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  1. I am watching the telecast delayed, will the nhl tv app be showing the ceremony?
  2. What would your opinion be if JC was the logo?
  3. Being 17 hours in front of Vancouver, games happen in Melbourne around midday the following day, so I completely shut of social media until I get home, grab a cold beer (as it is warming up here), jersey on and watch through the nhl app
  4. Melbourne Australia, born and raised. Been to Vancouver and traveled over Canada the past two winters but missing this season unfortunately. Unless there is a sneaky stanley cup run then the fiance has allowed me to head back. Go canucks go
  5. Hey guys, Have traveled to Canada the last two seasons from Australia and have fallen in love with the Canucks. These were the games that I attended during my visit. My partner has since banned me from spending anymore money on flights and tickets until Vancouver make the SCF Oct.14.17 L Flames 2-5 Oct.22.2018 L Caps 2-5 Oct.27.2018 L Pens 0-5 Oct.29.2018 W Wild 5-2 Oct.31.2018 W Blackhawks 4-2 NOV.2.2018 OTW Avs 7-6
  6. I have this hat and think it looks great
  7. Could anyone with more skill than I put together a Millionaires jersey with a black base and maroon piping on the arms, much like the San Jose alternate this year? I think that would look amazing!