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  1. {GDT} Canucks VS Bruins Nov. 8th, 2018

    Outstanding GDT
  2. Canucks got one point, not bad. Actually, Canucks good in the first period, but Wings good in the 2nd and 3rd period, then Canucks had opportunity to win in OT. The SO is by luck. EP40 is still bright in the lineup. Marky is solid. Hutton is continuously progress. Tanev is solid. Hoping Boeser back to make chemistry with EP40. Hoping Sutter back to reduce the workload of Bo. Hoping Green to take off Eriksson from EP line, and try Jake.
  3. Thank you for the interest data. There may be a little bit earlier making conclusion in early Nov. I personally assume OJ and Hughes will making NHL later this season. Anyway, I think Jake, Pettersson and Boeser are nice drafting.
  4. How many points does Pettersson get this year?

    There is difficulty to predict. If he stays healthy, he will get 105 points with Boeser and Jake as line mates. Bo will stay in the top line with Eriksson and Goldobin or Baer. They will face the top lines of other teams. EP40 stays in second line which will help him to get points more easy.
  5. [GDT] Canucks @ Coyotes

    Canucks has long list of injury, but still has a win to-night. Goalie, either Nilsson or Marky, is great and wish to have a first shout-out in this season. Bo will continuously show his skill and hard-working. Eriksson might wake up to-night and get 1G1A. Jake and Motte and Sutter will all stand-up. Only concerning of the D-Group, is there reliable without the two top pair d-men.
  6. Congrat to Canucks for getting the OT win and stand at the first of the division. To-night Bo and Marky played outstanding. Grandy, Sutter, Hutton, Motte, Stetch all played good. Pouliot was also good except that giveaway. Eriksson lost of confident to score. Once he gets the first score, he might play better and better.
  7. Sedins are great players, and have contributed to Canucks a lot in many years. I agree this. For the 14M salary, this is the contract signed/agreed by both parties. The amount is under priced some time, but also over price in other time. For the past two seasons, there was obviously they hold back the team. They slow, sometimes forget to shot, sometimes lazy. easy giveaway, weak penalty, could not play PK, waste of PP time, weak in OT, weak of SO... However, they are still the great players, and we should respect them. After they retired, the team is actually starting the re-build and see very good in this early stage. The team's play become more entertain. GO CANUCKS GO
  8. Loss tonight to a really good team. I'm okay of it, our team played hard but some holes: 1. Elder and Grandy made the same mistakes. 2. Eriksson was looked like not in the line-up tonight. 3. Nilsson had allow an soft score. 4. No Beagle, the PK is not good enough. 5. No EP, we are more difficulty to get score. Of course, Refs played the major role to-night. I still think Goldy is the best forwarder to-night, totally differ with Green.
  9. [PGT] Boston Bruins at Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 20, 2018

    This is a hard game. Canucks finally win in OT, even no EP40. Marky is excellent to-night. Hope he could play like that in the coming game. The top line is excellent, Goldy looks quite dangerous, totally different compared to last season. Sutter line is quite good. PK is solid Bo has a great fight. Gaudette plays better and better. OT: Bo and Brock show beautiful passes and Bo finish with a goal. Awesome !!!
  10. [Discussion] Let's Go Markstrom!!!

    Both Marky and Nilsson show hot in some games and down in some games. I expect Green will play Nilsson this few games, due to he is recently hot. After he becomes downward sometime, Marky will have opportunity to show his ability. Demko is not ready right now. I expect that he will be much better the end of this season or next season. One of Marky / Nilsson will be traded before the deadline of this season if any return.