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  1. He 100% deserved a suspension for that hit. It was a dangerous play to the head. No defending that. But he’s also 100% correct about the DOPS. They throw the book hard at repeat offenders to make it look like they are doing something but then they let certain players get away with way worse offences, ex. like Chara. That guy has done a lot of questionable hits and incidents but The DOPS refuses to ever punish him. It’s become a joke how bad it is.
  2. Whatever his intentions were, the results could have been scary and dangerous. It’s unacceptable and has no place in this sport. You’re wearing sharp skates for crying out loud! Should be a suspension. But who knows what the DOPS will do. Parros’s suspensions and non suspensions have been downright moronic at times.
  3. @FarhanLaljiTSN Markstrom said he was more nervous than usual playing following the #Sedins retirement ceremony. Said Edler told him to calm down before he went onto the ice. #Canucks Eagle being the calming veteran he is like Henrik and Daniel were.
  4. Marky was lit tonight! Stellar performance. PK was solid. Not our best game, but we got the win on Sedin night! Thanks again to our Swedish twins who brought us so many memories! Love ya Hank and Danny!
  5. Ceremony was beautifully done. So much class by the Canucks organization, the Sedins themselves wishing JB well to start their speech, and the fans cheering every former player including Kesler. I’m a tough nut to crack but I cried when #22 & #33 went to the rafters. So many great memories.
  6. Absolutely Terrifying. Reminds me of the Jiri Fischer and Rich Peverley incidents. I pray for his wellbeing and hope he recovers fast. But after something like this, makes me think that he may have played his final game. Family and Health come first. All the best to JB.
  7. Anyone want to share their best Hank and Danny memories? My and my bestie happened to be at the last home game in 2010 against Calgary when Daniel scored the between the legs hat-trick goal. Henrik got 4 points that made him pass Ovie for the league lead and ended up clinching the Art Ross the next day. It was unreal. Chants of “MVP” were everywhere in the building, out of the building and continued through the night. A night I will never forget. Thank you Sedins. You’re inspirations for all people striving for decency in this world!
  8. Ridiculous! Rous clearly got fined because of his reputation and for the DOPS trying to cover their butts for their awful handling of suspensions. So Petey gets hit from behind on a dangerous play; no suspension or fine is given and something so minor like this worthy of a fine??? Makes perfect sense!
  9. Yep. Trolls still in full force. FiRe GrEeN! FiRe NeWeLl BrOwN! WoRsT ReBuIlD eVeR! Thats how this fanbase rolls tragically.
  10. Maybe not overall but He’s definitely part of it. That contract is downright atrocious
  11. I remember some fans wanted us to sign him in the off season. I was vehemently opposed to signing EK after seeing how much regression I saw in his play last season, but fans were chastising me for not wanting him. Lol, I wonder where those mofos are Now? Bullet dodged!