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  1. Can't stand the TSN 1040 Morning Show

    Was in a poor reception area of the Sunshine Coast this morning. AM 1040 was the only clear signal, and oh horror, Dave 'total' Pratt had the mic.. Wow #1......Tony Gallagher was on and said 'no-one realised how serious the Juolevi back injury is'.........I must have missed the news release where his prognosis changed from minor to serious. Unbelievable. What bull crap ! Wow #2....Dave the Pratt asks.....'Is there a more dysfunctional management group than in Vancouver ? Okay, okay, I get it, Ottawa is up there too.' Don't know who the co-host was ( male, but with a non macho voice ).....he was actually pretty good.
  2. [Discussion] 2019 draft the time is now

    Too many posters seem to not understand the 50 player roster issue. Not surprising that these same posters are totally committed to shiny new toys everywhere. Today, we are at a point where depth has been taken care of in many areas. We will always need a tweak or two, but our prime need now is quality and not quantity. We have some superb prospects in the wings, but we need more. You always need more quality. We are not a team with a set top 6/ top 4, even if all our prime prospects knock it out of the park at training camp.
  3. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    I wonder how much of him 'being out of shape' had to do with being newly married ? Have heard that it can be a distraction. Someone asked, earlier in this thread, how is his current fitness level. I think the answer to that question might be what his 'normal' fitness level is. ( edit... @gurn )
  4. Forgetting any differences that may have existed on the day they signed, things were still totally different. Shanahan came in with 'we do it the Shanahan way or I don't sign'. Linden came in on the 'yes sir, no sir, where do I sign sir ?' plan. Shanahan had full and total control from day one. It took Linden / Benning a year or more to convince Aqualini to allow them to take control of the rebuild/ retool.
  5. [Discussion] Quantity for quality

    Please expand. Have heard vague ( minor bloggers ? ) stuff about Gagner, nothing in a while about Sutter and MDZ nothing. I just assume that this is the usual dart throwing from the semi-pro bloggers that are infecting too many outlets. On the other hand, it might just be the newish 'trade Sutter' blah, blah from CDC now that the 'trade Tanev' garbage has slowed down.
  6. Jacob Markstrom | #25 | G

    There will so so many ?s at camp this year. Most will be about our very shiny new toys. There will be a number of ?s about veterans. Eriksson, Gaunce, Sutter and Markstrom. Markstrom, after years of grooming, kind of dropped the ball in his bid to be a #1 goaltender. Too many early goals and too many games with a soft goal. 2018/ 19 is, I believe, the make or break year for JM. He has the ability. Can he make ability into reality ?
  7. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    I hate to admit it, but after the Canucks, I probably know more about the TML than any other NHL team. It's hard not to be influenced by the tsunami of propaganda from TO, especially now that we are into the summer doldrums. Heck, I even know that Morgan's last name is Rielly ! The Tavares signing has been well covered. TML are definitely a top 8 team now. ( opinion, not fact ) But......the window to the SCF is not wide open. The TML management are going to be hard pressed to meet their cap obligations while still remaining in that top 8. Fine for this upcoming season, but then someone lets the dogs out. All sorts of RFA A+ players to keep happy and not much coming off the books. But, addressing their dmen shortage is possibly a bigger problem. Maybe LL in NY solves all their issues with one TML friendly trade ? Perhaps TML can have success with a mediocre defence. I don't think so, but 2022's version of Cpt Hindsight will let us know. To go into Dave Pratt mode.......'what we know for sure is.....' the TML will be perfect within the Shannaplan !
  8. [Signing] Golden Knights re-sign Marc-Andre Fleury

    Not too sure what you would do when MAF said 'thanks, but no thanks'. UFA status for top players is a huge bargaining chip. Putting down the GM that put an expansion team in the SCF is a tad over the top, even for CDC !
  9. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    When his KHL contract ends, his value on the 'nucks or in a trade to a 'Russian friendly' team will be a great asset. I have no idea which team has the best off ice support system for Russians ( Washington ? , TB ? ). I'm guessing that the off ice support is important to Mr & Mrs T. !!
  10. Zack MacEwen | C/RW

    Started watching MacEwan late in his in his Gatineau period, before the 'nucks signed him. Of course my interest went way up once he was signed. He was great at the CHL level, but I don't remember him being a 'distributor' of the puck. I see him as a wing, or a Sutter type centre at best. Way, way too early to start pencilling him in as a centre, but maybe a cup of coffee on the wing next season.
  11. [Signing] Golden Knights re-sign Marc-Andre Fleury

    33, almost 34........4 year contract !!!( 1 + 3 ) is the Toronto media able to stay silent ? DimVegas !......./s
  12. Sam Gagner | #89 | C/W

    Not referring to anyone specific. Also, SG would be first on my 'trade, please' list. It is the overly negative and often harsh piling on that happens once a player becomes the official 'whipping boy du jour' that irks me. Players like Megna signed to be AHL/ depth players who end up playing 100% over their heads should be appreciated as an AHL player not as a 1st line plug. etc. etc.
  13. Sam Gagner | #89 | C/W

    It's looking like SG is the official target of the basement bully boy brigade on CDC for next season, so I'm a tad surprised that this tweet ( taken from the 'trades/ rumours thread ) hasn't gotten the 4B crowd howling in unison. Okay it's from HockeyBuzz, but that's never stopped a good CDCer before !
  14. goals,goals...from who?

    For anyone thinking that this is a serious article, just wow ! Secondly, it's a poke at the fans of Vancouver, not the team ( ie....'us' ) SBNation is a NY outfit that has only a passing interest in hockey ( opinion, no proof ). My guess is that they subcontract all hockey pieces to the experts, the Toronto media ! ( /s ). This piece is probably written by some man bunned, skinny jeaned Younge St wanker who is probably snickering thinking that the rubes west of the Rockies will not comprehend his Torontoesque brilliance ! PS.......even in his sarcasm, he gets BB's total correct.
  15. No glamour in the film industry. It's a myth !