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  1. I think alf meant that's when his KHL contract is up
  2. We had a Calder finalist last year, a Calder winner this year and have a Calder candidate for next year. That means 3 pieces of our core are among the top talent in the league in their age group. If we lack the necessary talent that would mean the young core that has been built isn't good enough. You can only have so many superstars on a team now making elite money with the cap. Are petey boeser and Hughes not good enough? If that's the case we should start over now because It would seem GMJB has decided they will be that core along with Horvat and demko and maybe gaudette podzolkin joulevi tryamkin depending on their development. We likely wouldn't be able to afford to pay many more big time players Than that, so the rest of the roster it would seem will be filled with what he's filled it with, which is role players, and I think he's done a good job of that too. I like the team that he's built and can't wait to cheer for them this October.
  3. Pretty sure JB has stuck to his plan all along and this is the next phase. Phase 1 was building a new core through the draft. That has been done. Phase 2 is to surround that core with a supporting cast of NHL caliber players. That has been done last year and this year. Now the the question is whether it will be good enough as they all grow and mesh together. With the last 6 drafts JB picked what he believed to be the best core he could in respect to balance and skill. Only 1 cup winner per year, so that means 30 (soon to be 31) failures per year and the same amount of incompetent GMs. As fans of the team we now get to see the product GMJB has assembled. Maybe it's good enough. Maybe not. But this is the end of the plan. That doesn't mean there won't be tinkering and growth from prospects too, but it would seem ep40 boeser Hughes demko and Bo are the core to be built around with Pod gaud woo etc developing as cavalry. Time to ride them horses to see where they take us
  4. The only black and white thing is that you're trying to pass your opinion off as fact. I believe we got a roster piece we needed with a good cap hit for a reasonable price. Because I think that does it make it black and white?
  5. We've picked top 10 6 years in a row now. I'm glad Benning made the miller deal. I'm on board with building around the high end youth that we have. If you wait for the draft to provide everything you will wait forever. I like the core JB has built and I think he does too. OJ Hughes boeser petey virtanen demko along with Horvat is a pretty good crop of first rounders. That doesn't even take into account try, woo, pod, gaud etc. Now is the time to either ride that core and see where it goes or start over. Waiting any longer will waste the valuable cheaper years of our young stars. I think JBs long term plan is coming to a head. now we get to see what he's built and how it stacks up against the rest of the league. The ride starts this year. I'm in
  6. Can't see us not making it next year. Deeper than last year and we almost made it with that team while weathering poorly timed injuries. I'm happy with today and optimistic about the future
  7. Highest ceiling of anyone left. I'm ok with that
  8. Would markstrom or demko be better than every other teams backups? Would they be taken if exposed?
  9. Unsure of how many goals and points he would get in today's game, but an interesting way to look at Gretzky's dominance was how far away second place was when he was winning scoring titles.
  10. If any of those things happen I'd be happy
  11. Any of tanev sutter or Hutton leaving would make that position weaker. That's kind of my point. Those 3 are 2 top 4 d and a pretty good centre. Internally replacing them would weaken that position immediately. The cap space thing is another option, of course, but it's not like we are swimming in capable top 4 d. Gaudette maybe replaces sutter, but is gaudette a better player than sutter right now? If Benning finds a way to unload players for better players I'm all for it. I just don't expect us to come out that far ahead in any trade player for player.
  12. The thing with trades that are player for player is that it only works if a team has a surplus of something. Seth Jones for Ryan Johansson comes to mind. I look at our team and our current assets and the only thing we seem to have an abundance of is fringe nhlers. If we are trading anything it will be prospects or picks, which at this stage doesn't seem like a great idea either. Anyone traded from our organization worth anything wouldn't be able to be replaced internally, which wouldn't really do us any good.
  13. Green used Loui where and how he did because Loui can play anywhere and do most things. If he was gifted the ice and opportunities others were he likely would have had more results on the stat sheets. Kudos to Loui for doing whatever the coach asked him to. I don't blame him for being a bit salty about it, but also kudos to him for never complaining about anything during the season and just putting his head down and going to work. The only wind anyone got of those feelings was after the season from a translated Swedish interview (which have been loosely translated in the past) hoping for success in his future, here or elsewhere. Guy is a consummate pro
  14. As a fan of hockey with no real interest in who wins this series, I am thoroughly disgusted with the officiating thus far. It's a disgrace. I wonder how many more apologies the league will have to issue to teams and gms before the cup is won?
  15. So I wonder what would happen if you had two goalies with NMC's?
  16. That's where I misunderstood. Thanks! I also thought you could only protect one goalie. Thought it might have been an issue if expansion rules forced you to protect only one goalie but contracts forced you to protect two
  17. Ok. I thought one of the stumbling blocks with edlers contract negotiations was the NTC, because that meant we had to protect him
  18. Weird question. What would happen if a team had 2 goalies under contract with NTC when the expansion draft happens?
  19. I thought he was playing great when he was ultimately press-boxed for the season. I watched him away from the play and noticed far better effort on both sides of the puck. When he was taken out of the lineup I was shocked. As has been stated nobody here knows the complete happenings behind closed doors, but it did seem quite an odd move at the time. I do wish he would have been left in to work his way out of hitting posts and figure out how to be a little more comfortable. A little longer leash may have helped him to stop squeezing the stick too tight. It it almost seems like green wants clones or robots instead of creative players. I personally prefer watching skill players do creative things. By the end of the season even petey stopped doing creative things. I get that young players need to learn when to take chances and when not to, but sometimes mistakes help them figure it out as much as lectures and riding the pine. I guess I just felt his leash was incredibly short, and far shorter than other top 6 players on our team. I wonder what what happens with him next year
  20. Apart from the virt flu joke I was pretty close. No selling of vets as they were either hurt or edler. We held on to playoff hopes a bit longer than I thought we would, partly because of how weak the competition was. We'll see about the pick
  21. We'd have far more wins. Losing edler and tanev at the same time cost us. Our record without those 2 was abysmal, especially the first bad stretch where beagle and sutter were both out too. Shame, really. Excited about the team we have though. GCG!
  22. Not sure if I did this right, but here's the odds. after top 3 each place drop other than 9-10 costs 1 percentage point or less. 9-10 costs 1.5 percentage points. It is a lottery
  23. Green didn't ice the 1st power play unit on the final power play because we were up lots. That sends a message to the team that the game is over. Hope he learned that lesson