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  1. Try to stand in the way of tryamkin after he had 2 minutes of doing laps to get his speed up!
  2. Correct, goal 1 was a wrister on the rush though, final goal on the PP
  3. In Swedish, baseline is EP and Markstrom said yes to The WC.. So there will be some more games to see of: Hughes, (Boeser?) - US Markström, Pettersson - Sweden (Bo?) - Canada
  4. Ive seen him do that at like 16/17 years old at a Timrå practice, i still have trouble getting my jaw back in place
  5. Look at the red wings with 4 straight wins could have been last but is now 28th
  6. And Titans win stage 1 of season 2 after an amazing final, trailing 1-0,2-1 and 3-2 in the best of 7 they finished out on the last map (Rialto) dominating the San Francisco Shock and blew away the fastest finish record in the League finishing in only 3,33.. (earlier record was 4,30)
  7. For anyone Thats intressted Titans win stage 1 of the OWL, goes undefeated through the whole stage (10-0 total)
  8. If any Canadian team outside of vancouver Should win i would want to see the Jets or Canadiens win.. Laffs and Lames can f#*k themselves