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  1. I am really enjoying all these pouty faces by the flames. Johnny and Mathew's expressions are making my night!!!
  2. Lol Its definatly strange to not see Renee Rancort out there singing. Miss the fist pump!!
  3. I could have sworn I heard Shorty say something along those lines a couple weeks back. It would explain why Brock was taking all the draws and why Petey stopped shooting for a good period there. As for last night, it was really good to show some resilience against a team trying to regain its confidence. Which I thought they were doing after we woke them up. Nice to see some greasy goals as well. Hopefully this win helps keep the Sharks down mentally and they have their annual spring choke!! Like many others, I am loving Tanner Pearson. He doesn't really stand out in any one area, but he does evrything well. In the corners, going to the front of the net, following up a linemate for puck support, back checking, pk. Being a two time cup winner he knows what it takes to win and it shows in all the details of his game. Another very important intangilbe added to our locker room!!
  4. Sweet!! Looking forward to his first media scrum when Jeff Patterson asks him something dumb like: "Do you think you can play at this level?"
  5. Wow, no kidding. I swear there is always something to learn about the fine print on these boards. Good to know.
  6. That only applies to kids in major junior. If QH signs a contract this year and plays every game in Utica, thats a yeaf off his ELC.
  7. I think Kovalchuk and Heatley as well with ATL iirc.
  8. I think Brian Burke might be poster on CDC from the way he was hating!!
  9. I love the concern over his size. Maybe if he was 3 inches shorter and named Subban, people would want to give him a chance. This kid is gonna help the transition game so much!! Can play either side, can walk the line, make the home run pass!! Stoked on getting him!!