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  1. Wasn't gonna go thru the effort for the first roster announcement but once they added EP-AG-OJ to the roster I was on the 1000am. hotline to SOEC. Worth it now for my three and a half hour drive each way. Stoked to see Chatfield again. He's got good size and kind of wiry and edgy in a Duncan Keith way. Palmu, Jasek, Lind, Gadjovich and Di Pietro I bet light it up. WOO HOO Too. Small new arena, great place to see a game, tickets cheap...make the trek you lower mainlanders it'll be worth every penny. Looking forward to Sept. 29th in Kelowna.
  2. Cat Man

    Best radio personalities for Canucks coverage

    Canucks Central at Noon hands down. I could listen to Auldy talk all day. Sat's no slouch either.
  3. Cat Man

    2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    Hey All. Lurker and longtime fan's intro post. I keep in mind years ago asking about season ticket availability and being chortled at. Oh well a losing team opens up new fan possibilities. A couple of quarter seasons for the first time and off to a great start for our attendance record. Chicago, San Jose, Edmonton, L.A. all wins, our only loss being pre season Vegas. Beginners luck for sure. Our Canucks rep accessible during the early "courting/honeymoon" period now rarely answers the phone so we deal with whoever does. Last game we noticed him approach then take a seat with a couple three down from us. "He's gonna come and introduce himself to us" I mentioned to my wife. "What for" she said. "Working the crowd..paying attention to the fan base" my reply. So after a bit the three rise share a hug and he leaves. "His parents" my wife says. Surely us quarters are small fish in the sea. We watch all the games, have for years until the station gets changed during a painful shellacking and attending is icing on the cake but the thing is we travel six hours from the interior to Vancouver. We're struggling with resubscribing next season and wondering if anyone would sell us a handful of centre ice lower bowl (club?) seats through out the season next year? With that said we've two offensive perimeter lower bowl seats for the Boston game if anyone is interested? Can't say I plan on posting much here but while I've your ear...... The Sedins aren't going anywhere and like Bertuzzi said "the franchise and the twins owe it to each other to work it out". Two million or so for another season I say. Bo is our next captain and only power forward. Henrik presents him with the C at the end of this season. Baer is slick and worth hanging on to. As much as Edler frustrates me he's a beast at times and isn't going any where so another season will be fine. Poor Loui and his albatross contract. Tanev is a heart and soul guy and by far our #1 D man. Brock (our sniper) deserves the Calder and we need it for him....along with 8 million or so in 20/21? Sad for all Dorsett forced to hang em up. Vanek the best UFA signing. Why lose one of our highest scorers? Looks like he enjoys playing..I enjoy watching. Goldobin's history. He's lost in the bigs. No board battles or push. Back to the motherland sorry. Keep hoping for Jake. Big and quick he's just gotta figure out his role and positioning. Stetch/Biega firecrackers. Little pounding worker bots...awesome. Del Zotto worth every penny "grinds" well. Pouliot smooth...give him some time. On the fence about Hutton, Gudbranson, Gagne. Character guys no doubt! How can Dowd win so many face-offs? What a steal for Subban. Go Gaunce. Marky #1, Anders keeping the seat warm for Demko's arrival...mid next season? Green,Benning and Linden big thumbs up. We are in good hands. Petterson,Gaudette,Lind,Gadjovich,Chatfield,Joulevi and our 4th overall this year...good to go. Looking out the window it's time to put the laptop down and go fire up the shovel and snowblower. GO CANUCKS.