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  1. Hopefully ian Clarke can turn this guy around. He seems to have faith in him .
  2. Absolutely, he's coming off a few injuries, but is healthy now and I hope he can play a consistent game here.
  3. I work for the flames organization, not a fan so don't hate lol calgary was trying to free up space to get Ferland back. Everyone in the locker room miss him and his presence. In 2015 Ferland use to bug me cause I was a canucks fan he was calling him self the run away train during the playoffs and kept bugging me about that. I am so happy he's coming to Vancouver we got a great guy in the locker room and a good player.
  4. Well he's definitely a decent depth defencemen to have, a step up on beiga imo but not by much. But yes we need more depth so I'm ok with the signing
  5. I watched him live in Calgary a handful of times. Meh nothing to be excited about.
  6. Myers, benn, who's the 3rd depth defencemen where gonna grab today? Maybe Swedish defensemen Tim heed? I'd be ok with that
  7. Couldn't agree with you more, Miller over zaitsav, Gardiner, forsure I like Miller and 3.8 with still some offensive upside to his game.
  8. Man you must have some good greens you be smokin.I would take crosby any day over malkin.
  9. Sweet!!!!! I'll be looking forward to watching him play, as I live in Calgary now.