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  1. [PTO] Mark Letestu with Panthers

    Good bottom player. Teams wanting depth and long playoff runs.
  2. Rank Your NHL Goal Horns 1-31

    Top 5: Blackhawks Boston Bruins Oilers Vegas LA Other. Canucks 2011 Stars 00s & Colorado Avalanche 1998 Capitals 2007
  3. Fixed. And it would take other teams to fail. Season can go either way. Playoff race this season I think will be tougher as I think west team wins this season.
  4. [Report] Zetterburg's out for year with back issues?

    What a faker!!! Seriously... Rough. Let the new blood reign over the NHL! Wonder what will happen in Detroit? Such good luck past 20 years or so. I think they're due to suck for a while.
  5. Cody Hodgson

    Not everyone is meant to shine. I see him as coach and continuing what he is doing.
  6. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Jake Virtanen

    Oh course and watch your young defensemen improve.
  7. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Jake Virtanen

    blackhawks will give you Seabrook for him & Tanev
  8. Kesler, Johansen exchange jabs over Twitter

    We talking about practice.
  9. See how this pans out. He is solid player but expectations and more hype than last year. Doubt they’ll live it again. They should cash him in while he is hot. They’re still a building team. I doubt they’ll be in the finals within the next decade.
  10. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Jake Virtanen

    Kid is real talented. Good extension. With how this team is going and built, his production isn’t that bad. He has impressed in other areas of his game. As prospect that’s all you can expect. Progress. I see Jake being that hitter, clutch scoring PWF during the playoffs. Don’t expect him to score as much as Boeser or Horvat but he will be solid 15-30 goal scorer for 10 years once’s he has reached his peak.
  11. You're cutting the Canucks short. Add in few more moves and another year for the youth to grow, Canucks will be looking playoff worthy and be fishing in top end free agent. Game of patience.
  12. Guys like Neal and other non cup winners on the team have experienced it. Success of this goes beyond the fans and franchise but the players on the ice. Most who have never won the cup.
  13. I agree. This team is full of guys who have earned their places. They are guys cup teams needed to get to the finals. Neal was a guy "cup contenders" went for and fleury was being shopped because Murray was battling him for #1 spot. In all this is a perfect storm. No one could of predicted these guys could do it. Still they have a challenge ahead. Team hungry and have something to prove. Could work in Vegas advantage they don't have a chip on their shoulder or backwards. Holtby vs Fleury.. for the cup. Can't wait.
  14. Knights in 5. They'll go 1-1 than Vegas will win back to back in OT.