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  1. As we the Canucks continue to lose games, I'm getting more and more eager to see the Canucks give some of their prospects a look at the NHL level before the end of the season. Here's my take on who should get a look before the end of the year and who shouldn't. Thatcher Demko: Demko has been one of the main prospects that a lot of people seem to want to see play a few games in the NHL before the end of the year. He has been one of the top goalies in the AHL this season and has really kept Utica in games this year. I think that the Canucks should keep him down in Utica until the end of the year and not force him to face the intense scrutiny that he would if he was to see NHL game action. I also think that it makes sense to keep him down in Utica because they are in the middle of a push for the playoffs and he is a very important part of their team. Reid Boucher: Boucher now lead the AHL in goals, something that the Canucks could really use at the NHL level. I just don't think that Boucher has the skill set to be a consistent producer int he NHL. We've seen him get a number of chances with the Canucks over the past two seasons and I just don't think he will play any role in the future of this team. Philip Holm: Holm has had a great first season in North America. He has shown himself to be a talented offensive defenseman and powerplay quarterback who is also decent defensively. I think that he should definitely get a chance at the NHL level this year, especially since he is only on a one year contract so the Canucks will have to decide whether to keep him or not at the end of the season. If that means scratching Michael Del Zotto, I wouldn't mind at all. Adam Gaudette: Gaudette is currently leading the NCAA in scoring and he's also currently first in Hobey Baker voting. I would love to see him get a chance in the NHL once the NCAA season is over. I think he will be our third line center of the future and if he continues developing as he has been, he will be a very good one. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing Dowd or Gaunce scratched to let him play every game once he signs a contract. Elias Pettersson: A lot of people would probably love to see him get a look with the Canucks this year. I don't think there's any reason to rush him over here especially if it would mean wasting a year of his entry level contract. I think the Canucks should let him finish the season in Sweden, then sign him to a contract and see if he can make the team out of camp. If he needs a year in the AHL, I don't think that would be an issue at all. Jonathan Dahlen: Dahlen is currently dominating in the Swedish second division. I think that if he comes over to North America, it would make much more sense to send him to the AHL to helicap Utica in the playoffs rather than rush him to the Canucks. Zack MacEwen: I've heard very little mention of MacEwen among Canucks fans, but he's quietly had a very impressive first pro season with Utica. 22 points in 38 games is impressive for a rookie pro and he's 6'4" and 212lbs so he has an NHL body. I would love to see him get a chance in the Canucks bottom six before the end of the season. Michael Carcone: Another player I've heard very little mention of among Canucks fans. Carcone's overall numbers are slightly less impressive than MacEwen's, but he's been very hot since the beginning of December playing with Cole Cassels. I wouldn't mind seeing Carcone get a call up and his energy game and offensive skill would certainly help the Canucks, but I would rather see Gaudette and MacEwen this season. Cole Cassels: Playing on a line with Carcone, Cassels has also been very hot since the beginning of December when Utica's entire top line was up with the Canucks and he was given a chance to be the first line center. I would like to see Cassels get a call up to see what he really is because he needs a new contract at the end of the year. I'd rather see him than Chaput or even Dowd as the Canucks 4th line center. Overall I'd say Holm and Gaudette should both definitely get a look and I would also like to see all three of MacEwen, Carcone and Cassels get at least a few games before the end of the season.
  2. I definitely agree with this. Bo was constantly the hardest working player on the ice for the Canucks especially when they were down in games and really needed a spark. Even if the Sedins are resigned, I think it would be ridiculous not to name him captain next year. The losses of Sutter and Dorsett should not be underestimated either. Both were not only key guys in the room, but played very tough match-ups against the other teams top players and on the PK.
  3. Hypothetically if the miraculous happens, the Canucks somehow get sort of lucky in the draft lottery and get the second overall pick, who do you think the Canucks should draft? Rasmus Dahlin will almost definitely go 1st overall, but the rest of the top ten could really go in almost any order. In my opinion, the ten best players available would be: 1. Rasmus Dahlin 2. Andrei Svechnikov 3. Filip Zadina 4. Adam Boqvist 5. Quinn Hughes 6. Matthew Tkachuk 7. Ty Smith 8. Isac Lundestrom 9. Ryan Merkley 10. Evan Bouchard Svechnikov and Zadina are probably the next two best players available after Dahlin, and Tkachuk is also expected to go very near the top of the draft, they are all wingers however, a position where the Canucks are looking pretty good for the future. Boeser, Baertschi, Virtanen, Goldobin, Dahlen, Lind, Gadjovich and Lockwood is enough for an entire NHL lineup and they also have guys like Palmu, MacEwen, Carcone, D'Aoust, Jasek and Molino having NHL potential as well. Looking at that I would say that on the wings, the Canucks have the players needed to be a Stanley Cup contender for many years. The Canucks also have pretty good depth at center with Horvat, Pettersson and Gaudette and in goal with Demko and DiPietro, there aren't really any top centers or goalies at the top of this years draft however, so this doesn't really matter for the sake of this discussion. The one position left is defense. The Canucks have three decent young d-men currently in the NHL in Stecher, Hutton and Pouliot, all of them have the potential to be good second pairing d-men, but not more than that. Then the Canucks have Olli Juolevi who looks like he could be a solid #2 or #3 d-man if he fulfills his potential. The Canucks also have a number of good defensive prospects in Holm, McEneny, Brisebois, Chatfield, Candella, Brassard and Rathbone, but they all look like they will be second pairing d-men at best. That leaves that Canucks with a big whole on defense, a legitimate #1 defenseman who can also quarterback the power play. The good news is even if the Canucks don't get lucky and get to select Rasmus Dahlin, there are a lot of very talented d-men at the top end of this years draft. Boqvist, Hughes, Smith, Merkley and Bouchard would be the top group, while Wilde, Woo, Dobson, Miller, McIsaac and Samuelsson should all also go in the first round. Of those players Boqvist and Hughes are the only two that I would really consider picking 2nd overall over Svechnikov, Zadina and Tkachuk. I think that the best more for the Canucks to make if they have the 2nd overall pick would be to take one of those two. Personally I prefer Hughes slightly after seeing how dominant he looked at the world juniors.They could also consider trading down, but I don't think that would be the best way to go as most of the teams that look like they will be drafting near the top of this years draft need d-men.
  4. [SIM} RGMG 5.0 Sign Up

    I'd be interested if there are still spots available
  5. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    My top ten who I think the Canucks should draft based on their needs: 1. Rasmus Dahlin 2. Quinn Hughes 3. Adam Boqvist 4. Filip Zadina 5. Andrei Svechnikov 6. Evan Bouchard 7. Brady Tkachuk 8. Ty Smith 9. Ryan Merkley 10. Isac Lundestrom
  6. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    Thanks to everyone. It was fun participating
  7. Jim Benning's Trading

    The pick ended up being Rasmus Asplund, so there's no point in speculating. The Canucks managed to steal one of those players you mentioned away from Ottawa in the end anyways.
  8. Jim Benning's Trading

    Virtanen is still developing, but I agree that drafting him was a mistake. I think pressure from ownership played a big role in his selection. The Gudbranson trade was definitely a bad move, but it looks better when you realize that the pick used to select McCann was acquired in the Kesler deal. The Forsling deal was another mistake, but a fairly minor one. Tryamkin left the Canucks because he was homesick and thought he deserved more minutes. He has said he would like to return to the NHL in a few years and the Canucks will still hold his rights if that happens. Every GM makes mistakes occasionally. I challenge you to name one GM who has been on the job for more than four years who has made less mistakes than Benning.
  9. Jim Benning's Trading

    At the time of the Granlund trade, Shinkaruk had 39 points in 45 AHL games, last season he had 35 points in 52 games. He has 13 points in 28 games this season At the time of the Hansen trade Goldobin had 41 points in 46 AHL games. He has 19 points in 18 AHL games this season. Goldobin is definitely a better player. Granlund is a great defensive and possession player who puts up a decent amount of offense. He has 7 goals and 10 points in 19 games this season. He's also still only 24 years old. He may not be an elite top six forward, but if you actually think he's a "weak replacement level player" you need to watch some more hockey. Jannik Hansen is a great defensive player who can put up decent offense, but he is 31 years old and it didn't make sense to keep him when the Canucks weren't trying to make the playoffs and he had value to other teams. He has 0 goals and 3 assists in 25 games this season. The Canucks also received a pick in the Goldobin trade which they flipped to Chicago and turned into the picks used to select Petrus Palmu and Kristoffer Gunnarsson who are both decent prospects. If you can honestly tell me that you would rather have Hansen and Shinkaruk than Granlund, Goldobin, Palmu and Gunnarsson, you are likely the only Canucks fan and possibly the only hockey fan who thinks that.
  10. Jim Benning's Trading

    This is honestly one of the most ridiculous comments I have ever seen. To start with Boeser, Virtanen, Tryamkin, McCann and Forsling have all played in the NHL so that's five players and if Boeser is not an impact player, I'm not sure what is. Over the past three drafts, a total of 7 players drafted in the 3rd round or later have played 10 or more NHL games. PROSPECTS TAKE TIME TO DEVELOP. If you paid any attention to the Canucks prospects you would know that they have one of the best prospect pools in the league now, compared to one of the worst when Benning took over.
  11. Jim Benning's Trading

    You're right I did totally forget about that
  12. Jim Benning's Trading

    You may be right about the Lockwood and Gustavsson swap. I got a bit confused with some of the draft picks. McCann was not included because the Kesler and Gudbranson trades were combined. The pick used to select McCann was acquired in the Kesler deal. Clendening was not included because the Canucks acquired him for Forsling and then traded him for Sutter. I simply included Forsling. Pedan was not included because I combined the deal in which he was acquired from the Islanders with the Suttter and Forsling deals.
  13. Jim Benning's Trading

    Canucks got a 4th round pick along with Goldobin in the Hansen deal. They flipped that pick at the draft for two picks which they used to draft Palmu and Gunnarsson The Bonino trade has been combined with the Sutter trade and the Gudbranson trade because pieces were acquired in one and then flipped in the others. I did it like that to give people a better idea on how the trades turned out
  14. Jim Benning's Trading

    He's actually been a healthy scratch the past few games now that Chicago's defense is all healthy.
  15. Jim Benning's Trading

    If you read my description at the bottom you would see my explanation as to why McCann isn't shown. The pick used to draft McCann was acquired in the Kesler trade.