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  1. Agreed. Even Eriksson, he wants a wonderful ending.
  2. Thank you for your past working as Canucks. We miss you. This is a time to turn to your next stage of the life. Best wishes to your future.
  3. No matter there is LUCKY, INCONSISTENCE, INJURY, GREEN'S SYSTEM, ETC., it is Canucks. Therefore, the best word to describe is CANUCKISH.
  4. I always think Benning will sign Lockwood. He might be good for AHL, or become a NHLer. If the worst case, BN could make a package with Loui, Sudder for trade.
  5. From the numbers, this should be a good signing. Only concern of his size, if he is over 6 ft and over 200 lbs. that will be perfect.
  6. This is an interesting topic. If no playoff this year, that is, Canucks could not get the playoff and keep the draft 2021, but loss 2022. However, I guess finally there will be negotiation between two teams for Canucks keep which year's draft.
  7. I also think something is more important than sports. Personally I hope this season end at 82 games with playoff. I don't know how to manage it, see how worse of the virus.
  8. 3-2 Canucks Toffoli for Canucks Kessel for Coyotes
  9. To-morrow is the 2nd winning streak of Canucks. Even no Tanev, we still get the win. GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  10. Huge win Huge 2 points Good starting in this four game week. Let's win all the remaining games in the week. Boeser back with great play. Motte quietly becomes the important piece of the team. Miller and Toffoli are the most important additions. Demko played solid, especially in the OT and SO. The turning point is the 5-3 penalty which he gained lots of confidence. Keep it. GO CANUCKS GO
  11. How dare Green does that? He got the supporting from BN? HAHAHA !!! A Huge Good News!
  12. Yes, Canucks loss last 4 of 5 games, but actually we played not too bad. We have confidence to win this game and keep the playoff race. GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  13. Glad to hear Brock will be in soon. To-night is another win night. BigMac is improving greatly, making the Guad line becoming very productive. GCG
  14. Big win! Big defensive zone effort! The whole team played hard. PK improved a lot. Hughes was amazing. Miller always play good. Guarantee line was the key of this game, especially BigMac. I would like to keep him and Virtanen, two young big fast players in the lineup. Only have some worry of our goalie. We are bright to have the playoff trip. GO CANUCKS GO
  15. We face a good team tonight. It looks we will play good, from the previous experience. Our coach faced the problem of D, not forwarders. I don't understand Green always make changes of forwarder lines, not the D.
  16. We loss in the last three road games, some friends said we better loss this game to get a top 10 pick. How about we get the next three home games win? I hope every Canucks play hard, win or loss, is not the most importance. GO CANUCKS GO!