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  1. A sad day for hockey. He was one of the all time greats.
  2. Draft order will be interesting if they end the season.
  3. We need to sign this kid long term. His price tag is only going to go up.
  4. This feels like 2006 when we tanked at the end and missed the playoffs.
  5. The most the other team did was skate up to him to talk. Kind of reminds me of when Lucic ran over Miller and nobody on Bufallo wanted anything to do with him. Thats the kind of presence the Nucks need.
  6. Dude, it's Montreal. They probably won't even recognize the jersey.
  7. If Cam Neely was not traded, and he remained a Canuck, and played like he did in Boston, then we don't draft Trevor Linden at #2 Overall in 1988. And if we didn't have Linden, we don't later trade him for Big Bert. So many things can happen, sometimes you just never know.
  8. Wonder if this kid is related to Pear Juice (ie Par Djoos) from back in the 80's/90's?
  9. Buffalo has to be packaging Simmonds up in a bigger deal. They have no chance of making the playoffs. Can they retain more of Simmonds contract themselves? To everyone wanting to package up our prospects for Simmonds...You're no better than Mike Milbury
  10. Raymond, ballard and a second
  11. I'll give all 4 + Loui for Simmonds if they throw in Jack Hughes
  12. Kings all in for the rebuild. They could care less what happens around them in the meantime. They are just looking for the best possible returns for aging vets.
  13. It was such a hilarious fight. Murphy looked absolutely frightened throughout the whole ordeal.
  14. He will get claimed. Leafs are desperate for D. Maybe the Blues as well. Actually, I could see him performing better on a team like the Blues.