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  1. Lafreniere - Pettersson - Boeser Miller - Horvat - Podkolzin Hoglander - Gaudette - Virtanen
  2. A couple more losses and we're back into the top 10. Would love Lucas Raymond.
  3. https://66.media.tumblr.com/085a5b0c417f3548a4243933b497d8db/ac0c5ba2a719d83e-65/s250x400/32d4fe991ecba9cf465c3a2a7e416179841417c4.gifv
  4. Time to fire the guy who constructed this garbage team. Benning needs to be fired asap. Green needs to go as well as the top young players are all regressing under him.
  5. Watching him, his passing and hockey IQ is very good and under appreciated. His skating style is old school, but effective. Can go end-to-end effortlessly. Elite defensively. One thing that he needs to improve on is his shot and to get into better positions to get off his shot. This will allow him to be a dual threat like Pettersson and Boeser. The play drives through him which is a very good sign. Still compare him to a Brady Tkachuk / Landeskog style player who could round out a top line. Excited to watch him at the WJC.
  6. He's a bust. Unfortunately couldn't even manage to play a NHL game 4 seasons after being drafted. Passing on Tkachuk will go down as a Kopitar level miss. Hopefully someone like Rathbone who I'm high on can develop into a top 4 d-man.
  7. 1. Lafreniere 2. Raymond 3. Byfield 4. Lundell 5. Perfetti 6. Stutzle 7. Holtz 8. Barron 9. Rossi 10. Mysak
  8. Disaster. Dim Benning will be fired after they miss the playoffs next year. 2021 first round pick left unprotected for the new GM
  9. Tomorrow I'm hoping for one of Dorofeyev/Brink/Kaliyev/Kolyachonok/Korczak/Puistola/Hoglander/Robertson at 40
  10. Really wanted Seider lol. Nice pick by DET. Podkolzin is great value at 10, hard nosed high compete, with top line skill. Plays nasty and in your face, hates to lose. Can see him being a Brady Tkachuk type without the shenanigans. XXX - Pettersson - Boeser Podkolzin - Horvat - Madden Pearson - Gaudette - Lockwood Alexis Lafreniere or Lucas Raymond would be nice on that top line. Maybe we get lucky and land Panarin.