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  1. Lots of rumours swirling right now around Olli being shipped out for a bottom 6 forward from Jersey, either Simmonds or Wood.
  2. I wouldn't mind the price IF this wasn't a rental. People can speculate, but, as of right now, we have no reason to believe that Toffoli is going to re-sign. We're going into the draft without our 1st or 2nd and shipped out a prospect who had top-6 potential. This move has Benning's smell of desperation to get into the playoffs this year at the cost of patient development. Thumbs down.
  3. 1. Dave Lewis runs Boeser from behind in 2017, vicious hit. No pushback. Canucks score on the ensuing pp, Green says that was revenge. 2. Matheson body slams Petey. "I didn't see anything, did you see anything? I didn't see anything." is the response. 3. Boeser is again run by the Kings this pre-season and again "I didn't see anything, did you see anything? I didn't see anything." response. 4. Petey gets dirtied in Boston. No response at all, Myers pretends nothing happened. Reality is, this team hasn't stood up for its stars for years.
  4. Myers did an Erhoff-esque fly by on the play.
  5. The quote I believe was from a Russian hockey analyst, who says he knows Tree well both as a hockey player and as a person. Take that for what you will. More concerning is the explanation of why he lost the captaincy in his second season. Again, same analyst, said it was because the coach thought he wasn't hustling enough. I don't know, it's an interesting article, but def doesn't paint him in the best light. Says that his NHL ceiling now, having plateaued in the KHL is probably 6th or 7th dman. Should ruffle some feathers here, I expect.
  6. Corey Pronman over at The Athletic did his mid-season rankings of NHL prospects. Podz came in a 16th, behind players drafted in front of him such as Soderstrom, Kaliyev and Caufield. He didn't say anything negative, aside that he needs more offensive consistency. Pronman has mixed record on Canuck prospects. He wasn't too high on Petey, but drooled over Hughes (ranking him ahead of Makar), so who knows?
  7. The reality is, Olli has had major back and knee surgeries the previous two years, and now, is apparently having hip problems. This is all before playing a minute of NHL action. I like him, I like the way he plays the game, but his lack of physicality has stood out ever since I started watching him last year in the A. As for the injury not being serious, unfortunately, management has little credibility on that score.
  8. Wowsers, that Toronto prospect, Sandin... kid got walked on that final goal.
  9. Podz just did an AMAZING through the legs pass to a player who had a wide open net, and the guy missed. He keeps doing what he's doing, I see first line potential.
  10. Welcome! Seider looks like a stud, Germany has quietly produced some pretty decent NHL d-men. BTW, Bavaria is awesome, I remember I went to a club game in Inglostadt (I think) once upon a time.
  11. Podz looks very solid today. 1A, easily could have had a second if his teammate was a better finisher. He looks big, strong, controls the puck well (a couple controlled o-zone entries) with decent hands. There have been A LOT of mediocre players that have tore through this tournament (and a lot of great ones too, granted), so I'm not really that bothered by his average box scores. More importantly, he looks like he has the tools and mechanics to be a good player down the road for us. Above average prospect, even if it's not a home run. I think with the previous two drafts of Petey and Hughes, we might have gotten a bit spoiled.
  12. I have a hunch Benning is hunting bigger fish. Word had it we were scouting Kings games heavily this year, Toffoli being the most likely target. Benning has gone on record as saying he's looking to add a top-six winger. If he's established, they don't come cheap. Ask him about JT Miller. I wouldn't be shocked if we are sniffing around Brandon Saad or Andreas Athanasiou either. They might have been looking at Anderson in Columbus as well, before he got hurt. If Benning adds, I would it expect it to be a big heavy winger. Oh boy, I know I'm going to get filleted for this this, but I could see the team including Kole Lind in the package. Got to pay to play.
  13. First time I've watched Hogs play, kid is absolutely flying out there today.