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  1. And that's all she wrote. Ferlands career is done. Hope he makes a full recovery and enjoys the rest of his time with his family. Playing anymore hockey at this point is dangerous.
  2. Best performance I've seen from Markstrom, and there's been many of them! Love that he was able to get the shutout as he often puts up these miraculous games but always seems to let one in. Marky saved this legendary night from being a disaster. Outstanding performance Marky, Bravo! Forever #22 #33
  3. Are these refs srs?!!! There's been like 3-4 obvious calls they've let Chicago get away with this period. Such bs
  4. You see.. You don't need goons to standup and defend yourself. Good job gaudette! Hopefully this new found cojones doesn't go away. This is the type of pushback people have been wanting Refuse to get pushed around.
  5. As much as that would be great to see... You gotta think that with rousells history with concussions and the Win pretty much secure, it wouldn't be in his or the teams best interest to risk fighting someone and risk another concussion. He can be a pest and SHOULD occasionally fight someone but he's gotta pick and choose those battles. Pettersson getting taken out dirty? That's where id want to see him go after the guy that did it. 6-2 score in the third? Not so much
  6. Please refrain from using ethnic slurs or I'll have you reported. Calling someone Fredo is like calling a black person the n word. This message has been sponsored by: NOT Fredo Chris Cuomo @ CNN
  7. Horvat should be feeding punches ala Charlie mcavoy to sissons for that goalie run... Not bear hugging him making sure he doesn't get hurt Damn it bo, you're too damn nice. Get mean!
  8. Look at that zero hesitation by Hughes as soon as he gets the puck. He instantly moves to the middle and finds a lane
  9. this is what Nashville sees when they take a penalty against us this season .
  10. Big Mac should have been here way earlier useless plugs taking up space
  11. Wow bailey has wheels! I hope we see more from him tonight, I just can’t imagine that Schaller offers anything that Big Mac and Bailey can’t
  12. That commercial kills me every time they show dimitri he should just look at the camera and in his thick accent just say “I am dimitri, I am totally not actor. Injured? Send location, call Klein and make the monies harasho “
  13. We don't deserve Petey. At least not with this neutered cast of pansies. Everyone stands around when our franchise centre gets taken out by a dirty play. Benning better make a move soon before Hughes is the next target.