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  1. The Dallas Stars are willing to listen to offers containing any of the following roster players: Lawson Crouse, Alexander Steen, Marcus Foligno, Matt Martin, Erik Gudbranson, Shea Weber, and Vladimir Tarasenko.
  2. Look how much playoffs change each year. Look at Calgary last year to this year. We made way more moves this offseason than Calgary last offseason we could possibly with our moves and the easier schedule and hopefully average injuries win the division or even the conference. The west is wide open. There is no dominant team. The top this year in San Jose, Vegas, and Winnipeg are going to regress with all their lost pieces. Nashville and Calgary on paper look the best but Calgary needs to make some big moves to get under the cap and Nashville just stayed relatively static losing PK and getting Duchene, (but who knows if he’ll bring his cancer there like in Colorado and Ottawa). Lets see which teams have gotten better worse and stayed the same on paper: Better: Canucks and Stars by a lot, Chicago (dunno WTF they’re doing), Arizona, and Colorado slightly. Worse: Winnipeg and San Jose by a lot, Vegas by a decent amount Same: Nashville, LA, Anaheim, Edmonton, Calgary (for now), St. Louis, Minnesota (although I think they will regress quite a bit this year). We don’t know how much better the Canucks are, but I don’t think people realize how much better we are.
  3. I feel like if all of this goes right, we could well up winning the division. Look at the playoffs year to year: they change crazily. Vegas expected to be last, nope first in the pacific. No one had huge hopes for Calgary at the beginning of the year but one trade with lindholm and hanifin put them first in the west. We’ve added so much more this year than Calgary did last year. This team could finish anywhere in the standings from just missing the playoffs to top of the west, we just don’t know until the games are played.
  4. So I just read the Sportsnet article on offseason team improvement power rankings. We’re 14th and laffs are top 10. We should probably be #5 on any list this offseason but yah looks like canucks are going to be showing a lot of idiots up this year. oh btw the Oilers were one spot behind us. THE &^@#ING OILERS!!!!!
  5. I think you might have counted Tanev too lol I counted 8.
  6. I’m so high on this guy. If I had enough cap space I would have paid a premium. Congrats on landing the big fish
  7. Welcome @Silver Ghost! Sad to see @D-Money go but excited to not be the newest GM in this league lol. I’m excited to see what these new Blue Jackets do and you got damn lucky taking over a perennial contender. Hope to make deals with you in the future!
  8. hahaha funny thing is last year they were 3 points from missing the playoffs...hardly even a regular season wonder, more like an average team.
  9. Hey guess what? We got rid of Pooalot who was personally responsible for about 1 goal every game. His replacement is Jordie Benn. Let's say he is personally responsible for 20 which I'd say is reasonable. That's 62 less goals against us. That already makes us a playoff team
  10. Damn you really underrate Edler or have lived under a rock for two years. He doesn’t have those gaffs like he did before he’s rock solid defensively and he’s still pretty damn good offensively.
  11. There’s our top 6 forward we’re looking for
  12. Edler has a full NMC except for the expansion draft. He’s not going anywhere and he’s gotten better the last two years. Who knows he could be a Mark Giordano having his best years as his last ones. He’s one of our studs on D that are going to help us mightily make the playoffs