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  1. I'm not an X's and O's expert, just a season ticket holder and armchair GM but IMO this is one of the worst defensive showings in all seasons for the Comets. The highlights do not show what led up to the Devils goals but 3 goals are directly attributable to the Comets D having the opportunity to clear the zone with a flip of the puck into neutral ice but no...they sit on it, dicking around, the forecheck then forces a turnover that leads to goals. This has been a trend in the last few games and harkens back to Travis Green teams that also had a propensity to not be able to clear the zone. I understand wanting to have a controlled breakout but it was so obvious the Devils were pushing the forecheck all night and the heat was on immediately. Comets scored :23 seconds into the game and promptly gave up a goal :56 seconds into the game. The D did kill an extended 5 on 3. Chatfield was standout awful with Rafferty honorable mention even though he had two primary assists. On the positive, the offense played very well during regulation and you should win a 4 goal game that included two solid hits on the crossbar and a couple highlight real saves for the Devils goalie. The OT offense stunk up the place and could not get out of their own way. This was sellout game 180. The boys have a quick practice today and hit the bus for a two game stint in Laval this weekend. Go Comets!