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  1. This reffing is absolutely atrocious, too many penalties for both sides ruining all momentum.
  2. Thanks for adding to the discussion, like I said I just want to know if the value is fair. Not once in my post did I say we should do it Good job on not reading what I said.
  3. Hi, I have never made a thread on these sorta things, however I was just wondering if this was fair. We trade Petterson, Boeser, First round, conditional first (we make the SCF) for Mcdavid I'm not saying lets do it; I'm just wondering if the trade is even or if one team needs to add more.
  4. If im being honest, Boeser dosen't seem to fit in with greens system. If we get another coach and he still isn't producing then we can go to these conclusions
  5. Marky was sick, he couldn't do anything about that. The way this team responded is all on him though.
  6. I wonder how some people are going to try and defend green this time....smh
  7. Tanev played himself I agree, and Bo dominated the face off dot, but he can't win all of them. I put most of the blame on miller. Miller isn't a checker, but at least he doesn't have to look like a pylon on the play. However he did have a rather good game so ill just chalk it up to him being tired
  8. As soon as McKinnon got that puck they should have been in gear, knowing how fast he is
  9. I may be reading this wrong, but it doesn't look like he's putting down Elias. Just saying it would have been nice to win the Calder and cup in his first year.
  10. Look at jake taking it all like beast. He was like this dosen't faze me at all and kept focus on the play. What a beauty
  11. I've been fighting for these players with my cousins and my friends. I believe they can live up to their potential as long as long as they put in that effort, and i am seriously hoping that they do.