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  1. You're cutting the Canucks short. Add in few more moves and another year for the youth to grow, Canucks will be looking playoff worthy and be fishing in top end free agent. Game of patience.
  2. Guys like Neal and other non cup winners on the team have experienced it. Success of this goes beyond the fans and franchise but the players on the ice. Most who have never won the cup.
  3. I agree. This team is full of guys who have earned their places. They are guys cup teams needed to get to the finals. Neal was a guy "cup contenders" went for and fleury was being shopped because Murray was battling him for #1 spot. In all this is a perfect storm. No one could of predicted these guys could do it. Still they have a challenge ahead. Team hungry and have something to prove. Could work in Vegas advantage they don't have a chip on their shoulder or backwards. Holtby vs Fleury.. for the cup. Can't wait.
  4. Knights in 5. They'll go 1-1 than Vegas will win back to back in OT.
  5. Selke Trophy finalists unveiled

    Kopi has been excellent this year. Too bad the rest of the kings weren't. Well good enough for the playoffs. Anyways... this guy is underrated & this year showed he plays a strong two way game. Like to see LA scrap Brown & add in some youth for Kopi.
  6. Leafs are so soft. I feel bad for Matthews. Only 20 years old and it starts. Media is going to chew him out until he carries them to the finals.
  7. Rooting for a sweep! LA can suck it. These blue collared knights I think will be west finals bound.
  8. Caps will win next one than die out. Too bad for Ovie he isn't the type of player that makes others better. Although him and holtby are great players, they just can't carry the team.
  9. That and demand a big pay cheque than ditch to Russia.
  10. Those devils are looking pretty good...
  11. [Report] Christian Ehrhoff announces retirement

    Can't believe buffalo was that dumb lol back than what did they have? I don't remember. At at least he has cash to sleep on in retirement. I'd rather sleep on a ring.
  12. Edmonton Oilers - Are they broken?

    Blackhawks good team, no goalie = no playoffs.
  13. Edmonton Oilers - Are they broken?

    When their balls drop, they'll be even better and even out the team with depth. They should give up a star for a goalie. Every championship team or team that has gone all the way has had a #1 dominating goalie. They're lacking that. Canucks method after bertuzzi and building from luongo out. Luongo is what started the uprising.
  14. What if the unthinkable actually occurs ...

    I see Vegas has team of depth players. Depth gets you deep in the playoffs but does it get you past California? This team won't make it past those teams, even with them aging. Let us not forget how fleury is in the playoffs, let alone without Sid or Geno.
  15. Jake's Contract..Looks Like What???

    2M / 3 years. Bet you that will look like a deal. This kid would look nice in LA or Chicago.