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  1. This is gonna be a fun draft boys with my grand 0 picks lolol. Whoops I sort of forgot about this league for a few months there.
  2. Yah Halford and Brough are top quality. Out of both stations they’re the only guys that I listen to consistently when the hockey season is going on.
  3. However, like the post you quoted said, the black population commits 50% of homicides. Therefore, against these killers, police are going to use more lethal force to protect themselves which pushes up the amount of black deaths. There will always be racist people, but that doesn't mean everyone is. The media always highlights these cases which are brutal and we all want them gone, but by branding every police officer as a racist black killer that is not gonna happen. We should know that especially as Canucks fans who are always berated about our riots after the SCF.
  4. What I just hope is when we get past Minny we don’t have to play Vegas in the first round. They seem to be our cryptonite. Honestly it seems like the Canucks always has the central divisions number (except Winnipeg, please never play Winnipeg) so I’d might even give them an advantage over Dallas, Colorado, and St. Louis.
  5. Yah the Canucks decided to play to Boston’s style rather than their own style, however when basically three quarters of all of your starting lineup is injured, while the opposing team has been pretty lucky at avoiding injuries, it’s really gotta hurt cause the Canucks were the far superior team to the Bruins that year if the games were played on an even footing.
  6. Yah if you have money that you haven’t invested, now is the time to go hard and invest as much as possible giving you a huge return on new investments. I’m a young guy so I only had like 5k invested and I knew there hadn’t been a market drop in forever so I was waiting on that and now that it has I’m going to be tripling my portfolio to strike big when the markets rebound. Actually a good stock I’ve heard from a friend who’s pretty rich to invest in is BMO. They dropped 40% way more than the rest of the market and their yield is 6%. Therefore you’re guaranteed a 6% return on your investment plus whatever you get from the market rebounding (which it will cause it’s a bank). So in the next year you could end up getting a 100% return on your investment today and that initial investment you lost, it’ll be back in a calendar year.
  7. You know it’s been theorized by analytics that teams should be pulling their goalie with 4 minutes to go
  8. Still probably better than anyone on the ice this game besides Pettersson, Virtanen, and Toffoli.
  9. Like seriously how do we play so well but our two mistakes all game cost us goals. Sooooo dumb