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  1. I made a dream last night; Green told some players that I might be fired if I don't make change of the lineup in Game 2. Jake, you promise to score 1, I will put you in second line. If promise 2, I will put you in the top line. Jake replied, I should score 3, what line I will play. My wife suddenly wake me up, and I don't know Green's answer. Anyone could help to find out what line Jake should in.
  2. I will not do this deal. Boeser, Markstrom, Gaudette all are important pieces of Canucks in the coming season. Jack, he seems need time to develop. Cory is not the level of Marky. Draft pick, even we get top 3 pick, still need years to develope.
  3. Rangers in 4 Islands in 4 Penguins in 3 Blue Jackets in 4 Oilers in 4 Flames in 5 Predators in 4 Canucks in 4 Stanley cup champion : Canucks
  4. Agreed. Even Eriksson, he wants a wonderful ending.
  5. Thank you for your past working as Canucks. We miss you. This is a time to turn to your next stage of the life. Best wishes to your future.
  6. No matter there is LUCKY, INCONSISTENCE, INJURY, GREEN'S SYSTEM, ETC., it is Canucks. Therefore, the best word to describe is CANUCKISH.
  7. I always think Benning will sign Lockwood. He might be good for AHL, or become a NHLer. If the worst case, BN could make a package with Loui, Sudder for trade.
  8. From the numbers, this should be a good signing. Only concern of his size, if he is over 6 ft and over 200 lbs. that will be perfect.
  9. This is an interesting topic. If no playoff this year, that is, Canucks could not get the playoff and keep the draft 2021, but loss 2022. However, I guess finally there will be negotiation between two teams for Canucks keep which year's draft.
  10. I also think something is more important than sports. Personally I hope this season end at 82 games with playoff. I don't know how to manage it, see how worse of the virus.
  11. 3-2 Canucks Toffoli for Canucks Kessel for Coyotes