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  1. Okay, as if all the issues already facing Japan weren't enough, reports are coming out now that a volcano is erupting in the south of Japan. Unreal.
  2. Agreed I will never let it die. Another awesome death metal band from Australia of all places: Be'lakor. Only two albums out so far but both are incredible and even somewhat fresh in a genre that was going stale. Their album released this year 'Stone's Reach' is currently voted the best metal album of the year on metalstorm.ee, and I would agree with that. Their songs follow no structure (intro, verse, chorus, etc), but simply flow in a natural and progressive form, with some songs containing as many as 20 or more different parts. Couple of samples:
  3. Yea man, I know what you mean. It takes a few listens for me to start getting into certain bands, and I would group Insomnium among those for myself. But now I can't get enough of them, they are incredible once you get to know their songs. They have 4 albums out now, the most recent coming out in September called "Across The Dark." "Above The Weeping World" is probably their strongest album, followed by "The Day It All Came Down." They are so underrated and under-appreciated. I don't even know if they have toured outside of Finland yet but I know they have a huge fan base around the world. Definitely worth just clicking through songs on youtube or something and getting to know them. Many of their songs have these great acoustic interludes where everything slows down and then builds back up again, reminiscent of old In Flames. Anyways... \m/
  4. I will certainly be attending the Ensiferum/Hypocrisy show in November. Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom will be playing guitar in Hypocrisy, which is an added bonus, but I'll be there primarily for Enisiferum. I leave you with some awesome songs from Insomnium, probably one of the best Melodic Death Metal bands ever, and certainly they are the current leaders of the genre with In Flames departing from their original sound. Seriously, Insomnium has it all, amazing riffs and melodies, great growling and clean vocals, and actually excellent and meaningful lyrics:
  5. Has this douchebag killed himself yet?