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  1. How else will the Canucks ever get a top pairing D to add to their lineup? The draft is always a crapshoot for defensemen you can never be sure what you got. Maybe Hughes can turn into a #1 left side D, but then who do you have on the right side in a couple years? Tanev? Woo? Rathbone? Stecher? I don't exactly like any of those options on the top pair in a couple years. If we add a Karlsson, the trickle down effect on our D is incredible. As soon as next year we would have Hutton and Stecher as our 3rd pair...easily top 10 3rd pairing in the league. Our depth at defense looks great with Sautner, Brisebois, Chatfield, Juolevi, Woo all as possible callups, and if we want to try out our young guys, we know that there will be injuries and if a guy like Woo impresses, we can always get rid of a Tanev for picks/A- B+ prospect adding to our future as well. There is the chance that Karlsson might fall off at 35 years old 6 years into the contract or so, but that's 5 years of a legitimate top pairing (something we've never seen in our history). Plus the cap is always going up. An 11 mill contract in 6 years will be worth the same as a 7.5 mill contract now if cap increases 6 mill a year which is about average, and if worse comes to worse we can use one of the assets we got for trading Tanev to dump the Karlsson contract.
  2. Rindiculous

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Dallas Stars | Mar. 17, 2019

    You could see in the shootout that the Canucks didn't want any part of Khudobin's flying stick shooting from just below the hashmarks...don't blame them.
  3. Well I'm ready for some stick throwing from Marky.
  4. We do have an EP goal in this game...
  5. If Dallas wins this I hope the kids pick the refs as the first star.
  6. I think it went straight off marky and in.
  7. Come on Seguin was right next to him...could it not have hit him in the face?
  8. Well the Stars would have scored in between so not natural, but still would be cool.
  9. OH MY are you actually serious? I think every single game he's reffed of ours this year there has been a play that should have resulted in a goal for us, but he called it otherwise. Remember in Philly he blew it down to early where it ended up in the net, and then there were a couple others I'm forgetting off the top of my head.
  10. Yah I know, but my stream cut directly to Murph so I didn't hear what Garrett said about that.
  11. LOL I don't think it's a make up call when you bowl over the goaltender.
  12. He's gonna start playing the puck outside the trapezoid or over centre now.
  13. Have you ever seen the war room call in for us? Remember that high stick against our player early in the season? This had just came a couple games after the BS Roussel double minor that wasn't reviewed and stole a double minor from us.
  14. Rindiculous

    JB has thrown away far too many assets - needs to be replaced as GM

    A Gillis and Benning hybrid would be a great GM to have. Benning knows how to draft, Gillis knows how to handle assets and get a good team signed under the salary cap.