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  1. way to jinx it!! No embellishment yet, but there has been a hugging penalty.
  2. I agree, we continue to battle through it, and the refs did not determine last games outcomes, but it did determine game 3 in the St. Louis series. I imagine every fan base has a bias towards the refs, but I think it is high here in Vancouver, myself included. I can't imagine Connor taking 2-3 heavy crosschecks to the low back like Petey did last game and not seeing an arm go up. It distracts me from the game sometime when I'm yelling at the refs but I agree with Deb I just wanna see the guys work hard and the rest will sort itself out!
  3. F*ck Ya it is Baby!!! So awesome! the best part for me is we are technically not even in the 'Window" of when nicks should compete. This is all gravy/bonus. Incalculable experience for the young core!! 2 hours left!!
  4. my 6 year old has been practicing his WOOOOOO's all morning. Game Day Baby!!
  5. How much better would this play offs be if we had John and John calling the games. They would've lost their sh*t in games 5 &6!! Go nucks Go, another tough series but lets slay some knights!!
  6. I'm the same. I plan my day around it, and if I know I'm at work with patients I record it and make sure no one tells me the results. It just isn't the same as live tho, I get a little over excited with the fats forward button!!
  7. Take it easy Torts. Rip in to Luc Dubois for a bit instead! jk. Marky was making fun of himself post game in the marky/bo interview. He'll be better next series!
  8. Beagle came back and played the rest of the game. I think Gaudette remains out to start the next series.
  9. Huge win Boys. SOHappy! Anyone own a print shop? lets get the towels going boys!!! Or maybe some mask/towel combos for covid??
  10. Ya I think its time he goes on IR, Collect that money and think about life after hockey. its a long one and you have to be able to enjoy it. Love the Heart and the drive.
  11. Damn. Was really hoping he would be ok. I liked the signing, was really pulling for the guy. I think it's time he hangs them up though, if it is concussion related again. Good thing we have guys like Mac and Jake to fill the void. Mac will stand up for his teammates and can throw that big body around. Good luck Ferland, come on Zack Attack!
  12. Its an mildly acceptable response. Sounds like they are trying to tell you to F*ck off without being rude
  13. Love this from Bo. I like Jake, and I am really pulling for him. I like that Bo is keeping players honest. Not sure who Jake hit, but Bo's comments lets that player know too that my Captain has got my back. great for the Team. August 2nd can't come fast enough!!