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  1. Sorry I 100% disagree with you. Although Demko did have a good save percentage I thought he looked shaky for the first two periods. He was really helped out tonight by stellar defence and didn’t really have to make a hard save tonight. Right now Markstrom is in the zone and it is his job to lose because he has been absolutely lights out this season and has made many incredible saves.
  2. Edler is a man possessed this season. Continue this he could be in the Norris conversation.
  3. Honestly the refs have been good tonight. The one weak call was on the hands and that was called all day last year
  4. We should all be the reporters for the Canucks!
  5. Hmmm Demko looks shaky. Shake the jitters off Demko!
  6. Love the setup. Wish I had one like that. At best I got the TV and my iPad on my lap tuned to CDC. Usually though I’m just streaming the game on my iPad and flipping back and forth to CDC
  7. Lol seeing as this is his first game of the season I think he’s looked pretty damn good
  8. I was wondering too lol. Like all of our lines are 20th or worse in the league? Like how? However I have to disagree Larkin is sick. I feel like Bo is criminally underrated at #45 centre like WTF? He’s always snubbed as a top 100 player in the league. I’d say he should be about 80 and definitely ahead of Monahan
  9. I really need to get a second goalie lol. I’m just sitting here waiting for Desmith to get out of the minors. If anyone wants to propose a goalie trade to me let me know.
  10. @WalkWithElias40 Ha I’m first now and I’m not looking back!
  11. Lolol lots of players underperform at the beginning of the season. Just got to take a look at my fantasy team. Both Tavares and Benn are usually up around 5-7 fantasy points a game while they’re currently at 2 this season. Just gotta wait and you’ll see the magic
  12. Wow Horvat and Pearson got so much chemistry. If only they could find a fit as their third line mate...oh wait he’s in Utica.
  13. Unfortunately for me my gf is a jets fan and just laughs in my face when the Canucks lose.
  14. One of those trades that get immediate results for both sides lolol
  15. Yah I know all my top players are underperforming except for Matt Calvert and Brayden Mcnabb lol.