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  1. Maybe you and monty can go cry about it together in your garbage Laine pajamas.
  2. Going wonderfully. I'm a superstar making millions. Laine wishes he was on my level. So do you.
  3. LOL, Laine is still trash, just like the jests. Cry more, monty.
  4. Laffs are trash. How fitting that Auston Trashews will be their next captain.
  5. Next July 1st, I hope Benning locks up Pettersson and Hughes to their next contracts, getting them out of the way early, instead of waiting until the year after.
  6. Yeah, all their stars, and yet still haven't done a damn thing. I hope they fail again just to watch you whine and cry about your wonderful "devil's advocate" teams still sucks. Oh, and we have our own stars on the rise. So, get on board or shut the hell up.
  7. Leafs are still garbage. Screw them! They are the definition of overrated. I can't believe people are actually praising Dubas. I hope the laffs suffer for all eternity!
  8. I didn't ignore anything. Love how you are trying to deflect, while in the process exposing yourself as another Benning hater looking for ways to take shots at him, then crying about it when called out on it.
  9. Yet, you seem to have no problems with Canuckster86 coming in to trash Benning without looking at both sides. Don't be a hypocrite, and spare me the your "JB lovefest" garbage.