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  1. Just like Julien Gauthier? These type of players are the trap picks that teams get sucked into making. Virtanen, Crouse, Gauthier, Tippett etc So many better options.
  2. Looks like the Cnaucks are going to pick in the 8-12 range. One of Zegras, Krebs, Brink, Soderstrom, Heinola, Dorofeyev should be there
  3. Lavoie would be a diaster pick. Stay away from him. Draft players with high end hockey sense.
  4. Zegras, Turcotte, Krebs, Boldy, Soderstrom at least one of them should be there in the 8-12 range where the Canucks will pick. Bowen Byram would be amazing but he's going top 5 at this rate.
  5. R.Dahlin26

    Tyler Madden | C

  6. R.Dahlin26

    Tyler Madden | C

    He might be the steal of the draft. He has the skill of a top 10 pick. Reminds me of Kyle Connor.
  7. Elias Pettersson is proving to be a Generational Talent by the numbers and eye test. He is in special company with other generational players like Crosby, McDavid, Ovechkin. If I was building a franchise: 1. McDavid 2. Pettersson 3. Matthews 4. Barkov 5. Dahlin 6. MacKinnon 7. Eichel 8. Kucherov 9. Scheifele 10. Barzal
  8. If they could snatch Anttoni Honka with a mid-first that would be nice. If he continued playing like he was last year he would be a top 5 pick for me.
  9. R.Dahlin26

    [PGT] Minnesota Wild at Vancouver Canucks | Dec. 04, 2018

    Huge one goal victory!!!!!
  10. R.Dahlin26

    [GDT] Wild at Nucks 7pm Rogers Arena Dec 4 2018

    You have 2 players with 40 goal level shots and the power play set up can't even get them opportunities to shoot embarrassing
  11. R.Dahlin26

    [GDT] Wild at Nucks 7pm Rogers Arena Dec 4 2018

    Tanev as a kid must have had a traumatizing experience with shooting pucks on net guy is legit terrified of shooting
  12. R.Dahlin26

    [GDT] Wild at Nucks 7pm Rogers Arena Dec 4 2018

    jesus hit the net gudbarnson
  13. R.Dahlin26

    [GDT] Wild at Nucks 7pm Rogers Arena Dec 4 2018

    Virtanen is completely ineffective when he isn't physically involved like these last 2-3 games