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  1. Yah if you have money that you haven’t invested, now is the time to go hard and invest as much as possible giving you a huge return on new investments. I’m a young guy so I only had like 5k invested and I knew there hadn’t been a market drop in forever so I was waiting on that and now that it has I’m going to be tripling my portfolio to strike big when the markets rebound. Actually a good stock I’ve heard from a friend who’s pretty rich to invest in is BMO. They dropped 40% way more than the rest of the market and their yield is 6%. Therefore you’re guaranteed a 6% return on your investment plus whatever you get from the market rebounding (which it will cause it’s a bank). So in the next year you could end up getting a 100% return on your investment today and that initial investment you lost, it’ll be back in a calendar year.
  2. You know it’s been theorized by analytics that teams should be pulling their goalie with 4 minutes to go
  3. Still probably better than anyone on the ice this game besides Pettersson, Virtanen, and Toffoli.
  4. Like seriously how do we play so well but our two mistakes all game cost us goals. Sooooo dumb
  5. It’s hilarious how people fear when 1 person out of the 5 million in this province get this virus where you have a 98% survival rate
  6. Still don’t trust our goaltending but damn did the Canucks play good after the first.
  7. Besides the Miller goal I think this might be Petterssons worst game of the season