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  1. Yay, team has really started to struggle this year compared to last year before he was Captain.
  2. Why would you want Pearson gone? Kills penalties, works with Bo, should finish with 20-25 goals and 50 points, can play up and down the line up. Forechecks well. Decent contract.
  3. Highlighting your quotes. - Question -- Since the Jan 7 action has already happened -- how much violence did these "Shoot to Kill" ordered RCMP display? -- I think it important to balance British Tabloids with what actually happened. They they were ordered to use as much violence as they wanted as you hold to-- I have to say arrests followed by release without charge and no injuries speaks highly of the RCMP.
  4. I grew up in Houston. My parents and sister still live there. I have driven the roads where this is happening. The highway of tears is a horrid reality. Many of your stats and statements are true. the RCMP invading with Shoot to Kill orders? Factually wrong. If the RCMP were trying to kill people people would be dead. My point still stands, this is about the courts and the way our government interacts with elected/hereditary chiefs as well as whether an individual nation has veto power over something the majority (including majority of First Nations) want. The RCMP are the way the courts enforce their decisions.
  5. Part of my frustration in this story is that people are angry the RCMP are enforcing a court order. Shouldn't the protest be about the judges then? I understand at times the RCMP deserving criticism, and I understand the legacy of distrust that exists between RCMP and First Nations, but this is not the RCMP acting on their own initiative. They are enforcing a court order. If you want to protest -- protest the courts.
  6. I appreciated the theme of the OP. Is Green dealing with the human side of Brock's life right now? Good question. I don't think we can answer that as we don't get to know that part of their interaction. We also don't know how Brock feels about it. He might be fine with it, he might be frustrated with it, we don't know. Good thoughts though, and I imagine the fact that we are winning as much as we are makes it easier for everyone. As people have pointed out -- you don't break working -- and that might be sheltering Brock and keeping the spotlight off him. I imagine the pressure would be a lot worse if he was on the top line and we were losing. Then he would be stuck thinking about home and feeling the pressure to support the team here.
  7. I would agree, except both top lines are doing really well and we are winning. The top 6 is a handful for other teams right now, I don't think they are changing until someone in the top 6 slows down.
  8. Roussel has been quiet lately. Actually that line has. I would love to see the bottom 6 as: Bailey - Gaudette -Boeser -- chance for a little more offense Roussel - Beagle - Sutter -- hard working tough line to play against.
  9. I'm actually going to this game -- rare for me. Is there a way to stream the play by play while watching the game? Is it worth it or is there a time delay? I think it's a going to be great either way but just wondering.
  10. Don't think I want to do this but would: Virtanen - Erikson - Levo - Stetcher - rights to Tryamkin + 2nd round get you Domi (resigned) and Weber? Just establishing value -- not advocating for this.
  11. I agree with most of what you are saying. I think it is also fair to say that his development has been slowed due to injuries -- that is not a flaw but I do think that it is a valid point. Back and Knees are significant areas of the body. Compared to those drafted around him, it has been disappointing that he is just now looking like a great AHLer. Although if memory serves me he was doing that last year before his knee injury shut him down. His ceiling might be top 1-2 -- but as for his floor -- there is a chance that he is never an NHL regular due to injuries. (although I think this unlikely) I would love for him to eventually replace Edler. I am hoping he can replace Benn, because I am hoping he will finally be healthy.
  12. The biggest difference between Juolevi and Jake/Jared is health. Jake/Jared have both turned into solid NHL players. Juolevi is showing himself to be a solid AHL player and there is no evidence, yet, of more. This is not me dumping on him or writing him off, he simply has not played at the NHL level, mostly due to injury. Juolevi's 'failure' so far is the same as Ferland's, or Sutter's. They aren't around enough to be considered reliable roster players. Hopefully that changes, but to count on Juolevi as anything more than a prospect is based on hope not evidence.
  13. He has a history so I imagine that was one of the games right there.
  14. I think I put this in the wrong place -- should have been in the tournament section not prospects. If anyone can move it please do.