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  1. lolol wrong draft bud. Hughes was the consensus pick by almost everyone when he fell to us. Some people thought Bouchard or Dobson, but really we all wanted the dynamic defenseman.
  2. As much as I want him to continue his 1.5 goal per game pace, I have to say Roussel.
  3. I was one of the ones who was on the fence about the trade. I had watched J.T. Miller a handful of times and loved the player (stated that he was basically a Horvat clone) and I’d be fine with giving up a first for Horvat although at the time I thought it was fair value. So far Miller has gone above and beyond fair value.
  4. lol if the refs didn’t call that last one this might have been the worst reffed game of all time
  5. Horvat gonna be a vegetable by the time the refs call a penalty on a headshot on him