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  1. Guad was really good last night. Demko allowed some softies, however, I still think he will be our future first goalie. Got one point is not bad. Really missed Beagle, Motte and Ferland.
  2. Totally agreed. I would like to add the PP coach who should be replaced. However, he just got the extension. Any way to do that?
  3. This is a closed game. If Demko in net, Canucks win 3-2.
  4. It seems the call ups are for the injuries, not for LE. Mostly likely BN and LE have an agreement, however I don't know the terms. These call ups are the depth of Canucks, and see what is our future.
  5. An entertaining game. Demko was solid. Congrats to EP40 birthday with 2 goals. Guad was great, Leivo was great, it seems Baer has improved. Two Conucks' sons got 2 goals each, would BN consider to trade in more sons, but not Loui-son.
  6. Canucks need to win to-night, not only because of kept in the race, but wake up the win streak. Mr. Green, please play Demko and let Marky rest two to three games. It would refresh him, good for the long-term of the team. I agree to put Miller in the Bo line, see what is the outcoming. Put Leivo in EP40 line is one option, we have other players could be use: Sutton, Jake.
  7. Finally he's fired, but not for this issue. I respect Seniors, but really he should be fired years ago.
  8. We got a PP goal, but the PP is really boring, Coach please make some changes of this. In Oct, we had lot of nice passes. Where's now? I miss Mott who makes the 4th line very hard to against, and let the coach to put Guad, Sutton to make more good 2nd and 3rd lines.
  9. At the beginning of the season, Canucks loss in two road games then bounce back. Now Canucks loss in two road games again, should bounce back from this game. GO CANUCKS GO
  10. Please put Demko in the net to-night. Would like to see Baer with Bo Line, seeing the chemistry happen again. Also exciting of Fentanberg's first show. GO CANUCKS GO