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  1. Quinn Hughes | D

    Wow, no kidding. I swear there is always something to learn about the fine print on these boards. Good to know.
  2. Quinn Hughes | D

    That only applies to kids in major junior. If QH signs a contract this year and plays every game in Utica, thats a yeaf off his ELC.
  3. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    What's also gonna help our D, is responsible veteran players that will back check and provide puck support. These aren't sexy signings for some, but they will pay dividends throughout the lineup!!
  4. Would you touch the Stanley Cup?!

    They brought the cup to the ECHL all-star game down here in Stockton, before it became an AHL affiliate. I got my pic with it. I did not touch it!! And I never will. I have too much reverence for that trophy and the people who have earned the right to hoist it. So many great players have worked their whole lives to achieve such an oppurtunity to touch it, and so many more have busted their ass and not gotten the oppurtunity. So out of respect for all those who have earned the right to touch it, and those who missed out, like our beloved Sedin's. I will NEVER EVER touch the cup!
  5. [report] canucks not qualifying derrick pouliot

    People forgetting/sleeping on Mceneny. He did not look out of place year before last in his brief callup. Hopefully he comes back 100% and earns a callup this year. TG seemed to really like him when they were in Utica together from what I understand. On topic, hopefully they work something out with DP. Wouldn't mind seeing him back for another go around. Hoping Hughes goes back to Michigan and Joulevi plays most of the year on the farm, and MDZ dealt at the deadline. He could improve and he plays both sides. If he doesn't, cut your losses when more kids are pushing. Think we still have one more year with these placeholders tbh.
  6. Quinn Hughes | D

    I think Kovalchuk and Heatley as well with ATL iirc.
  7. You can't just throw the young guys out there without earning it and working hard. Gifting players spots for the sake of it results in regression. Just look at Duclair and Domi. We all wanna see our shiny new toys, but player development is a process. We have to make them earn it and work for their spots. Mitch Marner spent a fair amount of time on the 4th line last year. And even after being elevated to the top six and producing, Mike Babcock would start him again on the 4th line next game. When asked in a presser, he said he didn't want Mitch to not have to work and prepare for the next game. He said he played well but still needed to pay attention to details. He wanted him to keep earning and busting his ass to get that top six spot, so he knew what it took every day to be a successful player in the league. I love the fact that Travis makes our young players work and earn their ice time. Its working for Jake, and hopefully it works with Goldy. If Petterson comes in and earns it, he will get the ice time. Brock did. Beagle does more than shelter Gaudette or Petterson though. He is another man in the dot, Travis can trust. D-zone, pk, last min of a game. He can also share the burden of matching up against the opponents top 6. Obviously Sutter goes head to head with the top unit, and Bo was against the 2nd usually. If Beagle can split some of those matchups with Bo, it frees up Bo and Broc to face some more favorable matchups. And give them more o-zone starts. All in favor of this. I was already wondering who the hell was gonna take draws besides Bo and Sutter. Get it done GMJB!!
  8. Quinn Hughes | D

    I think Brian Burke might be poster on CDC from the way he was hating!!
  9. Quinn Hughes | D

    I love the concern over his size. Maybe if he was 3 inches shorter and named Subban, people would want to give him a chance. This kid is gonna help the transition game so much!! Can play either side, can walk the line, make the home run pass!! Stoked on getting him!!
  10. The question is: will they make him actually tie his tie?
  11. Bouchard vs. Dobson - The Athletic's in-depth analysis

    Lead CHL analyst Sam Cosentino was on the 31 thoughts podcast this week to talk draft. Believes Merkley will be taken by a team with multiple picks in the first round like the NYR. He was really high on Dobson and depending on MTL and OTT, he could go anywhere from 3-5. Bergevin is high on Kotkaniemi. Sam thought the better job saving pick is Tkachuk since he will play sooner. But if MB is confident in keeping his job he should take Dobson. Then with OTT, he thought that depending on who gets moved (Hoffman or Karlsson) they will take his replacement. I.e. Zadina or Dobson. Had Ari going D Det grabbing Hughes because Blashil got to see him at worlds, and the Michigan connection. Felt that he has the best chance of slipping though since he skipped the combines. Said many teams didn't like that. Us going D with who's left, thought Bouchard was a good fit. Possibly Boqvist as well. It was a pretty good listen this week.
  12. Kristoffer Gunnarsson | D

    I remeber him hitting really hard in the prospect scrimmages. Not worried about 0 points, since crease clearing and forward crunching seems to be his m.o. If he can skate, maybe he can become a Douglas Murray type with some mobility.
  13. [Signing] Canucks sign Michael DiPietro

    Well we did have that one guy who won the Hobey Baker play a few games. And Briesbois and Jasek get their feet wet in the A. But ya know, screw developing. They all are busts but Brock!!
  14. I really hope they can trim at least 20min from this opener for game 2!! Sheesh
  15. NHL 2018 Draft Lottery

    This! Plus at 7, bpa should be a D. So everyone will be happy!! Wait its cdc....nevedmind!