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  1. Huge win! Huge 2 points! Turning point - Green called the time out. PP - two of two, 100% efficiency. Goalie - Demko was solid except the few early minutes. OT - nice passing nice moving. 23-53-73 several good passing with nice finished by 73.
  2. The D-group this season is improved a lot, compared with last season. I personally think there should be further improvement made by Benning before the TDL, actually there is not. Now I trust Benning has confidence to move Tree to the team soon.
  3. Perfect game, huge win, beauty defeat the top team! Toffoli is the scorer of the team. Miller played wonderful. Hughes is not real, Marky is solid. Bo played very hard, Stretch suddenly surprised me. Motte quietly became an very important piece of the team. GCG!!! we will be the playoff team!!!
  4. Canucks have chance to win due to face the tired team. Green need to fix the holes of our d-group. Agreed to put BigMac in, to replace Loui.
  5. Hoping TT 's first show in Canucks will be successful. No matter he will be put in the Bo line or EP40 line, there should be exciting. GCG We need this 2 points.
  6. Motte is good, but don't play until 100% recover. We have young players need gain NHL experience to benefit the future. This is a good time to earn another 2 points, let's keep in the first of the division. GCG
  7. Based on his history, I assumed there should be 10+ games. He is sooooo lucky.
  8. The 2019 moves are quite good. I guess BN will further make moves in 2020 to benefit the team in future, Below is my thinking: Tree will be back. Trade or waive Loui, Baer, Goldy, Demko, one of Elder or Tanev, one of Benn or Fantg Keep Stretch, Gaud, Jake, Sutter, Motte, Leivo BN should have the list of additions, but I could not guess the names in the list.
  9. Canucks is still a young team, up and down, that is normal. Even a matured team, it faces the same. We still need to do something for the team, making it progress. Currently, the goalies are strong, D-group have some holes, F-group is fine. Personally I like to add one top deference. The coach group need to help BB to recover. If Motte and Ferland back to health, the team is bright.
  10. Great retirement ceremony to Sedins !!! Marky : played excellent for Sedins got 2nd SO of this season made 49 savings stole the win for Canucks successfully told GM to compare the cap of Loungo vs Marky Others: Sutter played great, got 3 points. He is a good piece of Canucks if he is health. PK - solid