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  1. Cool stuff! And is it @debluvscanucks i hear with the bell?
  2. Wait... Has it only been 9 days??? Feels like atleast 2.5 weeks
  3. I have no problem to figure out what to do with all the free time.. Just got 28 pages on how i, as a manager should react if one of my employees tests positive for The virus... I can tell that it will take hours to desinfect everything
  4. Edit: Ofcourse im late 13 mins after its posted.. I think Vintage is a bot that updates from all Canucks' social media?
  5. Predict the winner and the score - Avs win 4-2Bonus question - Which team takes more shots? CanucksBonus bonus question - Miller
  6. This game is CRUCIAL 4-3 Canucks Canucks scores first Miller
  7. So Dahlen is currently The top scorer in The League after 4G1A tonight in Timrås 11-1 win over Almtuna. 33G40A 73TP with 3 games to go before playoffs League best ever is 77TP during regular season