.