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  1. Glad Tampa won it. They absolutely deserved it. Seguin and Benn are absolute tools. Glad they lost in heartbreaking fashion. Sad for Bowness though. COVID cup kinda feels anticlimactic but oh well. Off season is officially here!
  2. I don’t trust a word Dhaliwal says anymore. He had some credibility at one point but nowadays he just tries to stir the pot to create drama just like all the other idiots in the local media. Guy is a tool.
  3. It was a total flip of a coin honestly. Both Makar and Quinn were equally deserving. Don’t be a homer.
  4. We have options. Which is great but we need to be smart about it. I love Marky, but if he wants to move on or try his luck in free agency, so be it. He won’t come cheap and we are tight to the cap with UFA Still to sign, not to mention we have to extend Petey next year. Demko is likely ready to assume a starting position, and he proved he’s good under pressure in the playoffs. But my bet is Marky goes to a contender because he’s not exactly young nor a grizzled veteran but he waited a long time to make the playoffs and the Wings are a hot mess right now. If we can utilize by trading the rights to rid ourselves of a bad contract, that is an option to consider as well. Should be interesting to see what transpires.
  5. Jake has been given a very long leash. I have always held out hope that he could finally break through with the potential he has locked away. But I’m at the point of saying that’s it, he’s had plenty of chances and he’s not proven anything. I especially wanted to see if he was a playoff performer since he is literally built for that style of play, however I barely noticed him. He was very ineffective offensively And especially disappointing physically. Yes he is still young, and maybe he was a little rushed, but you’d think by playing 5 seasons in the NHL that he would’ve progressed a bit further. But he appears to be stuck in limbo; mediocrity. I’m not against having fun off the ice at all, however when it affects your career there needs be a line drawn. His partying off the ice and lack of motivation And determination on the ice just annoys the crap out of me. Hometown boy is good and all, but it may be time to move on.
  6. I Don’t buy it. Dumba is overrated and not worth the price anyway. These Boeser trade rumours just won’t go away. I don’t know who keeps beating this dead horse but it’s getting real tiring. Can’t imagine what Brock thinks with the stupid media throwing $@*# out like this.
  7. I’m very happy to see the Knights go home. Super entitled, arrogant, whiney little pricks that always underestimated their opponents, first us, and then Dallas. They thought they would cake walk to the end, but it doesn’t work that way in the playoffs! I take a lot of satisfaction that De Boer mentioned Demko and the Canucks rattled their confidence before going against the Stars. Take in the small victories. Best of luck to the Stars, but I’m predicting Tampa likely wins the Cup this year.
  8. Yeah, they are my pick too. It would be cool story if they could win the Cup after that embarrassing exit last year
  9. I’m proud of how well the boys did. Just ran out of gas in Game 7. Demko did everything he could. Only getting 1 shot on that 5 minute PP totally killed us. There is no excuse for that despite the amount of games played. I hope we switch up the coach for that (Newell) It is a bit disappointing that It ended on a sour note like that. But we have a lot to be proud of. It’s been fun y’all. Honestly hope one of the Eastern teams win the Cup. Just not the Knights.
  10. We had our chance. Blowing that 5 minute PP with 1 shot was the difference
  11. I hope the boys can muster up a strong third. They are likely exhausted because of the stupid NHL schedule. But still no excuse for only having 6 shots through 40 minutes. Come on!