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  1. Isam

    [Signing] Oilers re-sign Mikko Koskinen

    Another 8 years at 8 million. Lol
  2. Isam

    ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    War fedor. Lets see if you can turn back the clock one more time.
  3. Isam

    NFL thread

    Walterfootball and drafttek are two good sites.
  4. The draft analyst is pretty good and is not behind a paywall, plus you can bitch out steve kournianoos on the hfboards after he does his updates.
  5. is a gooder. If you want to go hardcore, get their black book. Best draft guide there is. Way better then thn's draft guide.
  6. Really? Are you sure? Cuz the ferland know really doesnt fight much.
  7. You take byram if he is there.
  8. We will be around 10 man. But it would not be unrealistic to see byram drop. Turcotte played his way into the top 5 dropping one of dach or podkolzin out setting a 2018 dynamic where a guy in the top five shouldn't dropping to us.
  9. Dont be so sure about that that. Take for example turcotte who has literally played his way into the top five since coming back from injury
  10. Take a look at grewe. Figuring he is gonna be within range of our second. Guy has got some elite skill, but a non stop motor.
  11. Isam

    NFL thread

    You guys played good, but my bolts helped you out with some god awful tackling and taking penalties on third down.
  12. Isam

    NFL thread

    Go bolts. Our team is too deep for the pats this time, thuus making it suicide watch for most of espn and fox sports come monday. Even if my team loses tomorrow, the excuses that skip bayless will offer for the cowboys will make my day.
  13. Isam

    NFL thread

    Well, i guess richard is staying with the boys. Jerry must have promised him something good.
  14. Isam

    NFL thread

    Go bolts, but good luck in finding a spot.
  15. Isam

    NFL thread

    If they were gonna go defense they could have waited a bit and grabbed kris richard. Guy is gonna be the real deal at hc once he gets the opportunity.