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  1. My understanding is, the league doesn't consider coke a performance enhancing substance, but rather, a substance of abuse. As a result, he has the choice to enter a treatment program. I would actually call this a progressive league policy. If tests positive again, ala Zack Kassian, then I believe, the consequences are more serious. I see here a person that is struggling with a mental health problem. Hope he gets better and gets the help he needs.
  2. There were rumours, in June, that Benning was sniffing around the Sabres defence, with Bogosian, and Ristolainen being mentioned. Obviously a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, but I wouldn't mind seeing a swap centered around Tanev. I think we would have to add some major sweetners that we probably can't afford though.
  3. As of right now, he has to beat out Motte, Schaller and Macewen for a spot on the LW of the team. Schaller and Zack, probably, but I can't see the team waiving Motte and losing him for nothing to make room for Loui.
  4. I'm very aware how unpopular it is on this fan-based website to say anything negative about our guys. So I'll choose my words carefully. I bought the Comet's streaming package last year, in large part to watch OJ (but was generally very excited for the team). What I noticed was a kid with smooth skating, soft hands, fantastic at defensive zone exits. I also noticed that he had a lot of trouble in the corners and effectively tying or clearing his man from the front of the net. Basically, some great hockey tools, but lacking the physicality of a NHL d-man.
  5. Eriksson is heading to Utica, no doubt about it. I think he made his power play, hoping to force a trade to Dallas. The Canucks could only swing Edmonton, maybe Ottawa and Loui said no. It seems clear a Dallas trade isn't in the works, now his agent is trying to back pedal and spin that the whole situation isn't a big deal. No way the Canucks take the chance of losing Motte, Leivo or Goldobin for nothing on waivers, instead of hoping a team takes the Loui problem off their hand for free.
  6. A guy who has a combined 32 points in the past two seasons and is on the books for two more years at 4.5 million, has value? I doubt it. I think JB would unload him for a bag of hockey pucks if he could at this point.
  7. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/british-columbia/article-northern-bc-killings-suspects-victims-explainer/ Nope, neo-nazis.
  8. I could see the Sabres being a potential landing site here. There centre depth is atrocious, have a good chunk of cap space, and we have been linked to their glut of d-men. However, I wouldn't expect it to be cheap. They know we are in a cap crunch and would likely squeeze us accordingly.
  9. Link? If there is any truth to this, I say all the best to Jonathan. Despite how he left here, I always liked the guy. He certainly didn't have the brass, unfiltered confidence that most professional players have, but that made him more relatable for me. Not all good players are cut out for an NHL career. Timra is clearly the place he feels most comfortable, where he has had the most success. If that's where he finds happiness, all the power to him.
  10. What drug-addled, schizophrenic brain came up with that crap?
  11. The actual driving time from Liard to Dease is closer to about 8 hours.
  12. Right, I was grouping the guy killed south of Dease with the two missing kids. The body was found in a pullout that was a couple minutes walk from their burned out vehicle.
  13. Maybe your experience, not mine. Grew up in the Lower Mainland, lived in the north for 10 years, both Northeastern and western and there is nothing all that strange compared to what you see in the city. Agree with the theory, the killer is a traveler as well. If the two cases are linked, then the suspect will have most likely headed south (doubt they would have headed south from Liard all the way around to Dease- much longer route), down to Highway 16. From there they could go west in the direction of Terrace and Rupert (essentially a dead end), or east, through the Lakes district towards PG.
  14. I think Tanev and possibly Sutter are moveable, but it wouldn't be cheap on our end. Tanev still has SOME value, but I think a team would probably want some sort of sweetener to eat his whole contract for the year. Getting a team to take all of Sutter for the next two years just isn't on. We would have to retain a good portion of his salary to have any thoughts of moving him.
  15. The only way we get rid of LE is by adding a sweetener exactly like Big Zach in the deal. Nobody wants to help the Canucks out of this mess for free. I wouldn't be surprised if teams weren't asking for Gaudette or Madden as well, in any package regarding Tanev or Sutter. Nothing is free in this league, especially cap space.