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  1. First of all I am a woman. Second of all, it was a quick example off the top of my head. Thirdly, I haven’t the patience to lecture smart alecs on our team diversity.
  2. Carter was loved by fans and the team alike when he was here. Pretty much all 33 goals he scored were because of the Sedins not by his skill. He says he was “surprised” that we wanted to sign the Sedins instead of him? Errr... come again? He was an aging star on the decline only made better by two young upcoming superstars. He wanted too much money, and the Canucks weren’t going to give him that. Simply because he wasn’t worth what he was asking. Race had nothing to do with it! After we refused to give him What he wanted, he was pretty much out of the league a year or so after. We have a lot of diversity in our drafting and prospects (Subban and Woo?), so it seems like a bunch of bologna to me. Using the current BLM movement to throw the Canucks under the bus showcases his selfishness and true character. What a diva.
  3. Can’t say I’m surprised to be honest. They’re a lot of these types of jerks in the real world. It’s completely inappropriate to make comments about a former teammate’s wife, especially if it’s regarding weight since it’s a sensitive topic for a lot of people. And the racist comments, there is no defending that no matter what anyone says. I’m glad we waived this loser.
  4. Needed that win. And man it feels good against a team like the Avs! Boys came to play tonight. Bout time some bounces went our way. Let’s make a winning streak guys!!
  5. Choked away much needed points. What a pathetic roadtrip. A lot of these games were winnable
  6. At this point we don’t deserve to be in a playoff spot
  7. We’ve picked the worst time to go into a slump. Need to right the ship. Injuries or not, the results are just not good enough.
  8. I will consider this roadtrip a success alone if we beat the Laffs. Don’t think I hate a team more than Toronto. Lets make Laff nation cry. Smash these losers!!
  9. Slow starts have got to stop. It’s killing us. Demko was not good enough. But it’s not solely on him. A lot of players were not good enough No excuses. Tonight was a missed opportunity. They better play the game of their lives against the Laffs.
  10. Crushing the Bruins feels so right. Seriously, where would we be without J.T. Miller? This guy has been dynamite. Laffs lost to a zamboni driver. Amazing night. G’night friendz!
  11. And he’s such a great leader too. All the youngsters like Brock, Petey, Quinn and Jake among others have said how great of a support and mentor he has been.