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  1. A point that seems to be forgotten is that by surrounding the kids with better talent now while they're young it will speed up their development by giving them players to look up to and learn from. Even if we miss the playoffs this year I'm still happy with what Benning has done. Petey and boeser not feeling like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders is worth more than a draft pick imo. I'd rather have a strong team for years that was built with prospects and surrounded by vets than waste our kids' elc's cellar dwelling hoping for more high end picks. Time will tell, I suppose.
  2. I remember some total homer saying he was the best D in his draft and that we'd all find out soon enough. Everyone pretty much gave him the business, what with Dahlin being generational and all. Wish I could remember who that poster was. I can't believe we get to watch him in Canucks colours every night. How lucky are we?
  3. Reasonable price. With the depth we have we can afford it, plus shedding schaller's contract is a plus. We have many forwards ahead of madden on the prospect depth chart. I like it
  4. One thing Burke never had was a Calder finalist. He also never had a rookie make the all star game. Benning looks to be heading for 3 years in a row with both. I've been a fan for almost 40 years and I've never seen my team look as promising as They do right now. They haven't accomplished what burkes team did, no, but even the fact that we had prominent prospects in the world juniors this year is something relatively new for this franchise, and quite exciting. I'm glad he didn't get fired when the team was growing and struggling. We'll see how things play out for sure. I loved the Sedins and kes and I loved that team. Here's hoping the team Benning is building brings us our first cup, something they were unfortunately never able to do
  5. At some point that system needs to be adjusted. Can't just hope the puck comes to them. Markstrom could have touched all 5 Canucks with his stick they were so collapsed
  6. And yet he's -2. I know it's not the most reliable stat, but that has to say something. I notice it too. His skill set is off the chart, but if he played as hard as petey in all areas of the game all the time he'd be unstoppable. As it stands I see him costing his team pretty often, even as he's piling up the points
  7. Seems like they only call it one way. When it's eichel on petey it's just good defense
  8. I disagree. I think they played well for most of the games in November, just had bad puck luck. The only game I thought we were thoroughly outplayed was the Dallas one I remember thinking after almost every game " if we play like that we will win more than we lose ". I haven't looked at the advanced stats, but I wouldn't be surprised if we were the better team for most of those losses
  9. Did anyone post the condensed game? I can't find it anywhere