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  1. Roussel is exactly what we need . We do not have any agitators on this team, so I don't see why it would be a bad thing signing him .
  2. Mrvan

    THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    Top 8 seems pretty good to me this year. Dahlin, svech, zadina, wahlstrom, Keith's son , Hughes , boqvist , bouchard . Drafting outside top 8 woulda sucked.
  3. People can change in 10 years , what has been shown in the NHL shows he has not.
  4. You call it bullied , I call it justice. Kid deserved what he got . Hit on a dudes girl then be prepared to get your ass handed to you. Anyways got better things to do than argue with fans that have a hard on for a douche like kane. Most Canucks fans complain about players we shouldn't even be complaining about, but you all want kane ... Goodnight .
  5. Yes perhaps he can , if he comes to the canucks and changes . Helps us win , I'll be just as happy . It's just a high risk move that's all I'm saying, especially considering he's going to get a long term deal with big money
  6. So if I take pictures of my yearbooks will that make you happy . I can put my middle finger up for you to prove it's a real photo.
  7. When did I say thats when he was at his worst off? If anything he's at his worst off now with the money and fame after making the NHL.
  8. Winners in juniors.. How many nhl teams has he helped make the playoffs and win a round . 0.
  9. Umm ya I'm gonna lie about a highschool story to a bunch of fans that don't know me nor do I know them . Must I take a photos of my yearbooks at John Oliver secondary school ? Because if that's needed I can do that. My grammar is not the greatest but not everyone needs perfect grammar to be successful in life or to be taken seriously . The guy's a cancer , it's been proven for 10 years now . Nuff said.
  10. Lol no wonder why everyone hates these forums... What im trying to say is that he's been a douche since high school and nothing has changed 10 years later. What makes you think he's gonna change anytime soon. He is what he is. Just trying to give my personal experiences I've had with this hockey player but some people rather just attack the poster thinking I have some personal vendetta. Go talk to fans of the Winnipeg , Atlanta , and buffalo see how they like enjoyed having him on their teams .
  11. Honestly Canucks fans you do not want this kid anywhere near the Canucks . He was a year younger than me at John Oliver secondary so I know him pretty well. He has had attitude issues since highschool and he's carried it on to every single team these past 10 years . He was such a hated guy not because people were jealous but because of his horrible attitude . He got his butt kicked so many times you have no idea , his dad literally once came to school and wanted to hit a bunch of teenage kids .... Everyday after hockey down at sunset community centre he would wait for his mom to pick him up because he had so many enemies that if he even stepped foot off school grounds or the community centre he would get jumped immediately. He would hit on girls that had boyfriends , got his ass knocked out that day I remember it like it was yesterday walking down the hall with the principle with a black eye . He's truly one of the most scummy guys that thinks way too highly of themselves . You don't want this kid on our beloved canucks , he's probably number 2 after Marchand for most hated hockey players for a reason , but at least Marchand is a good team mate . Kane ain't a good team mate . So please Benning read this and do not sign or trade for this guy.