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  1. One thing Burke never had was a Calder finalist. He also never had a rookie make the all star game. Benning looks to be heading for 3 years in a row with both. I've been a fan for almost 40 years and I've never seen my team look as promising as They do right now. They haven't accomplished what burkes team did, no, but even the fact that we had prominent prospects in the world juniors this year is something relatively new for this franchise, and quite exciting. I'm glad he didn't get fired when the team was growing and struggling. We'll see how things play out for sure. I loved the Sedins and kes and I loved that team. Here's hoping the team Benning is building brings us our first cup, something they were unfortunately never able to do
  2. At some point that system needs to be adjusted. Can't just hope the puck comes to them. Markstrom could have touched all 5 Canucks with his stick they were so collapsed
  3. And yet he's -2. I know it's not the most reliable stat, but that has to say something. I notice it too. His skill set is off the chart, but if he played as hard as petey in all areas of the game all the time he'd be unstoppable. As it stands I see him costing his team pretty often, even as he's piling up the points
  4. Seems like they only call it one way. When it's eichel on petey it's just good defense
  5. I disagree. I think they played well for most of the games in November, just had bad puck luck. The only game I thought we were thoroughly outplayed was the Dallas one I remember thinking after almost every game " if we play like that we will win more than we lose ". I haven't looked at the advanced stats, but I wouldn't be surprised if we were the better team for most of those losses
  6. Did anyone post the condensed game? I can't find it anywhere
  7. I wonder who the scapegoat will be when Loui is gone?
  8. Baer gaudette virt this certainly isn't a shutdown line, so what's their purpose? I think that's why some may think it's a weak 3rd line, as on paper it's not a strong offensive or defensive line.
  9. Instead of thinking of lines as a threesome, I kinda think pairs is a better way to look at it. Petey/Brock was a pair for most of last season. Because of the injury to Baer, Horvat didn't really have a partner in crime. This year I believe he will, just not sure who it'll be. The 3rd part of the top 2 lines will likely revolve depending on injury and who's hot. Lines likely won't stay stable, but usually pairs are kept together
  10. I think alf meant that's when his KHL contract is up
  11. We had a Calder finalist last year, a Calder winner this year and have a Calder candidate for next year. That means 3 pieces of our core are among the top talent in the league in their age group. If we lack the necessary talent that would mean the young core that has been built isn't good enough. You can only have so many superstars on a team now making elite money with the cap. Are petey boeser and Hughes not good enough? If that's the case we should start over now because It would seem GMJB has decided they will be that core along with Horvat and demko and maybe gaudette podzolkin joulevi tryamkin depending on their development. We likely wouldn't be able to afford to pay many more big time players Than that, so the rest of the roster it would seem will be filled with what he's filled it with, which is role players, and I think he's done a good job of that too. I like the team that he's built and can't wait to cheer for them this October.