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  1. Its all a matter of perspective. If Hog was an American, that play would not have been penalized.
  2. For those who want Travis fired, look at the calendar. Its November! Don't worry, the slump will be over in 11 days.
  3. Yes exactly, where is Ferland? Cuz he's been kind of invisible on the ice.
  4. Somebody needs to sit Jake down and watch some video of Anthony Mantha, and say "Jake, just do that".
  5. This seems kind of sad. Queue the Dusty Rhodes "hard times" speech.
  6. Lots of decent names on this list. Good day to take a risk on sending down both Goldy and Baer.
  7. There were a lot of games he looked good in last year. And a lot of games where he didn't look so good. Overall, he didn't look $4M/yr good. Which is why he is in the opportunity he is in right now.
  8. Guarantee you if that was the offer Edmonton would do it in a heartbeat. The kid might not even be worth the 5th.
  9. Marner's agent is probably thinking, damn that rumour I spread a few days ago isn't working at all.
  10. The guy had his first bad year and still scored 30 goals. He’s played 3 seasons. For those of you that would dump him, don’t quit your day job.
  11. dominoes are starting to fall into place. BB soon