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  1. Hughes is at an altogether other level. He is already our best D, in my opinion.
  2. Absolutely. The public is involved when a team has a frontman speaking for the team in interviews. It's amazing how public perception impacts individual character.
  3. We need a captain badly. Whip these boys into shape. Hold Sutter, Schaller and Eriksson accountable. Green gives them free passes and its really affecting the whole team.
  4. Sutter is just a fan with skates on. Floating around, watching the game. Plus he gets paid well for the best seat in the house. Drives me batty.
  5. I really liked what I saw from Quinn in this first game of the season. He can dangle and can already see the game really well. He's a keeper, no doubt.
  6. Yeah, he played pretty good. He was probably the best Oiler and Hughes was probably the best Canuck.
  7. What about waiving Schaller, Goldy and Eriksson? Frees up space and cap. Big Mac can always be called up as a bottom 6 winger and a few bucks in the bank is always good when injuries hit. Gauda always ice the best team, and Gaudette is better than all three.
  8. Management is crazy if they send Gaudette down. They will have broken trust. Waive Eriksson and Goldobin. Simple.
  9. I don't think Gaudette needs time in the AHL. He has dominated in NHL preseason. I know its not the same as regular season, but if he dominated during preseason against NHL and really hungry AHL players, what would total domination against AHL players only do for him? I say keep him up; management MUST keep their word, even if it puts them in a pickle. Management promised young players a spot if they earned it, and Gaudette has earned it. Young players won't trust management very much if they send Gaudette down. My two cents.
  10. Green calls that a hockey play?????? I thought he was better than that.
  11. This is why it's always a bad idea to give up a year of ELC. One less year to evaluate a young player.
  12. Not worried at all. Everyone in the NHL wants to play on Petie's line, Brock included. He's not going anywhere and will sign for about 7 mill after a trade or two and Errikson is sent down to Utica.