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  1. Best word to describe Brock Boeser?

    Prince charming
  2. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    The whole mortgage tidening in 2018 shows that there is a housing bubble. If Bank of Canada doesn't believe that banks can recoup 80% of the value of a house thru a foreclosure sale then you know a crash is coming soon...
  3. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    https://betterdwelling.com/the-future-of-canadian-real-estate-prices-part-3-price-targets-and-recovery/#_ Read these Guys. The real estate is not going to look good in 2018... I see a lot of people are cashing out and selling their condos right now. Typically October is a slow month but I see more listings to the market even assignments. Guess what will happen next... I feel bad for those people that bought presales recently in New West ,Langley and those paid over $1200-1400/sq ft condos... Increase interest rates, uncertainty to re price in 2 yrs later and mortgage restrictions etc...