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  1. The way I see it... Our window of opportunity is just starting to open. So with all the upgrades this offseason, I expect this team to at least make the playoffs. If we make it and put up a fight, then I’d say it would be a success. If we fail to make the playoffs, then that will be a huge disappointment in my eyes and I’m sure management and the team likewise. Bottom line is we must find a way to stay healthy. Injuries have absolutely killed us these last few years, so if we can stay healthy we have a good shot.
  2. I am throughly enjoying the dumpster fire Oilers circus. What will they do with Lucic? Hmmm
  3. Ooooo I hope so. I’d love to see the Laff pandemonium ensue! Do it!
  4. Lol TSN The Laffs haven’t even signed or locked up Marner. If he walks, they are barely a playoff team. Ceci is garbage, Kerfoot is no better than Kadri, their defence is still Swiss cheese (Barrie will help though ..... for one year ) and they also are incredibly soft. There isn’t a single player that is intimidating. And seriously... TSN put the OILERS right behind us?? And why is San Jose so high? Sure they resigned Karlsson and Meir but lost Pavelski and still haven’t resigned Thornton.
  5. Well Fam, it took me over 100 pages to reply on this signing. I have been crazy busy this week! I LOVE this deal. Low dollar amount, good term, doesn’t need protection at Seattle expansion draft. He was a huge pain in our a$$ in 2015, and now he’s grown to be an even more feisty player after developing in Carolina. Now we have him, and it’s just what we needed and were sorely lacking in. Size and Toughness; and not afraid to stand up for each other. This recent season, We were soft and small, and easily pushed around. Not to mention, teams were taking shots at Petey and there was little pushback. Incredibly frustrating to watch players getting away with taking cheap shots at our young stars and now that is not going to be a problem. Especially with getting Myers and Benn on the backend as well. Ferland will be perfect to protect Petey, Brock, and Hughes. Also J.T. Miller is a big strong forward with lots of offensive potential. I can’t believe there are still some morons actually complaining about this. Do they want us to continue to be the league doormats? Hell NO! It’s time to start raising expectations and building a winning culture. Can’t wait for next season!!
  6. I think we need to retire the U2 intro. We are in a new era of Canucks hockey so it’s time to move on from it. But yeah, Get Loud for Me was an awful choice. I’d like some rock song like “The Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin or Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. That’s just me though. But No matter what we choose, someone will not like it. Because you can’t please everyone
  7. I hear ya. I agree that the sky’s the Iimit for Quinn. He’s going to change the whole dynamic on the backend. Hence why I said my rankings would be vastly different at the end of next season. Im excited!
  8. Simple. He hasn’t played enough games. Will he be the best eventually? Most likely yes, but some of us are basing the rankings on the present day. He has to live up the offensive potential and prove it first before you make assumptions.
  9. Yes there is a lot of what ifs and questions with the Canucks roster presently but with the defence upgrade, our young players learning and growing and staying healthy; I’m optimistic about making the playoffs. Do NOT pay attention to anyone on the local sports radio, 1040, TSN etc as those idiots couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat.
  10. Damn. If the Jets lose Laine, that’s Trouba, Myers, Chariot and Laine gone... ouch. They could go from West contender to missing the playoffs. Sucks for Peg.
  11. Ugh that lineup makes me feel nauseas. Thank god we cut loose some dead weight, but we still need to cut some more loose. Ala Eriksson and Sutter. With Brock still unsigned, I see a trade coming soon.
  12. Didn’t we just draft Podkolzin? He has all the tools of a power forward
  13. Okay I understand, got a bit confused. This could all change by the end of the year, but as of now.... Offensive: 1. Edler 2. Hughes 3. Myers 4. Benn 5. Stecher 6. Tanev Defensive 1. Tanev 2. Edler 3. Stecher 4. Benn 5. Myers 6. Hughes
  14. Thought we did well today. Addressed our biggest needs. Myers and Benn were great additions at decent costs and terms. And letting Hutty, Pouliot and Granny walk were necessary to improve. Florida gets the biggest F for fail on the ludicrous Bobrovsky contract . Way too much $ and the NMC for 5 year... ick Oilers may not have Chiapet anymore but management isn’t improving this team at all (Smith.. really?) The Jets and Jackets were the biggest losers today: Jets lost Trouba in trade earlier, then Tanev and Myers today. Ouch. Jackets lost: Panarin, Duchene and Bob. Double ouch.