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  1. Look at jake taking it all like beast. He was like this dosen't faze me at all and kept focus on the play. What a beauty
  2. Since we have the same namesake, i shall second this. 16 goals at a GPG average
  3. I've been fighting for these players with my cousins and my friends. I believe they can live up to their potential as long as long as they put in that effort, and i am seriously hoping that they do.
  4. At this point we are going to be called Vancouver Russian-nucks. I am here for it ahahahha.
  5. I honestly can't lie that end game got me so hyped. They put on All I do is win, had the confetti stream down and everything else in the game too. I feel like going to that game would have been so much fun too. I hope the blue jackets get far after so many years of no success.
  6. As a relatively new driver (1.5 years) I can say that I love taking the wheel and driving. It's a fun thing to do to just bump some music and take a nice little drive somewhere quiet where there's any traffic. So I would choose the first option of driving yourself everywhere.
  7. bro my whole point was not wanting any of our star players being injured, I do not care about tanking. Would you like to go into the summer knowing a few more of our players have had to undergo surgery? Obviously, this may seem exaggerated, however, it's clear that this team has been getting hurt left and right this year, and the intensity of playoff hockey may not be the best course for development. I hope they get a bit more physically stronger than go into the playoffs.
  8. Hello CDC, long time reader rare poster. (also sorry I'm a terrible writer just wanted to post my thoughts out there) I just felt like I needed to express something given our current situation of people wanting to make the playoffs and people who don't. IMHO The Canucks shouldn't make the playoffs for one reason: They aren't tough enough/ don't stand up for each other, Our team throughout this season has been getting hurt badly on the injury front with some players leaving due to cheap shots from other teams(where even the league didn't suspend them). Now if we make the playoffs I believe when the whistles are put away we are going to get hurt quite badly, and I don't want to see any of our young players getting injured and becoming scared of doing any risky maneuvers ever again(ala rushing the net). It could, in all honesty, help the team, by giving them a little glimpse into what they have to do in a playoff environment in order to survive, however, I don't think this experience is worth it compared to if some of our players are injured. TL;DR team is too soft ATM, might get hurt badly when whistles are put away thus playoffs may end up hurting us in more ways than one. Thanks for reading!