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  1. The first part I bolded explains why most of your posts are childish and wildly uninformed. And since you seem to be completely clueless about anything NHL related pre-2005 I'll post this about your "iconic sporting franchise" which I'm quite sure you literally had NO idea about. Yes Apollo, that's right. In the entire history of NHL teams the Canucks are only ahead of Carolina and Arizona in terms of winning percentage in the regular season. Carolina at least has a Cup to show for their 40 years. A good start by the Canes and Yotes next season and the Canucks could very well be at the bottom of this list by the end of October and be the worst franchise in NHL history.
  2. I was thinking this exact thing and not just about the Oilers, most of the teams that missed in the West are closer than a lot of people think. The Oilers fired their Coach and GM this season and everyone says it was a disaster of a season yet if they win just one more game a month Oct-Apr then they tie with the VGK in 3rd. This is literally the same scenario for Ari., Van., Chi., Ana., Min. Now I know not each of these teams is in the same boat in terms of personnel, coaches etc but I think it speaks to the parity in the league. I mean think about win a month doesn't seem like an insurmountable obstacle even in April when teams only play 4-5 games max. Some of these teams could have a great season next year and finish with 90+ pts and still not make the playoffs, 90pt teams in the NHL are good teams, just rarely ever playoff teams.
  3. The way things are going in 2 years its likely that Boeser/Pettersson could be making as much or more than McDavid/Draisaitl.
  4. JB will likely be "handcuffed" into remaining patient. If they can turn Sutter and one of Spooner/Loui/Pearson into picks and replace them with young players either on ELC's or value contracts then that will help them for '20-'21 when Virtanen, Gaudette, Stecher and Markstrom (possibly Tanev) will need raises.
  5. The cap is supposed to be $83m next season so lets work with that #. The Canucks will have approx. $29m to "spend" and have to sign roughly 7-8 players for the NHL roster and 18 to fill out the 50 man roster. Lets start with the RFA's Granlund--pass Leivo--$2m AAV--$27m remaining Motte--$2m AAV--$25m remaining Boeser--$8m AAV--$17m remaining Goldobin--pass Hutton--$4m AAV--$13m remaining Pouliot--pass Teves?--$1.5m AAV--$11.5m remaining UFA's Edler--$6m AAV--$5.5m remaining Schenn--$1.5m AAV--$4m remaining I've estimated a bit high for a couple of guys but even if Boeser signs for $6.5m, Edler for $5m and Leivo/Motte for $1.5 each that only leaves $4m-$7m to go after FA's. JB is going to have to do some crafty dealing prior to July 1st if the Canucks are going to go after any of the big or even medium UFA's. And this is with Granlund, Goldy and Pouliot not being qualified and either being traded or just let go.
  6. So 3 rookie defensemen with a grand total of 15 NHL games combined are in your starting 6 on opening night? Not sure you've given this enough thought.
  7. So Skinner has a career year and gets a $275,000 AAV raise, Nelson has a career year and gets a $475,000 AAV raise, Karlsson is the top UFA available and gets a $1.5m AAV raise, Ferland has basically the same year he had last season and gets a $1.25M AAV raise...yeah...I guess you REALLY like Ferland or are just joking about signing the other 3 because your #'s are way off...Oh and if Boeser signs for an AAV of $6.2m he needs to fire his agent.
  8. Not quite...Barzal had 85pts last yr...21 weren't in 4 games...more like 6-7...close but 25% of Barzal's pts last season were NOT in 4 games.
  9. Was just looking at some stats and one jumped out at me... EP has 64pts in 66 games...25% of those points came in 4 games...out of the top 50 scorers in the NHL I can't find another player even remotely close to something like that... So I'll pose a "Tim & Sid" question to CDC... Super stat or meaningless #..?