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  1. He played mainly with Petey and Miller.
  2. Hughes is such an amazing player, said everybody, everywhere, everywhen.
  3. We better get serious here and string some wins together. My fingernails need to heal.
  4. I don't know. I think it is very possible that there are very good players out there that would really like to play with this new Canucks team. I feel the opposite - we have a really good chance of re-signing him.
  5. Push back is hard to accomplish in today's game. Refs are always looking for retaliations. Instead of pushing back, I say initiate actions in all games and let other teams retaliate. That's today's game.
  6. Petey is angry and a fire has been stoked under him. He is gonna get meaner. Watch him put on another 20 pounds of muscle this summer. Imagine him in 4 years - 6'4" and 200 lbs of shifty hell.
  7. Score could have been 10-2 if Marky didn't stand on his head again. Flames were hungrier. Looked like they were starving, in fact. We had no response and were schooled. It wont be the last time either, but we keep getting better and better. Cheers!
  8. LOL. Brock is doing great. So is Virtanen and Gaudette. Keep em all, if you can. We have 3 good, young right handers that are being taught how to play up and down the lineup. Patience, grasshoppers.
  9. Completely fair comment. Hughes drives the play and controls tempo every time he is on the ice, in all zones.
  10. The deal you propose is a sweetheart deal for the sharks, not the nucks.
  11. I said nothing about Baer, Goldy and a second. But that doesn't matter. Brock and Bo and a 1st for Hertl is still crazy talk. Any Canuck GM would be looking for a job real quick if they pulled that one.
  12. Hughes is the definition of an NHL gem. Soooo good.
  13. That line of Petey, Hughes and the flames guy stole the show as far as I'm concerned.