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  1. He said a bunch of dumb stuff and ran himself out of the league. He didn't kill anyone, so I have no issue with this.
  2. I sold 3/4 of my shares in Nikola earlier today for a profit of about 30k in about a month. Ari, you are a god. I'm still in with about 180 or so shares that I bought at 19 bucks US. I'll keep those on the chance that this might sky rocket even more. I do agree that it's ridiculously overvalued right now.
  3. Same! Bought in at $19, thought about selling, now today happens. No clue what to do. No clue
  4. Ari son of a gun Ok, so I've been getting really risky the last little while. Made some adjustments with my TFSA and made the following 2 moves: Bought 700 Shares of VTIQ at $19.29 US (May 13) Bought 265 Shares of Square at 67.65 US (May 5) I've held on to both. If I jumped out right now, I'm at about a 21k profit in less than a bloody month (this is absolutely unheard of for me as I've typically kept things pretty tame except for when I decided to sink a lot into WWE a while ago) I have absolutely NO CLUE what I want to do with those two stocks. Do I take it and run, or do I stay the course. Suggestions folks, I need them Good luck to you all, and Ari, I legit owe you a bottle of wine
  5. Agreed, I was referring strictly to the government. I mean, I barely trust any government, but theirs is certainly quite something.
  6. This whole rona situation reeks of sketchy BS coming from China. Every last bit of it. I don't trust that country one bit and nor should any other sane person
  7. Regarding my TFSA issue of hoping to jump on purchasing other stocks within it, here's my exact scenario: I'm at my max contribution ($69.5K) With VTIQ and a few other stocks in the TFSA account, I have gains as of right now (so my account is reasonably above the $69.5K as of this moment) Let's say for example I wanted to sell off some VTIQ (or something else), could I still purchase another stock (basically swapping in and out) and still be abiding by the TFSA rules? If I had contribution room, this is a moot point, I'd just purchase up to my max ceiling of 69.5k, but since I already maxed out, am I now relegated to waiting until next year to go in another 6k? I could obviously just purchase stocks through the margin account but who wants to pay tax on gains right. I mean, let's say VTIQ was losing a bunch of money, I'd obviously want to get out of that stock and move in to something different. One must think that TFSA accounts allow for this, so perhaps gains and losses don't affect the contribution room? Sorry for bringing this up a few times. I'm a confused soul Go Canucks Go!
  8. Christ almighty, what the hell should I do VTIQ, you lovely lady you I think I'm going to let this one ride May god have mercy on my soul
  9. Yup, May 14 @ 9am I want to get in on this RTTR business, but as a bit of a rookie to the investing scene, I have a question as it relates to TFSA's. I maxed out my TFSA and my gains put me over the limit (although I don't think that's an issue) If I wanted to sell one of my stocks in my TFSA and use that money towards RTTR, am I still able to do that in the TFSA even though it was previously maxed out? I'm having a hard time understanding the rules I've been reading online as it relates to withdrawls and buying new stocks when you've maxed out your contributions. Thanks gang!
  10. A quick follow up so it doesn't get lost in my last post. What is the best trading platform out there? Questrade? Qtrade? Wealth Simple? I was going to go with the TD Web Broker but that one dude on here seems like he's had a hell of a time dealing with them. I'm just looking for the simplest platform to use with reasonable fees (aren't we all)
  11. Which platform are you using? I'm still probably one of the few on here still doing things through an advisor (it keeps me in check) but I am going to move some money into an account I can manage myself. And I too wonder about RTTR What says Ari and the other wise people on here? Worth buy into still?
  12. Ari, you're a god damn saint. I owe you another steak dinner
  13. I'm loving this thread. So much so that this has become my TFSA in the last several days: Thinking of taking more risk and replacing BMO with something else. Any ideas?
  14. I've not pushed 20k into VTIQ earlier this morning (through my advisor as I'm still a little freaked out handling all my own investments) Ari, what's your prediction for this stock price when the Nikola merger happens?