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  1. Seems both Dahlén and Andersson if pointing towards depression and maybe some performance anxiety.. Hopefully they can get those feelings under control, and I personally wish Dahlén can come back to NA for another try, might be fun for him to battle EP40 for years, childhood friends as they are
  2. Translation: Welcome back Lias! Its on a loan for the rest of the season.
  3. Petey for The Lady Byng?
  4. Predict the winner and the score - 5-1 Canucks Bonus question - Sharks more pim Bonus bonus question - Horvat with the last goal
  5. In Timrå, Sweden we dont do Sophomore slumps
  6. Canucks win 5-3 Cpt. Bo GWG Petey outscores The finnish bust
  7. Bad thing about current games: Coyotes leads 3-2 with 7 min to go Good thing: Panthers disassembles Laffs with a 6-1 lead after 26 mins
  8. 4 AM game in Thailand so will sadly miss it (3-0-2) while im in Thailand so far!
  9. Something like that for me too, i think 1 AM (Krabi, Thailand)