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  1. Isam

    NFL thread

    We shall see. Their oline is gonna be their biggest problem. They really dont have any depth there and a few injuries could doom baker and the run game there. Plus i dont like their tackles
  2. Isam

    NFL thread

    Hard knocks tonite. Football is one step closer. Muhaha
  3. No to frazier. Only will take him on if garcia comes back with him.
  4. Ryder Rolston or Jan Mysak could fit the bill aas that dynamic playmaking winger. I am still not sold on our defensive depth on the left side and would't mind adding klevin as some insurance. Love drysdale and barron, but i don't think we are gonna be in range to grab them. Keep an eye out for kaiden guhle. Kid can play.
  5. Best rhd in the draft and this is coming from a barron homer.
  6. Jan mysak is a stud and hopefully he remains under the radar. Kid is probably the best czech born and raised prospect since the golden era of czech hockey.
  7. Gunler is good, but he will be in the top ten by the end of the year. Being left off the team at the u18s for sweden is like what happens to alot of elite propects for team canada at wjc. Politics
  8. Watch out for the some of the lower ranked guys man. I can see klevin and a couple other guys slipping. We are getting a hell of player regardless of our draft position
  9. Or you can get drysdale who has the room to grow and is better offensively then barron. This is coming from one of the biggest barron fans there is
  10. Isam

    NFL thread

    Hang in there. My bolts went through some $&!# luck like this not to long ago. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Always had a soft spot for the bengals, even when they went full bungles on more then a few occasions.
  11. Isam

    NFL thread

    Jesus. $&!# luck man.
  12. Vlasic was overrated. His gap control and overall defensive reads were a hot mess. I liked robertson alot though. He was great on the defensive end plus has a largely untapped offensive game. As for hoglander, i think you are vastly underrating just because of the height thing. Kid is almost 190 and has unbelievable core strength. He also tested unbelievably well at the combine beating many of the giants you rated highly. It shouldn't be too much of an issue for him to make the adjustment to the nhl once he comes over.
  13. Paulie should have known not to challenge the goat. Lol
  14. Still some gooders out there even if kaliyev gets picked. I for one would't mind trex aka albin grewe for our second.