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  1. vannuck59

    Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Our GoalTending is not the problem our D is you add two top 4 D to the line up and wammi a far better team .
  2. Would be mobile but would get killed in the playoffs
  3. vannuck59

    [Proposal] TDL Future power house

    Time to shake things up! Lets make a move. JB show you have a pulse. Oh wait we got Leivo , yes!
  4. vannuck59

    Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    LOL good one!
  5. vannuck59

    Josh Leivo | #17 | LW

    Leivo may be the tonic that is needed for Pettersson and Boeser size and compete time will tell. Playing with Pettersson will definitely help his stats.
  6. vannuck59

    [GDT] Preds @ Nucks Rogers Arena 7pm Dec 6 2018

    I predicted 2 wins in their next ten this is one of the wins 6 to 5 Canucks
  7. vannuck59

    Stop the complaining and support your team

    When we get back to firing on all cylinders , Everyone healthy I see a much better team. A .500 winning record at best. The biggest thing holding the Canucks back is the defense . And that's not going to change.
  8. The Lottery Balls have not been kind to us, maybe the odds are starting to lean in our favor.
  9. LOL and you do, have you ever watched the playoffs? Size speed and skill won the cup not a bunch of smurfs . Big mobile Defense , Big forwards that can retrieve the puck. Not a bunch of shinny smurfs that disappear in the playoffs, come on!
  10. vannuck59

    Canucks don't want to be too good yet

    I see only 2 wins in our next 10
  11. Canucks should end up in the bottom 3 of the draft if we have luck we should draft Hughes, Kakko or Cozens .I would be happy with anyone of these.
  12. Time for JB to get his head out of his a$$ and pick some size with speed and skill. no more smurfs
  13. vannuck59

    Olli Juolevi | D

    Juolevi will be fine.
  14. vannuck59

    Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Like I said before have him up for a couple games see where he's at then send him back down. Give him a carrot you would be surprised how this could change him. The same with MacEwen
  15. vannuck59

    Stop the complaining and support your team

    One last high draft pick is all I want we are trending up and that's what counts .Trade everything at the TDL out with the old, maximum picks this draft. Should be looking at high end prospects from Tampa and Florida ,Pick up one or two of those . We are still 2 to 3 years out in my mind.