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  1. I agree if turns out to be as advertised im happy with that but if becomes Lui 2.0 then what does that say about our team?
  2. Alf how can you say its complete. we are two D and one top 6 forward away at minimum
  3. Be bold my son courage is whats needed sweep out the old and in with the new . Clean out the toy box . Time for new and shiny
  4. I say package them both and trade for D help
  5. Bravo .This is what the fans want we want great not good enough!
  6. Don't get me wrong I gave him a B grade . Thats pumping his tires . But we all expect more and want more its his job
  7. And JB will never draft this because he cant see forest for the trees
  8. Im ok with Myers but he will be expensive. He wasn't a driving force in Winter peg but got the job done an upgrade to our currant roster. Would like to see one more D signed as well. so 7 mil 5 years is what his price tag would be .
  9. Remember its the fans that pay the bills wanting more and winning is what the fans want . All the fans have an opinion and have the right to express them. Fans live and die by their team . If JB brings a Cup to Vancouver the fans would revere him. But for now they will criticize him ,its their right.
  10. Yes Has he done enough thats the question , Do the fans think he has done enough or could he have done more. We shall see. I for one think his rebuild should have been just that gut it and start over, the lack of second round picks and the lack of Defense is what concerns me. I give him a solid B rating could he do more yes I think so . Do I like where we are at yes , Do I think JB will bring us a cup ? Nope Its been 50 years and still waiting cheering on the future young stars.
  11. It all depends on D what JB can get done. We add two good D men and we are off to the races. 9 points more to make it we are close . Time to take long hard looks at the baggage players . Up grade, trade or Sign its only money. Future cap problems JB will sort out .
  12. Yup best to move him to Ottawa after bonus paid get someone who wants to be here
  13. Loui had his chances and didn't produce how many does he need. Decline in talent thats what happens to older hockey players