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  1. Anyone know who to follow for gifs now? With Biech gone I don't know where to find highlights.
  2. What is the rule regarding the birthdate? I've heard some people say that players are eligible as long as they are 19 at the start of the Tournament, I've also heard that you have to be 19 throughout the whole thing. Either way Hoglander will miss out on eligibility in his draft+2 season by a few days. I remember being disappointed by that a couple years ago with Dahlen (they have the same birthday)
  3. This guy playing on the first line at the Summer showcase yesterday is the most under the radar Canucks prospect news. I know it was a blowout, but did anyone watch the game and see much out of Focht?
  4. Terrible nickname that struck me during a 14 hour drive... Vasili Bulldozin Its stuck in my head now and its what my brain call him, suits his style of play at least
  5. They are likely looking to trade up for Zegras, he's the one guy they brought in for a visit that they would have to trade up for. Hoping Detroit is looking to trade down for Podkolzin.
  6. Late to this party. Ranking these at pick 10, if we moved my list would as well. Dach, Cozens and Turcotte would also fall into the want category... I would do terrible things for us to draft Byram WANT Zegras Boldy Krebs OK WITH Newhook Seider Caufield DON'T WANT Broberg Broberg Broberg
  7. Boldy 4, Turcotte 4, Legare 2 Byram 5, Korczak 2 Sogaard 3
  8. I think the reason Edmonton didn't have a jersey ready is because they are a mess and couldn't pull their heads out of their butts. My understanding was that Bouchard dropped a bit due to concerns about his lateral skating, he is a good enough skater is straight lines but was able to be beat by skilled shifty players that force him to try to move east and west. I personally would have been extremely upset if we took Bouchard over Hughes last year. Going into this draft I'm really hoping we come away with Zegras or Boldy, either one of these guys would fit in perfectly in our top 6. With some much uncertainty in the top ten I hadn't put much thought into us getting a Dach or Cozens but it could very well play out that way as well. going to be a really long wait for this event next week!
  9. I'm late replying to this one so sorry if someone already pointed this out. But that Torey Krug guy just had a great playoffs and he is right around the same size as Q. Hughes.
  10. I think if a team has a lot of confidence in their ability to develop raw prospects then I think they would take him quite high, hoping that Detroit grabs him for that reason.
  11. He was drafted in the first round of the QMJHL draft. He committed to Boston College at a young age
  12. In a draft with this much parity you could be sitting a 10 with 4 players left on the board you really like. If you trade down 4 spots you are still guaranteed to get one of your guys and add an additional asset as well.
  13. I take Cozens, but I'm from northern Canada so i might be biased. Regardless the kid is supposed to be one of the safest picks in the draft, if we drafted him I would be more than happy to move Virtanen in a trade
  14. I will jump out of my seat if the Oilers take Broberg at 8. Best case scenario, Wings take Podkolzin, Oil take Broberg and we have the choice between Zegras and Boldy.
  15. Turcotte ranked #10 too. Craig was dropping some hot takes on this ranking list