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  1. No We give away too much. Just did the lottery myself, Canucks win the 3OA. Hope it will become ture.
  2. Canucks has a wonderful scoring in the very early opening, but a little bit slow in the rest of first period. The 2nd period is much better, however, cannot not tie the record. The turning point is 2-2 score in the third period. Pearson trade is another good trade made by Benning. It looks that we have Bo, Pearson, Petty, Brocker, Leivo and Jake for the top six, and Beagle, Roussel, Motte, Granlund in the botton six for the coming season. We just need to add one/two skill, physical players, then the forwarder group will be done. The D-group, I like Schenn and hope BN will keep him in the lineup next season. Of course, Hughes and Stretch should be in the D-line up. Personally I would like to trade Tanev and Edler for top picks, and hope OJ and Woo are coming up to NHL soon.
  3. Beiga makes good for this season. His working ethic, his energy and he improved his long shots in the recent months. Canucks need this kind of defenseman as 7th or 8thD, but demand by other teams might not. I think BN could trade him for a late round pick only, that is not worth for Canucks. I would like to keep him as emergency usage.
  4. 3-2 Canucks 1st period 1 goal 2nd period 2 goals 3rd period 2 goals
  5. This is a crazy idea. Why don't you trade Bo, EP40, Broser, Jade for 1st OA?
  6. Last 4 games got 3-0-1, I proud of Canucks. Demko looks quite solid. I guess Benning will continue to use Marky and Demko in the coming season. The D group is quite good, no Poo, no Guddy, no DNZ, but have Stretch, Sauter, Boisbois and Schenn ; all are young players, I personally think Stretch is the best to-night Elder made some mistakes, however he got an PPscore, an OT assist, Bulldog's ethic is always there. Bo got the OT score, he works hard, he should be the future captain. Brock extends his point steak; and EP makes the history. All are good things. I don't care the draft pick ranking, I don't care win or loss. But I care they play hard every game, young stars continuous growing. If Canucks make the playoff this season, that is out of my expectation. If Canucks make the playoff next season, that is my expectation.
  7. Happy to win! Honestly Canucks win to-night because: 1. Marky is solid. 2. Schaller is lucky for his two goals. 3. Petty is great, of course, he should get a score in that throwing stick. Lastly the d-group play hard, especially for those two young players. Good luck to Canucks for the coming BTB game.