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  1. hmm. not too sure 'if everyone else knows better'. He fits a need the Canucks have and will have an important roll for the future. Have to imagine being back in Canada, west coast and an important role comes in to making the decision to sign with the nuckers. Money talks but there are always other factors in play.
  2. Pretty fair contract for player and bruins. He has a pretty good year and he's a local kid!! Congrats to him!
  3. Good term, decent cap hip. buffalo keeps improving!!
  4. On the topic of insulation, I do think we still need to address the toughness component in our line up. I hope that is JB's next move. Ferland could be a good option, or a guy like maroon who has put up goals when he plays with decent players. Hughes, Petey, Baer, goldy, Brock etc will have an easier time playing their game and not looking over their shoulder if they know they have support on the bench, other than Roussel who doesn't scare many people. Those runs people take on our stars because they can add up over an 82game season, and if we have playoffs goals we need guys healthy.
  5. I think this can't be overlooked. The young guns are going to have some ups and downs over the next couple years and being in the spotlight of the Vancouver market can take its toll. This is where the vets can really shelter some of the youth and allow them to work through the down moments!!
  6. great job JB. Happy to see JB being smart with our money. Benn 2x2 , Myers 6x5. really changes our back end. Guys like Bo who have had to endure years of losing and sup par defending have to be getting excited to come to camp this year and have a better back end than we have had in a few years!!
  7. SO Happy for our boy Petey. It was a great season for him. Hoping JB can find some help for next year and some toughness to keep our boy safe!
  8. I agree. Hornqvist style of hockey is what Canucks need. But Kessel is elite for goal scoring, he would put Brock on the 2nd PP unit lol
  9. At the trade deadline I said lucic for Loui and goldy and I was laughed at. I know it sounded ludicrous but it was in play. Milan said we would wave to come here and Loui didn’t. I still don’t think I want this trade, but it was happening.
  10. I thought that too. and beiga was the F***ing puck carrier. Was terrible.
  11. I agree, so stagnant so the defenders can cheat towards either Petey or Brock and have a better chance to block the shot or pass. If there was more movement and drawing those defenders out of their positions it it would open up room for other players. Thats why a big body in front of the net is so effective too, someone needs to stay there and try and box him out. Now it makes it essentially a 4 vs 3. I agree with Timberz too tho, if we have a puck moving defensemen, or a creative defensemen, it would create a whole lot more even if everything else stayed the same.
  12. With the terrible powerplay and the way N.Brown has utilized our players, it just got me thinking what we can do to change our power play for next year. A friend and I started joking about, what if Sedins came back and worked with the players to help with the PP. I know towards the end of their careers they weren't as prolific, but in their prime they were fantastic. The have said they want to pop in and out and work with the team, what if it was helping the young/future Canucks with the power play. Was just a thought I had...not much else to talk about with the way things are going these days! Thoughts?
  13. I like our lines to start the game. Hope travis gives them at least a period together lol. Also wouldn't say no to him stacking the big 3 together every so often. Hopefully Luke Schenn is ready to step up if he needs to against Reeves. Remember Reeves gave Edler that nice hit to the back of the head last time. Looking for the effort even if the points aren't there, at this rate we could go either way but I feel we are now closer to the bottom than the play offs even though its 7 points either way.
  14. I have watched about 90% of the oiler games this year, which means I have watched Spooner. He looks the exact same for us like he did with him. I think he will be gone. I compare him slightly to Leipsic but Leipsic was at least faster. He doesn't do it for me. I like the Pearson addition way more Works hard, lays the body, and we know he can score. I don't think spooner is the kind of play, to put it in TG words, 'who we win with".