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  1. I guess people are not interested with politics in their sports. I guess they used to watch sports to get a break from politics. So, I guess quite a few people just stopped watching sports.
  2. The canucks still have a long ways to go. The goalies won every game except one against minny. When the goalies had a bad game, the team lost. 3 more years to be a very solid contender.
  3. The NHL supports hockey in China. I guess its a good thing that the 2 million people being enslaved there right now are not black. I'm done with the NHL.
  4. Fair. If the NHL wants Vegas to win then 4-2 Vegas If the NHL wants Vancouver to win then 4-2 Vancouver
  5. It doesn't even matter anymore. The competition is tainted. The schedule now calls for some teams to play more back to backs than other teams, and along with the NHL's game management policy in regards to refereeing games, the competition is somewhat cooked. Like books.
  6. Raise awareness? Man, its only been on the front pages for years now. People are aware. LOL
  7. Sounds good. I'm not going out of my way to watch though. If I got nothing else to do, I'll tune in.
  8. So what do we do now to drown out all the problems in the world for a few hours? Hockey is out now too, I guess. Politics is a cancer. I hate it. LOL
  9. Good point. Lets say good lives matter, no matter the shade of brown? Everybody is brown, after all.
  10. Well, this sucks. Playoff spirit just got crushed big time. By politics. Again.
  11. Well, if the NHL shuts down there is always poker. I really got into poker during the last lockout and have only come back to hockey about 5 years ago. It will be easier to let it go this time around.