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  1. Ya except when they utilize it, they typically move up the ice with speed and there is the threat that the puck carrier could enter the zone. When we do it, it's usually edler in our own zone already not moving his feet and telegraphing the drop pass a mile away. So much so, weve seen other teams anticipate this and go for the steal. It's beyond bad. Hughes moving out with speed is what we need on pp1. He has the skating and the skill to carry it himself or utilize the drop pass, but it has to be unpredictable.
  2. First unit doesn't have anyone that can effectively drop pass on the pp to lead the breakout. Newell brown will not approve. Needs more edler or maybe Tanev. If at first you don't succeed, drop pass the drop pass until it does - Newell brown
  3. Loui will put up more healthy scratches / games missed for being a useless plug than he will have points this year.
  4. No Erikson? surely his elite 6m penalty killing abilities will be missed amirite? Jk Christmas has come early, ship his ass to utica and never bring him up again
  5. Pfft what does boudreau know? Stawns played big bad enforcer in jr. He knows better.
  6. What happens when we don't have any of our top guys left to "make them pay on the pp" due to them being taken out through dirty hits without consequence. Physicality and intimidation definitely does work as a detterent. You're naive to think that it doesn't. Ferland destroyed us single handedly in our playoffs series against Calgary, we had no response. This topic has been beat to death after the countless incidents throughout the seasons. Yet if you watch other teams throughout the league, they stand up for their guys.
  7. I'm dumbfounded that Green can go out there with a straight face and say that it was a "hockey play". Boeser got stapled in the numbers head first into the boards. Last season I thought the team simply lacked the grit to push back, but with the signings the team made this offseason, there should be no excuse. Two guys get crunched on dirty plays and it's the same old Vancouver cancucks. Starting to think green is the big problem here... He always has an excuse for the other team taking out our guys. Hockey play my ass ffs. Its the damn preseason. Who cares if you take a penalty or even a game misconduct to send a message that taking liberties on our top guys will NOT BE TOLERATED. Nope. Let's pretend all is good and just hockey plays. Maybe green has taken to many hockey plays to his own head that hes not seeing clearly.
  8. Anyone with sportnetnow know if you can watch full game replays after the game is finished or can you only stream live?
  9. Do they put up full game replays? (I like the ability to pvr games I miss)
  10. Heibig piece of garbage, watch your stick twat
  11. As exciting that would be to watch, WEM is the only place the Oilers are going come April. (West Edmonton Mall)
  12. Possible he was trying to be funny. Hard to tell the tone when reading what he said. I agree with you on the loui comparison
  13. Don't like that last part about leaving it to Petey and brock to score all the goals... This team has enough guys that can all chip in 15-20+ goals each. This reads to me as "I'm gonna play a defensive game, dont look at my stats or lack of production, that's not my job" I thought Sutter had bigger balls than that
  14. Willy was far more new age than that. He liked to bench players for scoring goals
  15. But bro, you're completely ignoring the fact that loui is an elite pker and umm he had Petey over for Christmas! He's earned his salary clearly. Haters gonna hate 3 hits are just some of the little things he's known for #3hitloui