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  1. You dont know paired with Edler he would be a great edition.
  2. I say go all out and target Rasmus Ristolainen in a trade swapping Virtanen, Stecher and a First. Sign TT and JM to 6 mil deals 4 years Send Benn and LE to the minors. Trade SB and a Third to Detroit with a 7th coming back. Dont sign Tanev.
  3. At some point you have to see what you got . Time to play your two minor leaguers see what you got but one at a time. Pair them with Edler . You may be surprised .
  4. Its simple if you want to get rid of Erickson's contract you put him in the minors Saving of a million on the cap , but I think he would retire before ridding the bus.
  5. Craig Button says Rafferty is ready to play now . But what does he know?
  6. Virtanen's brain will never catch up to his talent. Ever since Junior he has had a tough time with smart choices. Would not have drafted him in 2014, 5 or 6 better choices. Border line power forward, Jim was looking for a difference maker Jake is not it.
  7. Miller Horvat Toffoili (3 checking/ 3 scoring/ 2 playmaking 3 defence) Horvat needs wingers who can make plays and score Motte Pettersson Boeser (1 checking/ 2 scoring/ 2 playmaking/ 2 defence) Motte will be like a Burrows player who compliments the line with his energy and defence Pearson Gaudette Leivo (3 checking/ 3 defence) Roussel Sutter Virtanen (3 checking/ 1 scoring/ 2 defence) - Virtanen should play with guys that are smart defensively Eriksson Beagle Ferland MacEwan Baertschi - Forward playoff options This lineup above, the Wild would destroy. Try this Miller Pettersson Toffoli (one of the best lines in hockey since Toffoli joined) Pearson Horvat Boeser (Boeser needs to up his game) Roussel Gaudette MacEwen ( Since MacEwen joined this line its been a driving force, Gaudette is better then Sutter and faster.)( Sutter only has the Edge in faceoffs 6%higher) Virtanen/Motte Beagle Sutter / Virtanen ( Virtanen needs to drive the play make things happen.) ( Sutter needs to step up or he will be watching from the press box.) Beagle is a playoff stud , MacEwen brings size and a scoring touch, Roussel needs step up as well. Everyone loves Motte, PP, hits. everyone wishes Jake would play like this. Personally I would leave Sutter in the Press Box and play Motte Beagle Virtanen
  8. Brock for Ristolainen straight up but Buffalo retains 1 million in salary . Stecher and Demko for Zadina from Detroit
  9. A cup is a cup and winning it this year is going to be harder . Do you think the players wont want to win.????
  10. You know what they are getting paid. To Play! So dont and stay home and give up your wage.