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  1. I’m in Mexico tonight for the game! Trying to get reddit going at the sports bar. “Detailed” updates would be much appreciated! Thanks CDC. Go Nucks Go. 4-2 good guys. Petey Brock miller Hughes!
  2. manage your loses. going against a good team. did well to squeak out a W. Unlucky overtime but happy to get the point!!
  3. sorry Vintage, just made a post/poll now. Mods can delete mine. I shoulda made it earlier!!
  4. Can't give you guys a source but Milan got two games for the punch. Thoughts?
  5. The Canucks should be able to out skate and outscore the ducks, even with one of the better statistical goalie in net (Gibson). These games have caught the Canucks off guard in the past and we have lost the important 2 points. I think its going to be a closer game than we all expect. 2-1 for the good guys, but I'm hoping for a 7-2 sh*t kicking!!
  6. no wonder jersey can't win at home. this slow anthem is putting them to sleep