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  1. What a load of crap. He would have been a 30+ goal-scorer and 60+ point player if it wasn't for his injury. And don't give me that garbage about him being injury prone. He almost broke his damn back. I also bet that injury led to his problems this past season, since he wasn't able to get a full summer to properly train.
  2. You're the one acting like a joke for trying to tear down Boeser. Calling him a star is not me being a homer, it is a fact.
  3. Maybe you should stop watching all those out of market games and actually start paying attention to our own players like Boeser. He is a star and he is just getting started. Stop downplaying him because you don't want to see him get paid.
  4. Except our "overpaid" bottom six centers are way better than Brassard.
  5. How about not making these dumb replies that prove you have no clue what you are talking about? Go back to HF Boards and cry about it with your special little buddies. He only traded one first round pick, and it's for the 2020 or 2021 draft. He didn't trade any during our rebuild. How long do you expect us to be rebuilding for, anyways? When do we actually try and improve?
  6. No, it's only his second year at Harvard. Lockwood is the one going for his fourth year at College.
  7. Actually, there are games that are region free on PS4.
  8. I'm pretty sure that at least the PS4 is region free.
  9. Except he was right there near the 30-goal mark. So yeah, he pretty much is a 30-goal scorer. The only reason he didn't make it was because of injury. A freak injury that could have potentially ended his career, which lead to him not getting a full summer of training, something that likely contributed to him also missing games the following season. So, stop acting like he is injury prone. Stop trying to downplay him because you want to be cheap with him.
  10. We're not paying for potential, we are paying for an elite, 30+ goal scorer.
  11. All the haters can kiss my ass. Juolevi will be way better than his doubters think.
  12. Except Brock basically is a 30-goal scorer. If he hadn't missed all those games due to injury, he would have been a back-to-back 30-goal scorer.