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  1. Sorry for the bump but just have to update that the Canucks now have 11 regulation wins in their last 14 games.
  2. Yes, but this was clearly the worst they’ve played the Blues out of their 3 matchups this season. It does suck that St Louis does play that annoying hair losing sort of hockey. Like all the turnovers in the defensive zone tonight are inexcusable.
  3. I am usually positive with the Canucks, but tonight just wasn’t it. They came out very sloppy and the puck barely left their zone in the third period. Really deserved to lose that one. Hopefully that is just a one off and we get good again
  4. I think that might be the worst effort of the season. Good on Demko to steal one
  5. Has the Canucks had the puck out of their own zone this period. An absolutely dreadful game by the team if they weren’t leading I’d be embarrassed to be a fan after a game like this. Demko lights out tonight though.