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  1. These were all my points when I was discussing it the other night. I get his playoff success was minimal, but if you have these stats beside your name how are you not going to be retired. he said they were ROH worthy but not rafters. Anybody else know if the ROH is just a Canuck thing or do a few teams have it now. He was saying Tanti deserves the rafters before Nassy, but like I said early that goes back to when he grew up watching hockey and Tanti meant more to him than Nassy.
  2. Hey Gents, Bored on a Thursday night so I thought I would ask the CDC about an argument I had with my brother-in-law last week about Naslund and his jersey retirement. He was trying to convince me that he was a 'ring of honour' guy but that he never should of have his jersey retired. He was saying that he never did enough for the team, was only good because of his line mates, and had no playoff success. I understand the play off success point of view, but correct me if I'm wrong, he had the most goal in Canucks history until Danny beat him. Plus was on one of the most dynamic lines in hockey. For me, Naslund was in his prime when I first started to really get into hockey so he meant so much to me as a fan, where as my brother in law grew up watching hockey in the 80's and 90's. Basically, just thought where you guys stood on a)should naslund be in the rafters, and b) what are your 'requirements' to get your number retired? Thanks guys. Stay Healthy
  3. They are simply incredible people. So lucky to have those tow part of our organization and society. Thanks guys for all that you have done and continue to do.
  4. Apparently 2 week quarantine coming to Canada. Grocery stores and emergency medical, including pharmacy's staying open. Everything else will be shut down. Good luck guys and gals! wish we were watching Canucks Sh*t kick the jets instead!!
  5. as much as I want to be in Demko's corner, I saw the same game that Costal saw. Sure there could of been better defence to neutralize Matthews, etc, but 2/3, maybe even 3/3 shouldn't of been goals. He did make a wicked save in the 3rd to keep it close but I watched the same game as coastal.
  6. Where would we be without Miller, man he drives our bus. Demko needs to be better. Soft goals kill you, as Canucks remember with Marky circa 2017-2018
  7. First off Congrats to Bo! very exciting news for hi and his new little family. It has been a long time since we can look at a Canucks vs Sharks game and say that if they lose this one then we will be disappointed. Sharks have been good for a while now but with their recent drop off Canucks should NOT give up these two points. If they play how they did last game against AZ it will be a 5-1 win! Go nucks go!! With the Baby Bo news maybe he's our after hours guest???!
  8. Safe to say the biggest game of the season? A) its a 4 point game, b) its a good measuring stick! go Nucks!!
  9. I think someone else mentioned it earlier, but I would bring him in to the organization in some capacity. Leave Greener as the head for now and evaluate after the season, but maybe bring him on as an Assistant. Not sure if he could run the D but I'm not crazy about Nolan. Shocked Vegas let him go tho.
  10. I would love to snag Anderson. Not sure if gaudette should be included but that would be the type of player that would intrigue CBJ most. With Ferland being a huge question mark, Anderson could be a great add. No real interest in Bogosian.
  11. I’m in Mexico tonight for the game! Trying to get reddit going at the sports bar. “Detailed” updates would be much appreciated! Thanks CDC. Go Nucks Go. 4-2 good guys. Petey Brock miller Hughes!
  12. manage your loses. going against a good team. did well to squeak out a W. Unlucky overtime but happy to get the point!!
  13. sorry Vintage, just made a post/poll now. Mods can delete mine. I shoulda made it earlier!!