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  1. I'm as devastated as anyone, but for all those who revelled in the fans chanting "we want 10" when I suggested humility and class, this unfortunately is karma.
  2. To the people chanting "we want 10"...a little class and humility goes a long way...
  3. It goes both ways. If the positive aspects of the culture that previous leadership helped create are still felt in the organization, then so too are the negative aspects. Can't cherry pick. Yes, personnel affects culture, but which personnel? Probably the coaching staff and the leaders much more so than the one or two new guys brought in each year. Just look at how Willie Desjardins and Henrik responded to Virtanen's suspension after he hit Polak. They didn't even attempt to defend him. He was just a young player trying to make it in the league, and they just hung him out to dry like I've never seen before. Virtanen is still on this team, so if that impacted him in any way, then that is one of the many ways that culture can permeate the team over time. Conversely, I'm sure Virtanen saw how hard the Sedins worked, and if that influences his work ethic now, then that is a positive aspect of the culture that has permeated. Again, it goes both ways.
  4. Hearing SN650 argue that toughness won't prevent cheapshots. Maybe so, but that's not the point. Players need to know that their teammates have their backs so that when they do get cheapshotted, they feel as though some degree of justice was served.
  5. It was Willie Desjardins and Henrik: Botchford was right - there was a case to be made for Virtanen, but Desjardins and Henrik didn't even attempt to defend him at all.
  6. I remember Virtanen getting admonished by his own team for his hit on Roman Polak...the meanness and toughness seems to get beat out of players on this team.
  7. Unfortunately when mean and tough players come they eventually end up's not the's the culture.
  8. I'm still a bit confused about the offside/onside call. Are they ruling that McAvoy basically did a mini dump-in because he wasn't touching the puck? If so, did he not put himself offside when he was straddling the blue line without touching the puck, then touching it while still straddling, since be would have technically lost control? It seems like the people who say it's onside are trying to have it both ways.
  9. Quick question - for those that have watched both Hughes and Dahlin closely, what is it that makes Dahlin a generational talent and not Hughes? What does Dahlin do that much better? Is it just the physical aspect? And maybe the shot? It's universally agreed upon that Hughes is the better skater, so clearly Dahlin has to be far superior in many other aspects to be rated head and shoulders above Hughes (and Boqvist for that matter). I'd be interested in any insights.