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  1. Its "good" as this seasons Canucks have been, the evidence says they were least as a this point last year. Lets crunch the #'s... 18-19 through 18 games 10-6-2, 22pts, 1st in the Pacific and 3rd in the West 60gf 62ga Wins against Cgy, TB, Fla, Pit, Bos. (twice), Vegas, Col, Min, Chi. Some of the better teams from last season including the Pres. Trophy winner, Cup finalists from 2018 and 2019. EP and Boeser had each missed 5-6 games among a couple of other injuries. 19-20 through 18 games 9-6-3, 21pts, 3rd in the Pacific and 6th in the West 58gf 47ga Wins against LA (twice), Det. (twice), Phi., Fla., Stl., NYR, SJ. 6 wins against teams currently in the bottom 9 in the league (4 against the 2 worst teams). No significant injuries until Ferland recently, if you wanna call that significant. The goaltending has obviously been a bright spot (15 fewer GA) but it hasn't translated to a better overall team...yet. 30 of the 58 goals have come in 5 games and if you wanna split hairs, one of those was a loss. Inconsistent scoring...multiple 5 goal games, a 7 and an 8 yet 1 or less goals in 6 games. What if EP and Boeser had each missed 5-6 games this season? I'm guessing 9-6-3 would have been more like 5-10-3 and the Canucks would be in the bottom 5.
  2. 2018-19 after 10 games 6-4 with wins against strong teams like Calgary, TB, Pittsburgh, Boston, Vegas and losses to strong teams like Carolina, Wpg and Wash. 30GF 31GA -1 2019-20 after 10 games 6-3-1 with wins against mediocre teams like LA, Det. (twice), NYR, Phi and losses to mediocre teams like Edm., NJ 35GF 25GA +10 They've remained healthy these first 10 games whereas they were missing EP and Brock for portions of the first 10 games last season. If EP and Brock were out for 2-3 games each and the Canucks had slightly better opponents these first 10 games any guesses as to what their record would be..? The change in goal differential is good but the quality of opponents was clearly higher last season through the first 10 so the difference of 6GA is not that surprising and the difference in GF is just the extra 4-5 goals that were nice but not needed in the Kings game. The team is definitely different this year but take into account the opponents, injuries etc and last season was easily the better start. Once the competition ramps up (and inevitable injuries come) this season then we'll see what this team is really made of.
  3. If the Canucks do end up missing the playoffs by 2-3 points they can literally look at 2 games this past week...1-0 loss in NJ should have been a win and tonight’s quote Pacino from Any Given Sunday....”...the inches we need are all around us!..”
  4. So EP or Boeser go down with an injury and you replace them with Baertschi or Goldobin and you think that is insurance and that the Canucks won't miss a beat? Depth doesn't just mean a healthy body, they have to reasonably be able to replace that player and Baertschi and Goldobin do NOT reasonably replace EP or Boeser. Look up the stat WAR (Wins Above Replacement) it gives good analysis as to the depth of a team.
  5. The same could be said for the Canucks. Sutter is the only player outside of the Top 6 with a goal and he scored both of his when they weren't even needed in the Kings game. McDavid and Draisaitl have scored 11 of the Oilers goals which is 38% of their goals so far, whereas the Canucks have 36% of their goals scored by Miller and Edler so far. Canucks have 6 goals from their D the Oilers have 4 goals from their D. The 2 teams are actually more similar than people care to admit.
  6. Here is the PP ranking for teams where NB was the primary PP coach. 10-11 Canucks 1st 11-12 Canucks 4th 12-13 Canucks 22nd 13-14 Coyotes 4th 14-15 Coyotes 7th 15-16 Coyotes 20th 16-17 Coyotes 26th 17-18 Canucks 9th 18-19 Canucks 22nd Top 10 in 5 of the 9 seasons i'd say is pretty damn good and more than likely its the players trying to execute the PP rather than the system itself that causes the down seasons. Also funny to note that he seems to do really well his first season or 2 with a team and then it goes south which again I have to blame more on personnel than the coach.
  7. 17g 18a in his first 30 games (46g 49a full season pace) 11g 20a his last 41 games (22g 40a full season pace) The 41st game this season is Jan. 2 against the Hawks. If EP can stay healthy it will be interesting to see where he is after that game, a full 82 games removed from taking the league by storm his first 30 games. So which EP shows up these next 39 games? 40+g 95+pt "Petey"..? or 20+g 60+pt Elias..? Someone wanna do a poll if EP doesn't get any points against the Kings on Weds? P.S. there is nothing wrong with 20+ goal 60+ point 21yr old centers in the NHL so no matter how it turns out I suspect CDC won't get too crazy...right?
  8. 2 things. 1. TG and JB set the roster they wanted to start the season so unless there are injuries or the team goes 0-10 there won't be any call up's of Baer, Goldy or anybody this month. 2. I've never seen the word "gel" used more in my life the way its been used here the last few days. Across all posts. I wish there was a way to do a word count on the site for the # of times "gel" came up since Weds.
  9. Bulldog was usually the first depth D called up when the inevitable injuries to the blue line came the last few seasons and always gave it his all and had NHL experience. Knowing the Canucks luck a couple of D will go down and there will be rookies back there in the form of Rafferty/Brisebois/Teves etc. If the hockey gods have any mercy for the Canucks this season the D will stay healthy at least until the young Comet D get their AHL legs under them for 10-15 games this season before they start getting called up.
  10. The NHL is over 100 years old and the Blues were the first team to be in dead last that late in a season and win the cup. So that has happened less than 1% of the time in the history of the league, but yeah lets have the Canucks take that long to "gel" just for the excitement of it...right?
  11. Agreed, that's why every point the Canucks can get in Oct. are even more important. People here keep saying the loss the other night was just one game...BS...putting points in the bank now helps to mitigate the "roller coaster scenario". The Oilers were sloppy and Canucks should have gotten at least a point, I don't foresee teams taking TWO Too Many Men penalties in March like the Oil did opening night as a gift the Canucks didn't capitalize on. Go look at the final standings from last year and tell the Coyotes and Habs that a couple of losses early on don't mean anything.
  12. Since the 2005 lockout and subsequent re-alignments etc. the benchmark # of points to be 8th or higher in either conference has been 95pts. Yes, I know there have been a few outliers for a few seasons, but go back and look at how often the avg. of 95pts is whats needed. So the formula is simple: You need 12pts for every 10 games played. That puts you at 96pts with the final 2 games of the season to either solidify your spot or push into the final spot(s). So after each 10 game stretch see where the Canucks are at point wise. 12 and they right on track for a WC. Higher and they are on track for a top 3 division finish. Lower and anywhere from 9th to 15th is in play. 5-3-2 every 10 games...does that really seem that hard to do..?
  13. The Athletic is predicting 84pts (which is better than last season) and to miss the playoffs by 8-9pts (which is slightly above a "little bit"). So you're completely freaking out over The Athletic saying the Canucks will have 3-4pts less than the "unbiased hockey analysts" are predicting..? Man it must have been a long summer for you.
  14. I'm assuming you mean those 2 seasons in junior with Penticton. Stecher only played 4 games for Utica and had 1 point. He honestly wasn't even that offensive in the NCAA putting up 13g 40a in 120 games with ND.