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  1. My apologies, I read thru seven pages and I've come to the conclusion that people believe being a GM in the NHL is just like EA sports. People criticizing Benning for trading Madden away for Toffoli, seem to forget we were in the hunt for the playoffs and our top sniper was on the shelf. As someone who follows the prospects I was really excited to see Madden grow, but when a franchise hasn't made the playoffs in such a long time, tough decisions need to be made. Benning has made some dumb moves as has every Gm in the league. This is the funnest canuck team i can remember since the cup run. Please don't trade Boeser. We already traded Neely, don't need a repeat. Go canucks go.
  2. I hated Ferland when he pounded us in the playoffs, now as a canuck, I hope they aren't risking this young man's future well being. Saying that, if he is healthy and ready to go, Minny is gonna get curb stomped.
  3. If he gets to play on a line with Pettersson, he should easily reach 60 points.
  4. If the canucks manage to win the cup i guarantee there will be a parade. This province loves this team, and no virus would stop it from celebrating;
  5. Thanks, I thought we were guaranteed to play the Avs in the first real playoff round.
  6. When/If the season starts back up, this canucks team is taking it to the house baby. The toughest test will be the first actual round of playoffs vs the Avs. Once we get by Nate Mac, will be clear sailing. Canucks breaking thru the virus.
  7. Will the new arena be in the police free zone? The toilet free arena. It's gonna be awesome.
  8. DarkIndianRises go outside for a walk, the corona lockdown has gotten to you.
  9. Tampa players as well as some Arizona Coyote players who were practicing with Matthews have tested positive as well. This is super bad news for restarting the season.
  10. That seems like a super deal for Vegas. He's the toughest guy in the league and he can actually play hockey.
  11. He didn''t get a contract here because he could barely skate. Plain and SImple.
  12. For me Hughes and Pettersson are fighting for top honors. Pettersson makes everyone around him better, while Hughes skates and carries the puck like no canuck d-man before him. Markstrom was just as important as the two youngsters but he would be my number 3. Horvat and Miller are interchangeable at 4 and 5.
  13. Why do people want to trade Brock. The kid is a great player and his teammates seem to love him. If Pettersson has a bit of a slump are people going to want to trade him as well.
  14. Shooting someone cause you couldn't sit in a plastic seat eating your chit burger. What a world.
  15. I think of all the candidates that had a shot to win the nomination, he was the worst choice. The guy can barely speak. If Biden is still the candidate in November, it will be another four years of the stable genius.