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  1. 6 for 6 when I'm at the game! Canuck nation, if you want to make the playoffs, I'll ask again: SEND ME YOUR TICKETS!! 1. Thornton is a straight beach 2. Hughes was much more noticeable than Burns and Karlsson 3. Thornton is a straight beach 4. See 1 and 3
  2. I haven't been on HFBoards for years. They're still tanking over there?? 3rd in the Pacific with games in hand and they want more lotto picks? I want playoffs and our boys need it too!
  3. Canucks win 3-1. VAN: Miller Miller Miller TBL: 2020 OR 2021 1st round pick ...Wait
  4. Hoglander Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Podkolzin Pearson Gaudette Virtanen Ferland Beagle Roussel MacEwen Lind I like that
  5. 1+1? Didn't he have 2 assists today? Edit: unless "1+1" = 1 primary and 1 secondary assist..?
  6. He's still way behind the goal when he scored that, and did it at a good speed
  7. Hog with a lacrosse goal against Finland in day 1 of the world juniors!!
  8. I've only watched 10 minutes of gameplay so far. but VP looks dangerous and aggressive on every shift. He seems to do a nice job drawing defenders towards him and then dishing it off to an open teammate for a chance on net.
  9. I'm 5 for 5 when I'm at the game! Canuck nation, if you want to make the playoffs then SEND ME YOUR TICKETS!!
  10. Been to 4 games this year (Detroit, Nashville, Ottawa, Carolina) and all wins... So if anyone needs to give away tix just holla at ya boy
  11. Going to the game tonight! Our all Subban forward line was pretty invisible last game. Hope they show up tonight