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  1. Giants and Royals renew Georgia Strait rivalry in second round of 2019
  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! There's too much magic...It would be like Vintage changing his....
  3. It's a good battle for sure, the Blazers may have just squeaked in but they are on a roll. They're gritty and fast, so it'll be fun. It'll be interesting to see how the 2 games in Kamloops go. I'm excited for the game next Saturday. I hope it'll be to finish the series for the Royals. I'm surprised the Giants lost tbh, I guess Seattle is going to give them a run too lol.
  4. Game #: 2 - 2019 WHL Playoffs Save-On-Foods Memorial Arena - Victoria, BC - March 23rd 2019, 7:05 pm SCORING TEAMS 1ST 2ND 3RD OT TOT KAM 2 0 1 1 4 VIC 0 2 1 0 3 SHOTS ON GOAL TEAMS 1ST 2ND 3RD OT TOT KAM 11 9 11 4 35 VIC 14 20 7 1 42 STATISTICS TEAMS PP FOW KAM 1/2 32 VIC 2/5 36 STARS OF THE GAME FIRST #31 Dylan Ferguson, KAM, 38 Saves SECOND #26 Kody McDonald, VIC, 2 Goals THIRD #12 Kyrell Sopotyk, KAM, 2 Goals GOALS 1ST KAM 5:21 #12 Kyrell Sopotyk (1) scores. Assists: #17 Brodi Stuart, #9 Josh Pillar 1ST KAM 7:06 #17 Brodi Stuart (1) scores. Assists: #41 Joonas Sillanpää, #5 Montana Onyebuchi 2ND VIC 2:53 #26 Kody McDonald (1) scores. Assists: #27 Phillip Schultz, #7 Scott Walford POWER PLAY 2ND VIC 9:15 #16 Carson Miller (2) scores. Assists: #18 Tarun Fizer, #7 Scott Walford POWER PLAY 3RD KAM 3:54 #12 Kyrell Sopotyk (2) scores. Assists: #10 Logan Stankoven, #32 Jermaine Loewen POWER PLAY 3RD VIC 4:11 #26 Kody McDonald (2) scores. Assists: #27 Phillip Schultz, #15 Igor Martynov OT KAM 5:14 #32 Jermaine Loewen (1) scores. Assists: #22 Martin Lang, #6 Sean Strange GAME WINNING PENALTIES 1ST KAM 13:35 #25 Quinn Schmiemann Interference MINOR 2:00 2ND KAM 0:54 #5 Montana Onyebuchi Interference MINOR 2:00 2ND KAM 3:27 #16 Zane Franklin Roughing MINOR 2:00 2ND VIC 3:27 #3 Remy Aquilon Roughing MINOR 2:00 2ND KAM 8:09 #17 Brodi Stuart Checking to the Head MINOR 2:00 2ND KAM 17:24 #9 Josh Pillar Roughing MINOR 2:00 3RD VIC 1:52 #23 Parker Malchuk Tripping MINOR 2:00 3RD VIC 2:35 #26 Kody McDonald Tripping MINOR 2:00 PENALTY OT KAM 0:55 #7 Luke Zazula Hooking MINOR 2:00.
  5. Last night was a little disappointing, they didnt show up til the 2nd. Once they started hitting like in the first game, they turned it around. Kamloops had a lucky goal and the 5-3 power play that kind of made it hard to do a full turn around. It really killed the momentum. But the boys played strong with coming back twice. The OT goal was against the flow of the game, but good zone entry by the Blazers, you saw it coming. It's good to see the Royals PP finally clicking, it was horrible all season, but they've scored 3 PP goals in the 2 games. As for the merch sale, it was all t shirts and hat's and such. I got a hoodie and a hat for $40. No jerseys though. I'll just stick with my PITR, Vets, and Cherry jerseys I got for this year lol.
  6. Vic has their number at home so far, now 7-0-0. Should be another win tonight, but I think it'll be over in 5 with them winning back home next Saturday.
  7. 2019 #WHLPLAYOFFS Kamloops Blazers @ Victoria Royals Game #: 1 - 2019 WHL Playoffs Save-On-Foods Memorial Arena - Victoria, BC - March 22nd 2019, 7:05 PM. TEAMS 1ST 2ND 3RD TOT KAM 0 0 0 0 VIC 1 2 1 4 SHOTS ON GOAL TEAMS 1ST 2ND 3RD TOT KAM 11 8 9 28 VIC 14 11 12 37 STATISTICS PP FOW KAM 0/2 31 VIC 0/3 26 STARS OF THE GAME FIRST #17 Sean Gulka, VIC, Game Winning Goal SECOND #30 Griffen Outhouse, VIC, 28 Saves, SO THIRD #22 Tanner Sidaway, VIC, 1 Assist GOALS GOAL 1ST 6:23 VIC #17 Sean Gulka (1) scores. Assists: #5 Mitchell Prowse, #10 Logan Doust GAME WINNING GOAL 2ND 9:51 VIC #16 Carson Miller (1) scores. Assists: #32 Noah Lamb GOAL 2ND 13:17 VIC #25 Dino Kambeitz (1) scores. Assists: #22 Tanner Sidaway GOAL 3RD 16:23 VIC #25 Dino Kambeitz (2) scores. Assists: #27 Phillip Schultz, #4 Ralph Jarratt EMPTY NET PENALTIES PENALTY 1ST 19:55 KAM #40 Jeff Faith Charging MINOR 2:00 PENALTY 2ND 3:28 KAM #12 Kyrell Sopotyk High Sticking MINOR 2:00 PENALTY 2ND 20:00 KAM #25 Quinn Schmiemann Roughing MINOR 2:00 PENALTY 2ND 20:00 VIC #22 Tanner Sidaway Roughing MINOR 2:00 PENALTY 3RD 6:42 VIC #25 Dino Kambeitz Tripping MINOR 2:00 PENALTY 3RD 11:53 VIC #17 Sean Gulka Holding MINOR 2:00 PENALTY 3RD 16:23 KAM #25 Quinn Schmiemann 10-Minute Misconduct PENALTY 3RD 16:56 KAM #17 Brodi Stuart Cross Checking MINOR 2:00
  8. Nope, its still a blank #17. Leivo is looking like a good time to put a name to it.
  9. I got a Kesler jersey when they were on clearance after he was traded, but I took the nameplate off lol.
  10. Just woke up and saw this. Got my playoff tickets already. Gonna be good. I didn't get the package last year but made sure I did this year. The perks of being a season ticket holder lol.
  11. I don't agree he's only an AHL player, he's 5th in points and has steadily improved. Not to mention the amount of posts hes hit, its a matter of inches. The other problem is Green keeps moving him around, as others have posted and as well as knows, his best chemistry as well as Patterson's, is with Patterson. Those 2 are the perfect compliment to each other and create an instant threat every time. Probably more so with Goldys improved all around game. If green would just leave Goldy with Petey, the points would have been there. Those 4 points in 23 games came on that line when Green left him there, which was maybe 2 shifts every 4 or 5 games. So my point being is that if Green stopped the blender, Goldy would have produced more and more than likely, same with Petey. So basically it's greens own doing.
  12. I watched Bure from when he was a rookie, man he was extremely exciting, but he was pretty much one dimensional. EP though, he does everything, creates plays, dangles (making other players look stupid), snipes, dekes, passes, back checks etc... so he, imo, is on a higher level than Bure. Don't get me wrong, Bure will always be one of my favorites, but thos EP kid is a cut above. Like i mentioned in another post, I truely believe that he will be our next generational player, one that does it all.
  13. All I'll say is he's getting more confident. Really showing good hockey IQ. I love how he's moving around on the PP. With him in the line up, not missing Edler at all lol. I think in a few more games, we'll see his points adding up. He's not missing the net by much. I think the time in Pittsburgh kind of rattled him. Once he has full confidence that Green trusts him, he'll really show his true others have said, he's learning from his mistakes and getting stronger every game. He's showing top 4 more and more.
  14. Been really impressed. Still young and seems to be getting more comfortable every shift. Looked great on the PP. Loved how he moved down from the point and and back. Always looking for a chance. Very Lumme like. Looks like we might have our PPQB. As otherst have mentioned, his hockey IQ is right up there. Dare I say it....Sami Salo 2.0???