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  1. I'll give you one thing, despite your whiny nature, you roll with the punches pretty well.
  2. Oh no, boohoo you had to scroll down a post. How will you ever survive? get over it princess and get the stick out of your ass, every day I see you whining about something or coming up with such ridiculous proposals (like canucks trading boeser lmao) that makes me think you and I should probably swap usernames
  3. How come no one's talking about kole lind?
  4. Kushman

    [Report] Canucks recall Tanner Kero

    in the words of the great Conor McGregor "Who da f#$% is this guy?"
  5. Kushman

    [GDT] Oilers @ Canucks 7pm Jan 16 2019

    Underhand one handed "slash". These refs are an absolute embarrassment.
  6. Kushman

    [Rumour] Canucks interested in Micheal Ferland

    Please Jimbo, get this done. Would instantly fix the problem of grit and protection for our young guys while at the same time not sacrificing offense.
  7. Michael Ferland would be nice
  8. Kushman

    [GDT] Panthers vs Canucks -- Retribution edition?

    What I meant by "hated Ferland" is that we hated playing against him because of the game he brought and the fact we had no answer to it. However, I would love that kind of player on our team in a heartbeat. That's a significant difference from a player like Marchand for example, where despite his offensive talents, I find him to be a disgusting gutless puke that goes out of his way to purposely injure players. His antics of licking and kissing players is disgusting and I have zero respect for a player like that, and would NOT want him to be a Canuck.
  9. Kushman

    Should we go out and get a "tough guy"

    Canucks should seriously consider targeting Michael Ferland this offseason. He plays HEAVY (as we all remember), can fight, and is skilled enough to finish. Would fit perfectly on a line with Petey.
  10. Kushman

    [GDT] Panthers vs Canucks -- Retribution edition?

    I know we all collectively hated Michael F%#!land when he played for the Flames, but with his ability to finish, hit, and fight with the heavyweights... who else wouldn't mind if the canucks targeted him this offseason?
  11. Kushman

    Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    What swedish interview? link?
  12. Kushman

    Quinn Hughes | D

    2 knee surgeries and back surgery before ever stepping on the ice in the NHL can be reason enough to be concerned. I still have hope that he can turn into a serviceable dman for the Canucks, but those 3 injuries so early into his career have diminished the high hopes I had earlier. Age isn't a concern here, the types of injuries hes had so far are.
  13. Kushman

    *UPDATE* Elias Pettersson Has Slight MCL Sprain

    Didn't Juolevi get diagnosed with a mild knee sprain, 2 weeks tops... before he ended up having season ending surgery? Praying to god this isn't the case