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  1. Im not sure you're maximizing Petey's ability by playing 2 rookies with him. But that's a top 6 I'd love to see in 3 or 4 years time! I like Lockwood's chances to make the team in 2 years. I like Jasek and Macewan too. Not sure Madden is on the team in 2 years since he would have just finished his 3rd year of college but hey you never know!
  2. This is a fun read
  3. Stole this from reddit, but this was last season's opening night roster. Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Goldobin - Petey - Erikkson Motte - Sutter - Virtanen Leipsic - Beagle - Granlund Edler - Tanev MDZ - Stetcher Pouliot - Gudbranson
  4. Pretty sure management is aware that our 3 best players will need contracts at some point
  5. Contrary to popular belief, CDC members don't choose the line combos
  6. Roussel vs Ferland Soon to be teammates!
  7. This makes the Beagle and Roussel contracts look a lot more reasonable. I get Tanev is younger but 6 years... wowza
  8. These two are so much more entertaining than the current between-the-whistle stuff
  9. Come on... How dare you disrespect Dekey Pete
  10. I've be supportive of this management so far. He has drafted a team that can compete in the near future. He's added some top-9 pieces to our core (Pearson, Miller, Baertschi, Leivo) via trade, all of which I'm very happy with what we gave up to get these pieces. In hindsight, the only trade I think he's lost was the McCann trade. But at the time I supportive of acquiring a big, physical right-handed Dman. That trade turned into Pearson though, and that's not too bad. But I do think this sort of poll should wait until training camp starts. (177 for, 13 against)
  11. I agree. I wouldn't mind moving Ben if it helped with shipping out LE or for draft picks. But if I had to choose between Benn or Ben, I'd choose Ben. Ben.