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  1. Is anyone able to embed After Hours from last night? I couldn't catch it because I'm in Sharks territory and was forced to listen to Randy Hahn! Couldn't find it on cbc's site or youtube. Really like the Brock/Jake switch. Now Petey and Boes are the #1 trigger options on each line instead of trying to share oppurtunities. It also gives them 2 lunch pale linemates to help win battles and cycle down low. Before their line had 1 guy doing the spade work and they were both looking to weave through coverage. While Gaud's line is all spade with no true finisher. Now he and Rous can get down and dirty on the walls and find that sniper in the soft spot! Such a nice little lineup tweek that looks like it could pay huge dividends if the chemistry on that RGB line takes!
  2. Considering LE has shown good chemistry going back to last year, and the fact that 70 and 53 have improved their production and +/- since he joined their line... I doubt its a showcase. Nothing wrong with spreading around the depth.
  3. Love Demko messing with Beagle!! Listening to the Utica Comets podcast last year, the host would always ask his guest who the biggest chirper on the team was. Everybody's answer was Demko. Really hoping we get him mic'd up for a game this year.
  4. Last I can remember was Atlanta with Heatley and Kovalchuck around the turn of the century. I think Demko would have to take over for Marky this year and get 50 games. That would be ahead of schedule for the Demmer timeline in my opinion.
  5. Gonna miss this one live. Will be watching GWAR behed people tonight!! Gotta get to Binington early, he is lights out with a lead but ordinary when the Blues trail and have to chase. Great test though!!
  6. Good move by Green to swap Miller and Ferland there. Little detterence while Petey is on the ice!
  7. Avs are skating like the wind!! Totally hemming the Flames in their own zone with speed!!
  8. I came away from last nights game really encouraged!! Several of the issues from the previous season, at least in this game, were well improved upon. #1 Sustained pressure- So many times last year it was enter the zone,shoot, try to get the puck back, fail, and skate back. There were many shifts last night where we hemmed the Oil in their zone. And it was done, with good board play, cycle, good pinches, and some creativety. #2 Transition!!- the breakouts were good. Really good compared to last year. I think all if the new additions on the back end helped. Quinn, Myers, and Benn! Holy crap Benn had some great first passes last night. Quinn is elusive and creative, and Myers skates well and made some short passes that helped escape the zone. #3 Outshooting the opposition- hardly did that last year! #4 No blender!!- Green stuck with his lines all night. Jake got 1 double shift and Leivo a couple. Would like to see set lines or extended periods of time this year, as does Green too I imagine. For some reason that stood out to me a well. #5 2nd PP unit- Had some good looks last night and nice movement. Had 3 shots on goal and looked very capable of being an effective unit! I enjoyed the game. Quinn had some issues, but what rookie won't. I thought he made soe good plays in his own end. At one point I had saw a D body someone for the puck, and noticed it was Quinn. I thought his play in the O-Zone was great and I will take that with some gaffs all day! Can't wait for this roster to gel, I think its going to be a fun fun season. Lets see how they stack up against this loaded Flames team. If I see the positives in this game against a Cup contender (win or lose) I am gonna be super stoked!!
  9. They will be joining the game in progress after the 4pst. game. Says bonus coverage on my guide. And yeah the guide was giving incorrect listings early on, could still be.
  10. What if its just TG is sick of Jake being a playboy and the goal was for him to have a steady gal by summers end? Hmm hmmm
  11. For the record, a players NMC or any other clause does not have to be picked up by the acquiring club. It is up to the new team if they want to excercise that clause. Someone asked this on 31 thoughts early on this year, and Friedman explained it as such. Don't want Lucic though!!
  12. What is hilarious, is if you go back to the early pressers with Green regarding Petey. He said he didn't need to have those conversations (talks he was having with other players on aspects of their game). He said Petey's attention to detail on the defensive side of the puck was incedibly impressive and that was one of many things he didn't need to coach into him. Petey wants to be a complete 200 ft player!!! He wans to play great at both ends. Just like every player in the league. Watch the draft and see how many kids say they are, or want to be a 200 ft player when they are interviewed.